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    As @NoCakeForYaya, @TUF, @PATSTERand @MauroPedrosawill confirm, the most shocking headline on that paper is actually that man United payed £60M for Di Maria.
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    I'm going to respond in this one since you actually put some effort into your reporting. Not like that CNN style thread. I'll also add this for that idiot who started a thread about Mas ducking some bum, http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/198831-masvidal-continues-to-serve-up-roasted-duck-to-edwards/ Late last week, the UFC tried to book welterweight champion Kamaru Usman versus Colby Covington for the MSG headliner. After failing to come to terms with Covington on a deal, the UFC moved on and offered the title fight to Masvidal, according to sources. After coming to terms with Masvidal on Wednesday, the promotion was unable to strike a deal with Usman. That prompted the UFC to reach out to top contender Leon Edwards to see if he would be interested in fighting Masvidal for the vacant title after a threat was made to strip Usman of the belt. The talks with Edwards didn't progress, because in the midst of all this an opportunity presented itself to book Diaz versus Masvidal as the MSG headliner, sources say. Once it was clear there was mutual interest between all parties to make that fight happen, the UFC focused its attention over the past day or so to book that fight. They were able to finalize it Friday afternoon, ESPN learned.
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    Still though... Dustin Wife...THICKK Khabib wife
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    Can we just get Khabib vs a ****ing Wrestler or Submission guy, just let him fight Tony, constantly fighting people who couldn't defend a takedown from a woman is pointless
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    4 take downs in 1 round should be an instant DQ. These goat ****ers don't need tips on how to mount from the rear, give them a fight damnit.
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    Can these dudes handle seeing women's bare shoulders?
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    Gotta pin this, Jimmies are on the line.
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    Kev Lee a fight from.being cut. Lol Dude is a certified clown.
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    lol DP is crying after he got raped
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    DP>Conor he didnt tap to the neck crank!
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    Khabib knocking this 9th grade dropout out in the second round.
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    a c*nt like you would think colby v usman should be above this fight
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    Dude hit him with an Islamic Bomb.
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    ... that might be possible, .. if Poirier could stop the t/d -
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    Bunch of Ali Abdelaziz guys knocking out randoms in the middle of the dessert should be pretty exciting.
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    I heard the Ausgaylians are the select group who were tried, convicted, and exiled for the capital offense of refusing to creampie their own mothers.
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    i bet dana is pissed that he cant shoehorn conor into another free title shot against DP.
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    Was like a split second where the pressure was tight and i thought he might have it but once Khabib kept raising and shifting his hips and moment he put his hand on Dustin's elbow with his thumb in the crook of bicep to counter pressure it and pull his head out i knew he wasn't gonna get it & just wasted a lot of energy. High elbow Marcelotine or go fk your mother.
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    I hate Lees guts but I call it like I see it. He demolished Ferguson until one of the biggest flukes since Chael/Anderson 1 happened. No ****ing way Turd beats Khabib.
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    Edson won. Felder headbutted edson but felder is the one who complains about it.
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    Lol at people pretty much saying DP is trash. Yes weren't saying that when he beat that overrated retard Holloway. Get diggled again peons . AHUMDULLEHA
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    dp busted up. easilly another 10-8 round for khabib the great
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    I don't disagree with that but i do know this is likely more support or indifference for him worldwide than the media would have you believe. The media has literally compared him to Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc. which is hilariously stupid & only after he was president. Despite what the media says many of his supporters are hard working normal people from all walks of life.
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    Most of Europe has a weird superiority complex towards America. They see them as quaint and immature, and trump is consequently a figure of fun. You will not hear anything positive said about him in European media, or by your average European in the street. Not having a go at you, or any American but the gulf between what you think about America, and what most foreigners think is probably a lot larger than you realise. As an example, I've got a mate at work who is Swedish and moved to Texas a few years ago. He says that the reaction he got from his Swedish friends and family is as if he'd joined a cult. They just can't fathom that any self respecting Swede would leave Sweden for America. There's a lot of borderline brainwashing over here...
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    A Kunt like me... You're damn right baby..... Those 2 cans have only been relevant this last few months. Absolute cans... We need the people's champ to keep the UFC in business
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    looks like weve got some womens mma up next. perfect time for me to go and throw up
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    Guess you need to knock these ****ers out to win in Abu Dhabi
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    Paradise?.. The place is just as bad as the US with the same poor education and unemployment
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    I would but Dustbin is getting knocked out by ground strikes, sorry.
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