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    To be fair, the only thing different between now and 2010 is the parties switched sides in the presidency and house. Useless congress didn't do **** then either and had how many investigations that ended up nowhere. They are all the same, criminals and thieves and playing both sides as sheep.
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    Lol. Anyone want an update on Brexit? Didn't think so
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    Last time the Americans set foot with I'll intentions in Canada your Whitehouse burned. Dont make us release IDYB, Carnage and Zaksame on you.
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    I BELIEVE IT. Two GOATS. Gods recognize gods.
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    I'd actually like to see Khabib vs Shogun Don't ask me why I know this but I heard Khabib once say that Shogun is his favorite fighter @I_Take_Roids_m8
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    1. Khabib 2. Shogun 3. Killa Gorilla 4. Johnny Walker 5. Costa I can't think if any other BMF. Sure DC is a GOAT and all but would be slept by these five EASILY.
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    13+ years of hearing Jeff Anderson (Randall) say he was done with acting after Clerks 2, this is huge.
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    The biggest joke is when cans on the free forum show up like they're somehow holding this thing upright, and if they disappear somehow this place is going to go away. LOL Anybody that thinks like that should go ahead and take a peek at the most liked posters for the week. It is regularly topped by premium forum posters. If you think the UFC is keeping this thing for us, you're psychotic. This place is still here because they lure in a ton of idiots every year with their presales, and there's plenty of posting on the premium side. Spoiler alert: They don't need the free forum. At all.
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    They're trying to impeach trump to take away from the fact that Washington is full of pedophiles and keep people's mind off of Epstein and the gigantic ****ing political pedophile ring that was going on.
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    It was like 2 weeks and 2 weeks recently. Only reason I quoted you is the idea the forum just recently died. This motherf*cker has been dead for at least 2 years.
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    could you stop posting completely ?
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    Still got the hollow head. Have recently added to that an ability to withstand cold water. Have been swimming in lakes in Sweden with a mate who does a ton of breathing exercises to get his adrenaline pumping etc and then stays in about 5 minutes. I just plop in like a seal and stay there for 30 minutes. Might not be an ability. Could be that my mate is just a wuss. Btw, @OzStraya, I'm pleased that Google maps has finally decided to cover Australia.
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    He's not been the same since you destroyed him with the De Gea stuff
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    Holy chit this is vert.
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    I noticed you avoided my Brittle Knuckles thread. I'm not surprised, mother****ers! The truth hurts.
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    Like when he tricked you into stretching out this thread for a while, tater?
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    Foley is the all-time GOAT of the hardcore division. The two bums fighting in November couldn't hold his ****ing jock strap.
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    This would be a beautiful list if it wasn't for Kebab my friend. And obviously move lord Costa to his rightful number 1 spot.
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    Someone start a 'Ragin Al Has CTE thread'
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    Burisma golf team '14
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    It hasn't been the same since MrLach left. We need an update on his betting site.
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    I'm just waiting for the big igloo.hopefully soon
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    Can't argue with that but that's not the context I meant it in. If they can convince enough idiots that he's a risky bet being on the "chop block" all the time, people might back a different horse and the campaign donations will slow etc. The goal at this point isn't impeachment. Just destabilizing but they're playing their damn selves because the only thing this did was suicide bomb Joe Biden's chances on the way down. Warren becomes the default candidate and Trump wins again. Even easier than 2016 this time.
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    I never once defended Trump. I defended dodging the draft. Nice generalization though soy boy.
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    You're not wrong. I agree on all levels.
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    LMFAO. Obama has 600ish drone strikes in his 8 years and 26,000 total bombs dropped. You're a HUGE hypocrite bro. I thought vert was bad but you're seriously outdoing in by miles today. And you sound like the government "only 50000 people died." Like life isn't worth chit to you. One person killed for bullchit is one too many. Once again, statist level 100000000000
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    @OzStraya is it true the afl grand final can be found on pronhub such was the fisting?
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    At the moment? I was worried about you fools during my absence. I kept thinking deep down "I wonder how the forum is holding up without me?"
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    Yes it's much more heroic to get your legs blown off, develop PTSD, and have your whole life ruined because your government has agendas and loves that war money profit. Statist level 100000000
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    There is no argument at all. Trump is a cuck but so are idiots who bring up being a draft dodger is a bad thing. Does being in a flag draped coffin make someone some kind of hero or something? Lol
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    Gonna start the surge 2 and code vein this week. Been Bush with Borderlands 3 farming chit. After tomorrow I'm probably done with it until BL3 until the DLC.
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    i just ate a couple burrito's a few hours ago. i'm afraid that if i try to record it, i'll end up chitting all over my phone.
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    what a beating by my boys in green. pakistan is going all the way!
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    Jeeeesus.. this guy is beyond cringe.
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    "I'm not marked out because of a hat!" Mentions the origins of the hat in the next post. lol
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    Who the fck would reply to this gay chit? "Do you fancy me? Are you in the closet? Do you have a serious inferior complex? Im guessing you do, as all that comes out your mouth is homosexual references and sheer hate to Islam. It’s also very silly and makes you look 8 years old It looks to me, you’re beyond any reasoning." That is wickle's reply when I asked for his address. He's a subhuman. Mods, how much money will you accept to ban him please? He's a cnt.
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    Everyone knows Bob Evans is the premium mash. I wished I lived in a trailer somewhere much closer to the casino
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    You really are stupid. The Killa Gorilla was still eating fried chicken during fight week for those big boy bouts. Now he's on the salmon with asparagus and a little Bob Evan's mash during fight week. Tell me that boy is missing a meal.
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    Killa Gorilla will SMASH them, then move to Welterweight and SMASH whatever dummy is holding the title there
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    It amazes me that gamers are really ruining new games. They can't figure anything out themselves anymore. The new COD didn't have a minimap which to me is awesome. Foglets whined and they added one. I would much rather use sound and sight to fight than to just be able to spam UAVs.
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