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    This honestly nearly ended me ?
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    12er The Mandalorian The 'Merican in the politics thread
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    How ridiculous that Showtime had accepted the callout of Diego Sanchez, who is now fighting a higher ranked fighter than Showtime (Demian Maia)?!?! Yeah, you're an idiot. I knew it.
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    https://twitter.com/MMAjunkie/status/1173759529248387077/video/1 LOL when will the lies end with you?
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    Except everything i said in those post was true.
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    This is wrong. Oleinik's contract says it's a Fight Night event.
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    He might just be.... And the my reasons are plentiful but posting them here would be 1) useless 2) a practice in self torture and I lack the vocabulary and eloquence to convey my points.
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    .... and Trump will be re-elected in a landslide, don't forget that $$ - and u don't like Trump bcoz of his personality, right ?
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    I'm not trying to "get somwhere" with you. I'm the authority here, shut up and learn, you dud.
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    was thinking we were actually getting somewhere until the bold lol
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    Light, real light lol....half carbon fiber or poly, folded super small....shot 1.5" groups at 50 yards with open sights. Their web site must have the weight listed.....it's a pistol with a small butt stock.
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    What's that old saying; a picture paints a thousand words? Lol.
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    I find great comfort in knowing that Trump will have 4 more years to expose the rigged system .
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    But lets all gripe about Trumps secret service bill huh.
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    Smart guy, no wonder the economy is doing so well. Haven't I always said you need a businessman running the country. Trump is smashing every record and that's with both hands and one leg tied behind his back. Wait till he gets re-elected in 2020. The Dems will be neutered and Trump can really get to work.
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    Judiciary Hearings start Dec. 4 - more taxpayer dollars -
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    Maybe we should reconvene that group of posters dedicated to bullying Stomp
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    Already did. Cash is doing his typical I need attention eventhough I didnt even mention him. Bezerker is a bonafide wack job and Stomp is a paranoid idiot plain and simple maybe someone should stalk him again from the forum or mail him ****
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    Man I wish this is something I had a knack for, actually on second thought im glad I don't as I would constantly be making cake?
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    The fight is cool and all but i'm just here for the future memes https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/28171733/deontay-wilder-tyson-fury-rematch-officially-set-feb-22
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    You can spend 2 days in San Francisco very easily...3 is a bit long IMO. You're within driving distance of 3 of the GOAT national parks; Yosemite, sequoia and kings canyon. Redwoods are cool but they're a long way out for basically an afternoon trip. Plus imo sequoias > redwoods... If you want to make the most of a trip to Yosemite you've got to do some hiking... otherwise it will just seem like a very beautiful but very crowded theme park. You don't have to hike more than a few miles for the crowds to greatly thin; actually... that time of the year there will be a ton of snow so it won't be so busy and wild camping might be a bit more of a challenge. Hmm... March is not a great time tbh. Go in May!
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    His coach was angling for Conor fight, much like every other coach, agent, friend, family member, etc of literally every fighter. The only other fight mentioned was Gilbert Burns after Nate. You're an even bigger retard than I thought if you think Gilbert Burns is a cupcake fight.
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    What's embarrassing is you showing up to gripe about the president, who just donated his $400K salary. You're ****ing because he sleeps somewhere, as if somehow that money wasn't being spent by literally every single president before him, but because he owns property, he's supposed to spend that money elsewhere. LOL Get a grip, Kev. He donated four hundred grand to fighting the opioid epidemic yesterday. Take a day off from crying.
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    Here's a conspiracy for you & it's already in the works. When 5g hits & AI becomes the dominant force in tech we're all done. You think freedom & rights are under attack now by bought and paid for politicians, globalist & big tech companies? Just wait.
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    That is referred to as a low IQ voter. Loves his fox news headlines, ignores everything else. Then you have the other going off on deep state, intelligence assets, George Soros and the like to show he isnt some conspiracy nutjob. Parrots are interesting creatures.
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    Sounds like the UFC didn't want to allow Pettis a complete gimme easy fight after all..
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    The secret Service spent a quarter of a million dollars at Trump properties in the first five months of his Presidency. Based on that metric, we can assume he's bringing in between 500K to 750K of taxpayers money into his own businesses every single year. He then donates his 400K salary and writes it off on his taxes. That's just one of his cons. Considering his entire family gets secret service protection, I imagine his wife and sons are also bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars to his business as well. Then you have his cabinet doing the same ****. You have foreign governments staying at his properties to buy favors. And yet rubes like to pretend this guy is being the President for free because he's such a patriot and not at all a draft dodging scumbag. It's embarrassing.
