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    You have been warned. Join the Diamond train early and look smarter than your peers AND NEW
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    I don't care where a black person is from, they are still black and I'm still putting my hand on my wallet when they walk near me.
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    The way you play fast and lose with nationalities reminds me of the whole gender debate. If you're born in Nigeria, to Nigerian parents, and live there for the first 13 years of your life, you're Nigerian.....
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    And carry a Nigerian flag into the octagon every fight.
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    Porier is the most dangerous Opponent Khabib has faced imo Porier has nothing to lose and is very hungry for his title shot. Porier has improved considerably over the years and people been counting him out in almost every matchup. Khabib is riding high and might be overlooking him at this point. I still say the Great Khabib gets it done. However if porier does win then i got no problems with the Diamond as champ. He is a hell of a fighter and tony vs porier is another dream matchup after Khabib vs Tony.
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    So? I also once told a fat girl she was attractive. Men lie sometimes.
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    Can't claim plagiarism when you can't spell it.
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    After having the pleasure of seeing the great DP LIVE IN NORFOLK I have no choice but to pick him here against the jihadist, dropped 250 on him via betting account Going to hedge with khabib for the team bet just in case Dustin slips on a banana peel though Thanks should be fun!
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    Dave menne... Nicco mutambo.... Theres a lot worse than Andrade.
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    Gus is and always has been a bum. **** him and his cherry picking ****.
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    Fat cnt Tuivasa a rising star? The only thing rising is his gut, the disgusting pig.
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    Kanbib has a glass chin he gets rocked and dropped in the first then gets his nose caved in with hellbows #AndNew
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    I think Khabib got this but i'd be really happy if Dustin pulled it off. I like underdog triumph & perseverance stories plus Dustin is from my state, reps martial arts well & i respect that he's always doing charity projects giving back to his community.
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    I became a Magerger fan after the old man incident. Old cnt needed a slap, Cooner obliged.
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    there'd be a sharp drop in career welfare bishes
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    I also demand juice is banned instantly.
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    Is Dustin beats Khabib, I give @sobercuban full authority to permaban me. I'll probably make a new account after several months, but he can permaban this one immedietly
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    Unfortunately I disowned Conor after the old man incident
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    When Conor clatters his peahead off the canvas again to reclaim his title, it will be the greatest moment in the history of combat sports.
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    UFC HoF, beat Rockhold when he was the best in the world, had the most wins in UFC history at one point in his career ... Mods, ban Juice.
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    You guys are all very disrespectful; consistently disrespectful. You are the worst part of this sport. If I was a moderator I would ban every single one of you.
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    Brought to you by GettingKnockedoutbyfatdrunks.com After losing to Anthony Smith at UFC Stockholm back in June, UFC light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson said that he was retiring from MMA. He left his gloves in the center of the Octagon and said that he would be leaving the sport at age 32. Well, it looks like that retirement may be short-lived as Gustafsson appears to be joining a long list of MMA fighters who don’t leave the sport for long. Speaking to MMAViking.com, Gustafsson said that he is planning on ending his retirement, and he wants to fight Luke Rockhold in his return to the Octagon. “(The idea of returning) came quite fast. I was home for a couple days, and I had itching in my hands and wanted to get back and train,” Gustafsson said. “I would love a fight. A fight against Luke would be a great way to comeback. He is a tough guy, a legend.” Gustafsson said he has put on weight during the summer, but the plan is still to return to the cage in the light heavyweight division. “I’m about 240-245lbs. I’m a heavyweight right now,” Gustafsson said. “I’ve had a good time with family and friends. It has been a good two and half months.” The Swede said he doesn’t have a fight currently lined up, but he wants the Rockhold matchup when he does return. “I am in no man’s land. I just want to train and get into shape. Let’s see how it goes,” Gustafsson said. In the meantime, Gustafsson said that he and his team are working hard to figure out why he hasn’t been very successful as of late. “We are trying to figure out what I do wrong in competitions. I felt so good before the last fight. Something is not right, and I need to fix it,” said ‘The Mauler.’
