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    Hardy vs Sosoli has officially been overturned to a no contest per Mike Bohn
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    All seriousness it is only fair we get Rockhold vs Weidman rematch at Light Heavyweight. Makes all the sense now.
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    You understand that basically everyone on the forum besides wtg picked Reyes right?
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    I'm looking for something better to do than watch a Court McGee fight, and this seemed like the right way to get that done. I believe nearly every Court McGee fight in the UFC has gone to decision. Something like 13 of his last 14 have made it the duration. So at this stage in life, I don't care if he's fighting King Kong... I'm not watching that chit. So I wondered who everybody has on their list of people they simply do not care to watch. I'm going to make my list and then update it when I find more people like bum **** Court McGee. You do the same. List of people that I will not watch: 1. Court McGee 2. Jon Fitch. I made an exception for the Rory fight, and strongly regretted it. 3. Elias Theodorou 4. Drakkar Klose - After further inspection, I've attended numerous fights of his live, and I can't remember any of them. He's on the list!
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    Calls out killery & has a training session with Zhang. I think i got a crush on her. WAR Tulsi!
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    That protest was so dumb.... protesting about climate change inaction by causing public transport to grind to a halt and forcing people to drive instead. Nice one swampy.
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    Let Reyes kill Jones once and for all and then let the super fight with my client Johnny walker take place!
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    Yeah this sucks. Weidman your chin is done, just retire. Great life to be had ahead of you.
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    Weidman's chin is ****. Time to retire.
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    Lol @ Dom being rustled about the tape on his feet. Mentioning it 100 times isn't going change anything.
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    Any title fight, unless its got someone sick like The Stylebender or its a Baddest Mother****er Title
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    Lol. Ireland being consistently mediocre at world cups makes me very happy. Sorry @stehilton94.
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    They're all trash - it's just a shade better than missing a bet completely they overturned it immediately after the decision ? without announcing it ? .. or is Bovada playing commission ?
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    I actually went to that card in person, and I'm going to have to take your word for it. lol You know what, he's going in the OP. **** it.
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    Im protesting this thread until the titles changed. Bovada is cabbage and doesnt deserve the free advertising.
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    Bovada is downright trash. They overturned my winnings in a parlay with Greg Hardy in it and labeled it a push, essentially taking back their winnings, and they have NEVER overturned one of their losses. Not a single one ever. They're easily the worst sports betting site out there. It's not close. I'd rather drive two hours both ways to Isle Bettendorf than proceed with Bovada. **** those guys. I urge you to sign up to 5 Dimes or literally anybody else. Bovada is not fair in the way they rule bets.
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    This is partially why they hate her. The MSM absolutely refuses to give her five mins, and Tucker Carlson does it every week. lol
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    16/16 people that make their own picks took Reyes. It wasn't exactly hard to call.
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    Let me have my fun I enjoy Weidman getting KTFO!
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    Canpass is a delusional degenerate gambler that went broke off crypto trading.........what do you expect?
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    Your new name is Yes_Daddy And here's your new av. Enjoy!
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    Happy Birthday Mrs. Weidman. If that doesn't convince you to divorce that can, nothing will.
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    Yair holding on for dear life the entire third round
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    OVERALL STANDINGS 1. Decompoze ( 263 - 150 ) - 63.68% 6. VertFTW ( 242 - 165 ) - 59.46% lol
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    Lil Heathen has fought around 7 UFC champions I'm sure he was ducking a guy that went to a split decision with Bruce Leeroy and was cut from the UFC for ducking Zabit. ? Win or lose Jeremy will fight.
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    He got OK'd by commission. Forget these betas Hardy bigger than them.
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    LOL oh my god Never seen that before Pierce should just retire. Absolutely embarrassing
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    Wow. Beautiful stuff from Maycee. Finally a wmma fighter I can get behind
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    i mean what did we expect from a fighter named mcCANn
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    Btw, this is where Donald lives. The word you're looking for is precedence, Mr. Top 20.
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    If i can add to this sales pitch, youll also see more broken english than a vert thread. Good times.
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    No one has a worse chin than Luke Cuckold.
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    the Combat Wombat might poop his knickers
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    Marty From Nebraska is real ****ing close to getting put on the list too. If I don't see something violent out of him for twenty-five minutes against Colby (because let's be honest, it's going twenty-five minutes), I'm ****ing done with that guy too. He's going on the list.
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