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    Some poor lady in a museum was wringing her hands in dismay to me about Trump this morning. Not sure I helped matters when I said 'well at least you've only got 5 more years of him' More confusingly, when I told her I was English but living in Swedish she said she couldn't really tell the difference between 'you Scandinavians' ?
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    Exactly. So many people here are willingly deluded into thinking WE are the country with all the real important problems. You'd think people would be fleeing the country and not flocking here in record numbers.
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    "aMeRiCA iS AN eBARASSmeNt tO tHE WOrlD............. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" - Soft entitled ϲunts
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    Same. I don't back down from people I know have much more to lose than me. I'll gladly catch the hands from that faɡ just so I could enjoy pressing charges and ****ing his **** up.
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    Appears they have relocated the warden at Epstein's prison, and put 2 guards on leave.
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    Canada has Trudeau so they also suck.
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    Yeah ... the entire African continent is a big fail, the middle east sucks, most of Asia sucks, Eastern Europe sucks, the rest of Europe is gay, Russia sucks, South and Central America really suck, Canada is too cold, as is Antarctica, and Australia is full of criminal offspring and flora an fauna that will kill you dead. #Merica
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    I hope everywhere he goes now, someone like Cash will be there yelling Fredo loud enough to set him off again.
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    The only thing more fragile than your ego is Pettis body. My guess is he quits in round 3 or 4 via broken cervix.
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    Jedi Fallen Order is going to be lit, and Remnant from the ashes comes out next week.
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    Location, location, location.
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    DUUUDDDE!!! I saw that a couple months ago. Watched a mini report on it. Was a surreal unbelievable eye opener. Immediately reminded me of Black Mirror "Nose Dive" episode come to life. All this lack of privacy with big data collection, analytics, behavioral profile mapping, deep learning AI & massive umbrella surveillance under the guise of ad marketing with tech & counter crime/terrorism with the gov concerns me that one day we may have something similar to that over here.
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    I am hoping if the idiot is reelected that the west just seperates. We can be Canada, and they can be Liberal overtaxed ****hole
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    Yes sir. Maybe we can start deportation trade negotiations with China. We'll trade their freedom loving trouble maker Chinese activist for our Antifa's & socialist who want communism. Everyone WINS!
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    ^and you can quote me *spits*
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    Luckily we're members of the NC State Employees Credit Union. They're so much easier to deal with that real banks. Hell, they have 30 year ARM (every 5 years) with 0 down and they'll finance up to $2000 of your closing costs. I think we're looking at 20-year fixed. I need to look through the paperwork though, we might have gotten quoted on the ARM. It sucks that I don't have an income and can't claim my student loan payouts as income, that's the only think hurting us, lack of claimable income, Wifey makes $40,000 from job one and about $7500 from job 2, if I even had an entry-level job in the field I'm going to school for we could have gotten approved for so much more. There's about a $10,000 gap that we need to fill between what we were approved for and the houses we've been looking at. But we're cash poor for 4 more weeks, I'm hoping to sell the Mustang by then and if I clear $7000 or more for that I'll have a $14,000 cash influx with student loans and some other stuff in the next month. Hoping to be able to show the approval letter and then offer cash to close the gap.
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    it is an embarrassment but HK wishing they had the 2ndA right about meow
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    You don't even need to be as tall and reachy as Cash! Like I said, I'll take a beating. I'd rather not get pushed down the stairs, let me lose 30 pounds first.
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    That's ****ing awesome. To bad the guy wouldnt have just said something along the lines of, yes I called you fredo you ****ing fredo. What is He going to do, start a brawl over a name and lose his job, which I assume CNN is already in talks of dumping him over as they have no spines to back up an employee.
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    Pettis hit Tony so hard he started seeing chit in walls! Diaz got stopped by a kick from thomson lol
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    i dont really even know who that roiding tomato can is but at the time i typed in "ufc" into google and pressed news and that was the first article that came up, so it must really be some important stuff and i felt compelled to share. i had to alter the thread title a little just to make it look like it might be even remotely interesting.
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    She said that she only made $12K doing pr0n. And a bunch of dudes realized they've been banging low level escorts for far too much money.
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    Yeah, Ferguson kicked the chit out of Pettis so bad that he was Dark Souls rolling on the ground trying to get away after getting slumped about six times.
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    Your insult would hold more weight, and you would sound like less of a dipchit if you knew there isn't a fourth round, moron.
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    lol wut? Stipe was landing punches on him before DC landed the KO shot. Stipe was actually winning up until that moment. What fight did you watch?
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    They made the fight, and Iaquinta cancelled once tickets went on sale. He realized he didn't want his family to see him die. Hooker by destruction
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    also, get flood insurance
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    Can't believe we're buying a home .... already got prequalified ..... someone is really going to lend us six-figs to buy some **** with.
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    You can take the greaseball, guinea, goomba, dago, **** out the REENN but you can't take the REENN out the greaseball, guinea, goomba, dago, ****. As soon as he started pretending like he wanted to fight & suggesting lawsuit I would have told him we can put some gloves on & sign a waiver on the spot. Meanwhile in China. They sing it better than most Americans.
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    I heard he lost his **** and thought he was being called the equivalent to a nagger? I'll have to find the video later for some cheap laughs.
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    I love how he instantly caught a Brooklyn accent. LOL Fredo is a ****in clown. I would have called him a ****in w0p just to see what he did.
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    When I list the Mustang for sale, I'm going to say that'll I'll accept a percentage of the payment in BTC, honestly if someone wanted to straight-up buy it in BTC I'd do that too. But they'd have to be paying close to my asking price.
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    really wish the guy would have just continually called him Fredo to see if Fredo would have actually lost it completely. video:
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    Papadopoulos' wife gone, Mrs Mooch gone, ...Trump Jr & Steve Moore, ----- Geo. Conway soon to be, and let us not forget Bezos lol * there' s no legal divorce in Tennessee or the Philippines ? --- actually this is a Filipino method of divorce used regularly >
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    Honestly m8 ? I re watched that fight and I changed my mind and I wanna say Stipe was close to finish DC tbh. He got over confident and kinda pushed too hard and got caught .. But thats just my point of view and Im a can lol
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    My oldest daughter wants to set up a lemonade/cup cake stand in front of my mom's business this weekend...she wants a sign that says "Bicoin Accepted Here"...I'll take a pic if it happens.
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    He's the guy who was put on the Wheaties box right before dropping 3 straight.
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    Is Nate Diaz that dude who beat The Great Gray Maynard nineteen years ago?!
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    Oh god, I miss the days when we had Bisping the GOAT representing us, instead of this can Edwards and the equally canly Till :(.
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    lol who said you could come back around, bum? I'm of fan of the Diaz brothers and Jorge would wreck both of them. Nick already ducked back in March. Leon is a decision machine. Finish a fight and maybe he can get a shot at the best in the division.
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    They have places called strip clubs, where you and your friends can enjoy beers while looking at all the men you can handle in their undies.
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    That's the most shameless like fishing in a long time. This isn't reddit mate. Have some dignity!
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    I think @wickles82 is the biggest can on this forum ... What you guys think ? leave your like
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    Not sure I want to hang out with wickles in Stockholm now. He's very antagonistic.
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