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    This is true. I remember one time some dude pretended to be his own wife so he could say that he died and then read the condolances. ****ing weirdos.
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    The thirst by Vert is real.
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    Vert would make this cringe-worthy thread just because Nikki posted.
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    This comment finished the job. He ded.
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    If we're talking timeless actors, look no further than Keanu. Someone else can do the image leg-work.
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    So a drone & a roman candle and you've got a budget version of Skynet lol
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    In one hour, Robert and I will be sitting down to discuss our contract for Cashfl0ws backyard fights before he makes his way through Chicago. Updates incoming.
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    hard to get wrinkles and chit with zero facial expressions, m8
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    Yea, someone making a thirsty thread when they see a girl on the internet is new and interesting. Thanks god we have VirgFTW here to take the forum to bold new places.
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    Wasn't trying to lyrically murder him, just breaking his balls.
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    the comments are gold
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    Picture is from First Knight. Finding out that it and Quick and the Dead are both 24 years old has me feeling like JurassicBoxer in here.
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    Considering Real Madrid have been absolutely slapped around in pre season and heath hazard has joined looking like a little fat **** I'd be kissing the ring and asking bale how his knees are if I was Madrid lol.
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    He calls in the other cheating can to back him up! LOL You can't make this chit up.
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    I'm like that with everyone lol. IDK i just get tired of people in general real fast the more i interact with them. Is there a reason why it's men? i.e. do you get tired of male energy which is pretty much "What's up...when u gonna lemme get that outcha" lol Does that make you feel good/Pu$$Y power sometimes but it gets old? I've always enjoyed your post & miss when you go on hiatus but you know this. I like when you come out of your shell more though.
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    Recently rewatched the original IT and had to switch to the new one. Curry is the only redeeming part of the original if I'm being honest.
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    not even trampling?
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    Obvs doesn't follow my twitter....
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    I hope my children are never exposed to internet forums...they are truly filled with the creepiest of (sub)humans
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    Lol, your first movie is more than 20 years old.
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    Looking forward to Atletico and Barca making them reach for the comb this season
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    Lord Keanu has transgressed and is beyond needing to act. Please slap yourself for such blasphemy.
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    The only decent thing Rian Johnson has brought into this world.
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    Paul Rudd is somehow using that de-aging CGI IRL tho
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    Cocai------ Coffee. Copious amounts of "coffee."
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    "Jack Black supporting" is a very generous description from what I remember.
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    Don't do me like that. Lol
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    She never thought of that, Vert. Make it talk and then shoot me a PM and tell me how it was.
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    I go from not talking to men, to not interacting with people really quickly.
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    Lol I get into moods where I just dont want anything to do with men. Like at all. Catch myself not even talking to any men, like not even normal conversation.
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    In trouble, let's call it questioned. She jelly basically. I said don't worry Nikki would prefer you to me anyway
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    I got in trouble for liking your posts you bish lol
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    never go full vert
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    Patrice was definitely on point there.
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    This interview demonstrates that point perfectly. Patrice is the GOAT!
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    Most of the time I turn it on it is Hannity xD
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    RDA landed a 45 punch combo on Robbie Lawler! We gotta give it a break with this gimmick now. The UFC was feeding him guys that made him look good. And now they don't.
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    Are you actually responsible for this maniac, Bubba? You owe us if so.
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    Brazil is a **** hole indeed!!! I was born and raised there and I cant stand that place when I go there to visit my family. Place is disgusting to say the least.
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