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    called footwork bro look it up and stop hating on legends
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    sad to see Natalie Portman go full blown SJW cringe over the last few years......
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    Trade Trudeau for the Queen. I'm down for that.
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    Argentina apparently trying to pressure the Falklands to call themselves "Islas Malvinas" - the Spanish name for the islands which Argentina claim sovereignty over.
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    Someone get Cerrone to confirm whether that's his shoulder or not
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    Jussie up in court again today
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    Jussie Smollett has been indicted on new charges in connection with the January 2019 incident in which the actor said he was the subject of a bigoted attack in Chicago. A grand jury indicted Smollett on six counts of disorderly conduct, charging him with filing false reports regarding the alleged attack, according to documents filed Tuesday.
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    Weidman vs *insert Jungle Fights jobber* who still somehow beats Weidman
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    I support his move to any division he's going to get KTFO in. I'll never tire of seeing chris and cody getting slept
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    UFC icon B.J. Penn was hospitalized after a single-vehicle crash last Friday. Big Island Now has reported that UFC Hall of Famer, and former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion, B.J. Penn was involved in a traffic incident at around 7PM local time on February 7th in Hilo, Hawaii. That outlet stated that, while Penn was driving a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, he was involved in a single-vehicle crash on Hilo’s Route 11. Authorities claimed the truck was speeding, lost control and then flipped over into a plaza outside of a shopping mall. Penn was the only occupant of the vehicle. He was transported to Hilo Medical Center via ambulance after the crash. The extent of Penn’s injuries are unknown. Penn is being investigated for a possible DUI.
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    Well after another big UFC PPV done its time for another What's Next for the winner's and losers! Winner's Jon Jones Well that was certainly unexpected, in what I thought was going to be a routine cruise control to victory performance from Jones we actually seen him pushed further than he ever has been previously in a fight and for the first time, I thought he lost. The judges gave Jon the nod however but the collective outcry from the fans and media and even Jones himself seem to be aware that this dubious decision needs to be run back. Especially when you consider who else is left at Lightheavyweight, the winner of Anderson vs. Blachowicz? Anthony Smith if he can beat a 40 year old Glover? The Reyes rematch is without a doubt the fight to make. Next Opponent: Dominick Reyes Valentina Shevchenko Valentina went out and showed everyone why she was the biggest favourite on the card with what can only be described as a one sided beatdown of Chookagian. In just three defences and in less than two years Valentina has become recognized as one of the most dominant champions in the division with really nobody in her division even appearing to be close to the same level as her especially on the feet. Nobody stands out as a clear cut contender just now but simply because she's the highest ranked fighter she hasn't faced yet and the fact Valentina mentioned her I think in all likelihood Calderwood is up next for her. Next Opponent: Joanne Calderwood Justin Tafa The black sheep fight of the card, pretty sure most people rubbed there heads in confusion when they seen this was on the main card which meant there wasn't that much to gain for either man but more a hell of a lot to lose. This very much felt like a loser leaves town, ufc trimming the roster sort of deal and in that sense well done to Tafa he's surely earned himself one or two more fights in the ufc, only issue is Heavyweight is really thin so getting him a similar leveled opponent isn't easy. Crowder is similarly ranked and in need of a win himself. Next Opponent: Allen Crowder Dan Ige This marks a fifth straight win now for Ige with Bektic being the first real test against top level competition, while a win over Bektic itself likely won't be enough to get him in to the top 15 it should at the very least now get him a fight where he has a chance to win that opportunity. He's called out Korean Zombie but personally I think that's maybe being a bit overly ambitious as KZ is one away from a title shot. There are plenty of top 15 guys without a match-up booked right now though and a perfect fit for Ige I think would be against Shane Burgos. Next Opponent: Shane Burgos Derrick Lewis If this had went any other way than a Lewis win the Houston crowd may have rioted, thankfully however Derrick got the UD nod over Latifi. Despite now being the 5th ranked guy and ona two fight winning streak he's in a odd spot. Firstly that was Latifi's first fight at Heavyweight and his other win is over Ivanov who is tough as nails but not a top 10 guy. The fact that Derrick has an ongoing medical issue makes me wonder if we will see him back quickly or not. If it is a relatively quick turnaround he wants than I don't see how it can be anyone other than Curtis Blaydes. Granted its a fight he won't be the favourite but if he wants to get a crack at the belt again he will need to beat some top guys. Next Opponent: Curtis Blaydes Loser's Dominick Reyes I don't know about all of you but I didn't really rate Reyes chances of beating Jones, didn't think it would be an exciting fight but more another strategic dominant performance we've become accustom to but Reyes came closer than anyone has before of dethroning the Lightheavyweight GOAT and really should have got the decision. Reyes should in all likelihood now get a chance to run it back with Jones in a rematch in the next few months. Reyes obviously wants it, the fans want it, even Jones said he is up for it and with other competition so thin I don't see how they cant make the rematch between Reyes and Jones. Next Opponent: Jon Jones Katlyn Chookagian Katlyn Chookagian has a great chance to beat any women's flyweight in the world not named Valentina Shevchenko. Here however it just seemed like a case of sheep in amongst the wolves as Katyln and the rest of the girls in the division don't look to be anywhere near on the same level as her. What sucks for her is unless Shevchenko completely clears out the division or Katyln manages to put together a streak that makes it undeniable then I doubt you see her get a crack at the belt again. Modafferi is a good fresh match-up and her popularity has arguably never been higher. Next Opponent: Roxanne Modafferi Juan Adams The fight between two Heavyweights who aren't even quite at the prospect level was an odd one to have on the main card to begin with. For Adams even more was on the line as he was already on a two fight skid and now after this latest loss moves to three losses in a row. This is the kiss of death for many established fighters higher up in the rankings and despite Heavyweight being historically one of the thinnest divisions I don't really see that saving Juan here as I imagine we will here he has been given his walking papers in the next few days. Next Opponent: Bellator/PFL/Rizin/ONE FC Mirsad Bektic After being a consensus top 15 fighter for so long it looks as though Bektic is starting to slip. This time two years ago he only had one loss in his whole career now he's had three and lost three of his last five. He definitely needs to win his next fight unless he wants to be seen as potentially entering his decline already. Riding two losses he isn't as appealing a name as before so I reckon his next fight will be against someone else not quite in the rankings who's approaching that undesired title of journeyman. Cub would make for a good fight since breaking that skid against Gracie. Next Opponent: Cub Swanson Ilir Latifi One of the oddest fights of the night from the very first moment I heard Latifi moving to Heavyweight I was left scratching my head. The fact that he was given such a high ranked opponent in Lewis despite being on a two fight skid further confused me. Even though he lost to Lewis here im left feeling much better about his future at Heavyweight. Let's be honest he was never gonna be a guy challenging for the title anyway but I think he can pick up plenty of wins in that 15th to 9th positions of the rankings. Pavlovich is a prospect who needs testing and Latifi is the type of guys who will give you hard gruelling fight. Next Opponent: Sergei Pavlovich
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    he never alluded to putting a big percentage into hashflare...to me anyways...but he was in BTC years sooner than us...that's a big deal...and I hate him for it
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    wonder what happened to @CanPass
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    the latter sounds reasonable
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    Number of none Chinese dead still zero... I ain't getting my potatoes just yet.