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    The average IQ on this website is like 79, I swear to god.
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    Great minds think alike Not being a snowflake doesn’t mean brushing literally everything off. It was a piece of **** move, just like the bus incident and slapping Goddard. I hate people that resort to violence because something didn’t go their way, and hitting the old man was probably the BIGGEST scumbag move I’ve seen from an athlete, ever. I reaaaaaally want to see Khabib vs Tony so I wouldn’t be mad if Khabib won
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    why isnt antarctica on the list? they train with polar bears with friggen laser beams over there
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    I just asked a question. I don't own a ban hammer, he can say whatever he wants.
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    China & Nigeria added to the list What country do you think is next?
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    Lol yes it's so frustrating. Auba down the middle and cebellos from the start and you have an arsenal win in my books. I'm sick of teams playing three central midfielders who all essential have the same job. Xhaka and torreria are essentially the same player, torreria is just better. And David Luiz's little bro is similar still. Absolutely no balance in the team and it looked like a very isolated front three to me. Pepe still needs to find his feet. He's looking good until the final: pass, shot, cross which seems to be really lacking.
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    I wasn't intending to sound rude, just don't feel well enough to argue over obscure points. But anywho: A man's worth is based on his character and integrity, at the end of the road it's all we really have left. I've cared what anyone thinks of me, only how they felt about me. Though a subtle difference in viewpoint; their overall memory of me will be based on my actions and the worth of my word. I'm not a perfect person by any means, but I try to be honest and sincere to all I encounter in life(including forums). Many choose to portray some bullchiit persona of their keyboard hero, I choose to be real...be true to myself. I was a visitor her for a couple years before I joined, and followed the conversations and interactions between members...I felt that I knew the world I was entering before ever joining...the "toe in the water" thing. Freddie was one of my favorite posters on the board, I found him funny, witty, dry sense of to the point humor...I remembered him easily. I was disappointed to see that he had "died/suicide", I've had friends that have chose that path...and it only hurts those left behind. After I joined the fora, FUK HE CAME ALIVE !!! Never a word of apology or remorse, never paused in his rejoining the group as tho it never happened. Some here were close to him, friends that grieved his "passing"...yet he chose to be a biitch and not confront nor own up to his actions. I don't dislike Freddie, I simply don't respect him him for his choice. To go thru rehab and not learn shiit about making amends to those you've hurt, makes him a hypocrite and a shallow individual. Then come on here preaching his "watch your drinking" to members, constantly questioning their choices like he's a mentor to the addicted masses. We all don't agree here at times, and many I disagree with on principle...but because they speak the truth & from their heart, I respect their position and choose not to engage over disagreements. But there's probably only a handful of sincere people here, not playing some persona or character that's not them in real life(we'll exclude Soup from this entire line of reasoning). I'm not passing judgement on Dead Freddie, it's not a position of faith...it's a matter of being a man, a matter of being a better person, a matter of living the lessons he's learned from his mistakes.
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    I don't know what that means. Did I ask you a rhetorical question on a forum where you can't hear my tone?
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    I had a dream last night that I went to plss and noodles came out of my jap's eye. I woke up and thought I might need a gf who likes Chinese food.
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    when i close my eyes and think about GSP, the only thing i see is pound for pound greatness
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    Never understood why people think asians have bad eye sight. If you think about it, people squint to see better. If anything, their vision should be superior.
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    I read the rules the other day. Every single last poster on here would be banned if the rules were upheld. I post here exactly because of all the toxic hatred put out by everyone. I like it. I think it's nice.
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    Just saw this. Didn't these greedy fcking idiots learn from last time? Or do the really think there are enough musrats that love their fellow terrorist enough to pay? Obviously no to both. Fck BT box office.
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    Till wins this fight, he will fight cautious and get the decision.
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    Dave Chappelle on abortion though...lol
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