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    This is true. I remember one time some dude pretended to be his own wife so he could say that he died and then read the condolances. ****ing weirdos.
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    The thirst by Vert is real.
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    Vert would make this cringe-worthy thread just because Nikki posted.
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    This comment finished the job. He ded.
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    If we're talking timeless actors, look no further than Keanu. Someone else can do the image leg-work.
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    So a drone & a roman candle and you've got a budget version of Skynet lol
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    In one hour, Robert and I will be sitting down to discuss our contract for Cashfl0ws backyard fights before he makes his way through Chicago. Updates incoming.
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    hard to get wrinkles and chit with zero facial expressions, m8
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    Yea, someone making a thirsty thread when they see a girl on the internet is new and interesting. Thanks god we have VirgFTW here to take the forum to bold new places.
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    Wasn't trying to lyrically murder him, just breaking his balls.
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    the comments are gold
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    Picture is from First Knight. Finding out that it and Quick and the Dead are both 24 years old has me feeling like JurassicBoxer in here.
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    Considering Real Madrid have been absolutely slapped around in pre season and heath hazard has joined looking like a little fat **** I'd be kissing the ring and asking bale how his knees are if I was Madrid lol.
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    He calls in the other cheating can to back him up! LOL You can't make this chit up.
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    I'm like that with everyone lol. IDK i just get tired of people in general real fast the more i interact with them. Is there a reason why it's men? i.e. do you get tired of male energy which is pretty much "What's up...when u gonna lemme get that outcha" lol Does that make you feel good/Pu$$Y power sometimes but it gets old? I've always enjoyed your post & miss when you go on hiatus but you know this. I like when you come out of your shell more though.
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    Recently rewatched the original IT and had to switch to the new one. Curry is the only redeeming part of the original if I'm being honest.
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    not even trampling?
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    Obvs doesn't follow my twitter....
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    "She's trying to pull 20 victim cards in a 10 victim card or less lane." LMAO
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    I hope my children are never exposed to internet forums...they are truly filled with the creepiest of (sub)humans
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    Lol, your first movie is more than 20 years old.
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    Looking forward to Atletico and Barca making them reach for the comb this season
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    The only decent thing Rian Johnson has brought into this world.
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    He doesn't even want the tail. He just wants the **** out of that toilet he lives in.
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    The bloke is actually a legend. Get's accused of being a racist turns up (surely knowing he's gonna made out to be the bad guy whether he'd done it or not) As the confrontation continued, Sparkes accused Thomas, who is due to give birth in three weeks, of lying. She said, 'I'm a liar about what?' 'Everything that happened,' Sparkes said replied. 'Do you feel bad?' Thomas asked, referring to what she had claimed he said the previous day in her Facebook video. 'Me telling you to "Go back where you came from." Did I say that?' Sparkes interrupted. 'Is it on video?' Sparkes challenged her. 'What did you say to me then,' she said. It was at this point that Sparkes admitted that 'I called you a lazy (expletive),' quickly adding that 'That's the worst thing I said.'? Just noticed the last name @Bubba_Sparks any relation??
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    "Jack Black supporting" is a very generous description from what I remember.
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    Don't do me like that. Lol
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    She never thought of that, Vert. Make it talk and then shoot me a PM and tell me how it was.
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    Bisping's latest excuse for losing to a bloated Welterweight. Fixed.
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    I go from not talking to men, to not interacting with people really quickly.
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    Lol I get into moods where I just dont want anything to do with men. Like at all. Catch myself not even talking to any men, like not even normal conversation.
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    I have been in one of my lezzzzz phases here lately.
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    In trouble, let's call it questioned. She jelly basically. I said don't worry Nikki would prefer you to me anyway
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    I got in trouble for liking your posts you bish lol
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    Patrice was definitely on point there.
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    This interview demonstrates that point perfectly. Patrice is the GOAT!
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    Most of the time I turn it on it is Hannity xD
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    RDA landed a 45 punch combo on Robbie Lawler! We gotta give it a break with this gimmick now. The UFC was feeding him guys that made him look good. And now they don't.
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    Are you actually responsible for this maniac, Bubba? You owe us if so.
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    Brazil is a **** hole indeed!!! I was born and raised there and I cant stand that place when I go there to visit my family. Place is disgusting to say the least.
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