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    You're responding to someone with TDS. That's what it means when they say they're not eloquent enough to produce an answer. It's not that he's physically incapable of expressing why be dislikes the president, it's that he doesn't have a good answer.
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    Wait you think i meant COC? I meant ss a country lol
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    Hey Bubba you think you guys (UK) would take us back?
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    I dont know enough about Brexit to comment on it. I dont LIKE Trumpturd And after reading lot of these posts for fun and humor I sadly have come to the conclusion that Bezerker is utterly insane and Stomp is getting their with all the conspiracy ****
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    Lol there's more chance of @zaksame replying to my tag than this fight happening.
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    Nationalisation of industry is never a good thing. How do you propose that the government force companies to up their minimum hourly rate to some arbitrary figure that sounds good to the Labour luvvies but may well force the smaller companies to shed some of their workforce or close their doors altogether?
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    I think feelings about politics are ultimately swayed by your thoughts/opinions on a relatively small amount of matters tbh. I think despite what anybody says, you fall into opinions based on your thoughts on the key issues. My two most important issues are Education and the NHS (just due to my personal experiences with life). Ultimately my feelings and the Tories will never match. I think I'm in the unfortunate position of being a realistic liberal/moderate.................and there's really no place for someone like me. I believe in a working living wage, but I don't think everyone should be given free WIFI, that's bull**** lol. I would like to think that a £10 minimum wage would be a good thing, but lets face it it'd just lead to the inflation of costs. It just seems to me politics is so extreme and it's difficult to be someone in the middle lol.
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    It's essentially impossible to vote in this current election because voting for anyone is pretty much suicide lol. The major issue I have is: I hate the Tories and essentially everything they stand for. I think they are toxic and vile and maybe I need to start wearing a tin hat but I do genuinely believe that they are out to get the poor and marginalised. My time as a teacher showcased just how bad that problem is in a number of ways. On the flip side, Labour are so full of **** it's laughable. They've essentially just clicked on a buzzfield link 'things students like' and have spammed that into their promises. 'Free WiFi n that Fam'. It just isn't going to happen. If this election hasn't highlighted the need for a MAJOR revamp of the way we do politics I really don't know what will. The fact that the Tories have the gall to have the part slogan 'Britain deserves better' while being in power for 9 years should say it all about how little anybody gives a **** anymore. I'm too damn young to be this jaded lol.
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    Reyes knocks out Jones. You heard it here first.
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    Would not watch “Brazil, you're a dump! All you filthy animals suck!”
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    RoboCop Returns Finds New Director After years of sharing his excitement over the project, director Neill Blomkamp revealed earlier this year that he was parting ways with RoboCop Returns, yet the project has found a new director in Little Monsters filmmaker Abe Forsythe, as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. The new film is set to be a direct sequel to the original 1987 RoboCop, ignoring the events of the film's two sequels. While the character has become a seminal figure in the realm of '80s action films, the big-screen adventures of the character have failed to live up to the success of the original, which also includes in 2014 reboot of the concept. Please be better than the 2014 abomination.
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    Finally got round to seeing Joker. Very good film, props to old Joaquin for a top notch performance. I score it 8.3 out of 8.8; lost half a mark for not inserting the "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight" quote in somehow. What I don't really understand (and I'm sure one of you nerds who talks about character arcs can help me with this) is where this fits? Is it a prequel? an origin story? Will we see Joaquin hob-nobbing with wonder woman and Aquaman at some point in the future??? They would seem like uneasy screen-fellows. Whilst I'm here, the only other downside is that Swedes are really weird at cinemas. They talk a surprising amount, and clap from time to time. It's as if they've seen a film about people watching films and are trying to fit in. Plus I'm pretty sure the guy next to me had Tourettes. Kept going "PUH" when things got violent.
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    1st off spell his name right, it's Lyman. 2nd don't just throw crap statements about a hard working fighter you know nothing about. Lyman trains his **** off and slept in the gym a couple times while training for that tourney. He took advantage of the opportunity given to him, dominated all his opponents and deserves respect.
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