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    You went on holiday for 9 hours? Most people call that sleeping.
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    @broke_fl0w @OzStraya we can all band together with our bum ankles lol. Broke my left ankle and snapped ligaments in the right, think the ligaments just topped it. Seriously though if Pettis had a broken ankle Diaz should have finished him. Pretty sure @Bubba_Sparks could've beat me up when I broke my ankle and that's saying something!
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    This ****ing idiot just called Paulo Costa a point fighter. My lord.
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    Also, I think standings should be on based % Which would mean i'm #1, not #21 Thank you
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    Weidman has still beaten more MW champs than duckles mate. Also what's with signing off posts with kisses? I have observed this several times now and it's unbecoming.
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    Chances of that are thinner than your hair m7
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    Your boy got diggled. Get over it.
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    Peon Edwards. That crying can has been begging for a Masvidal fight to try to steal his shine and now Nate comes off a 3 year lay off and calls his name and we all know that's the fight to make. Masvidal vs Diaz is the superfight of the century. I'm going to call out of work for that one.
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    No he doesn't. He can take out Izzy early. I'm fairly certain Whittaker is going to trip over a crack in the concrete somewhere and end up with a sports hernia that needs emergency surgery before he even makes it to the fight anyways.
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    I don't know man. I'm no martial arts expert or anything but I dare say that picture is showcasing a head kick. It appears to have landed well enough to cause Yoel to put on his ghostface mask too.
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    He will never be a legit anything because he can't do it without roiding.
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    Jones can barely beat Middleweights. There's a reason he doesn't want to move up.
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    He wasn't a heel. That dude was begging to be accepted and everyone just hated him.
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    I didn't catch a screenshot or photo of Pettis' face so here's this:
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    I've broken my ankle before, and I can tell you with certainty that it goes straight up floppy on you. It's hard to move it. Your foot tries to fold underneath every time you take a step. Not being able to get a stoppage on a dude that can't even move, and has a fighting game predicated on kicking, is wildly sad. The photo is at the top of the last page, dipchit... or Vert Jr, whichever you prefer.
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    And not to disagree with Anthony, but I think he broke it on Diaz's shin...not his retarded head, 1/2 way thru the first round. When he threw the low kick, he started limping. PS: Why the fuk is Wicky back when a Super Mod bant him ?,,,I'm losing faith in the mystic powers of @sobercuban
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    Earning a decision over a dude that broke his ankle in the first few minutes and appeared to try to quit in the third is nothing to be bragging about. It's pitiful, in fact.
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    37 and hasn't fought in 7 years. Give the lord of violence another easy win to get him back on track.
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    meh. The hype train now The hype train in 4 months
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    Lol he's sick of all these fake gangsters like Nate Diaz and Masvidal. Time for a real GOAT to return to WW.
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    Maybe, was watching at 4am but still feel Costa won early R2, Romero finished R2 stronger Also, please don't 'buddy' me with your condescending ****
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    I forget the exact words he used but sure in the post fight press conference when asked about a move up to Heavyweight he said has plenty of challenges still left for him at Lightheavyweight. Oh yeah because we're all foaming at the bit to watch him face Corey Anderson, Chris Weidman or Dominick Reyes.
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    Im undecided how I think its gonna go, let's just see if your boy can make it to the fight without another injury lol
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    Yeah that sort of says to me they haven't read a lot about those characters, pretty obvious that Phoenix force Jean would be your best bet to take down Thanos not Logan.
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    THE FCK? Someone ban this cancer again plz
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    First of all, you're not even remotely worthy. Secondly, that bum is never getting a fight against Masvidal, so we'll never know. That retard arguably drew with Gunnar Nelson and had to wall and stall Lique. His best wins are against two veteran lightweights. Just take a seat, kid. You're way out of your league.
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    Just got off the phone to Dana.... 50 G’s and ban free
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    Stipe came in light. He'd bury Jon. We can stop pretending Jon is good without PED's. He lost to a middleweight that was knocked out in the 1st round against Vicente Luque. Mike Perry beat that dude 29-28
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    LOL I always laugh with these threads Good job m8
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    Slow AF & that might be that F@ggiest jab i ever seen. Even at age 40 & 6 feet away my street jesus skills are deadly & these hands still surgical especially my left cross in the pocket.
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    Christ, he looks like that fcking thing from Alien 4.
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    Yeah It took him about 45 seconds to tell people about it Mike Beltran must of lost money on a Pettis fight before, cuz he shoulda stopped it when he turned his back, the universal sign for I surrender
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    This is absolutely ****ing brilliant LMAO.
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    Diaz is also a lightweight. The only fights he's won at Welterweight are against other guys who have fought at lightweight. I thought only Conor fans pretended Diaz hasn't been a 55er his whole career.
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    Guess Clegg didn't give you a reach around last night, you're still pretty bitter. Don't worry, the pain will heal son.
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    Jones is scared to fight at heavyweight after Hustleman made Jones give him a rusty Trombone in prison.
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    Jones won't take that fight. He was too shook to fight DC at heavyweight, and he already has a W over him. There's zero chance he fights Stipe.
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    I liked Holland's spiderman the best but just not that into spiderman in a standalone film
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    finally watched Avengers End Game...it was definitely worth the watch...pretty good story line...Thor is still my fav...but that line by Stark hit me good.
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    Soup, were you poked in the eye when you thought this broad was cute ?
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