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    The move up looked like a blow off top ????
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    Rick Moranis is coming out of retirement for the Honey I Shrunk The Kids sequel lol best news I’ve heard all day.
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    https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/professional-fighters-league/justin-willis-signs-with-pfl/ Former UFC heavyweight contender Justin Willis has signed a new contract with PFL and will be part of the promotion’s next heavyweight tournament. Willis signing with PFL was first confirmed by MMAjunkie.com. “Big Pretty” is expected to make his promotional debut later in the spring when their next heavyweight tournament begins. Willis (8-2) was surprisingly cut by the UFC last year after a loss to Curtis Blaydes at UFC Nashville last March. Overall Willis had a strong 4-1 record in the UFC with wins over Mark Hunt, Chase Sherman, Allen Crowder, and James Mulheron, with his lone loss coming against the top-five ranked Blaydes.
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    Donations are being accepted to assist Eclipse in renting out the cottage for an indefinite amount of time.
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    I actually support the Argentinians claim. We should re-establish borders and sovereignty based on how things were 300 years ago. So we lose the Malvinas, but regain India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA. Thrown in Sri Lanka and we've got a deal. The Turks would also be pretty happy with this arrangement.
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    As expected Dana has told Adams to kick rocks.
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    Its a fake video you ****, his tattoos are on the wrong arm You might aswell work for The Sun
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    No idea why folks who stay in windy places fuk with these things or trampolines ?
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    I hate when that ^ happens-
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    Yeah I can see what you mean I have always said whoever decided that you start this iteration of Batman & Superman with the Dark Knight Returns storyline was a moron, that should have been something after each of them had had two or three movies each. To expand on what I though the issues of this movie were. Firstly will start off with the good. Robbie is a lot of fun as Quinn and Jurnee is really good as Black Canary The evidence room fight scene was really well done, some Jon Wick-esque moves but with a baseball bat was refreshing type of fight to see. The visuals were cool it felt like a comic book brought to life. But the bad Black Mask calling Dinah his "Pretty Bird" Criminal under use of Harley's Hyena, seriously why introduce it if they never did anything with it? The fact that to my knowledge literally every guy in the movie is a complete pos lol. Montoya, nothing against the actress but this character felt really pointless for the most part, we don't see her crime solving skills, she seems to be the worst fighter and has no special skills unlike Dinah & Huntress. Just think you could have fleshed either of them out better if you had sacrificed her. Same goes for the actress playing Cassandra Cain, cant believe she had the third highest screen time. Black Canary fainting after she screamed. Really? This was painfully obvious case of a director saying we need to take her out of the game. Black Mask. Now I was not opposed to them killing him but the way it goes down just felt kind of like really? And maybe im alone in this but after watching the movie I genuinely have no idea why they even felt the need to call him Black Mask being as he wears one for all of 3 minutes in the movie. McGregor's character could have easily been just a random **** nightclub owner.
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    The only thing that bugged me was the title of the movie. They would’ve made a lot more money if it was called Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey
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    Meh Bats vs Supes and Aquaman mashed up half a dozen major storylines. It felt fairly organic only having 2-3 this time. I enjoyed the tone of the movie. Had a bit of equal parts John Wick, Kill Bill, Deadpool feel and made a lot more sense having her throwing hands with mob types than what we got in Suicide Squad.
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    Jussie Smollett Indicted Again in Attack That Police Called a Hoax The new charges were announced by a special prosecutor, Dan K. Webb, who was assigned to the case after a judge ruled that the local prosecutor had not properly handled it the first time. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/11/arts/television/jussie-smollett-indicted-chicago.html
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    Couldn't disagree more. I love unaccomidating. The stepdad song is awesome. I will is so intense. Darkness...I mean what can you say it's such an incredible piece of writing nevermind a rap track. I like every single song on the album and imo the intro is one of the weaker ones.
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    None of that stuff effected me like none of the stuff Trump does with the economy effected me. The only thing that effected me is that my health insurance which was previously free now costs me money and is costing a lot of people A LOT of money due to premium cost rising. I didnt need a graph to tell me that though, I've been working in healthcare the last 15 years in one way or another and see the changes across the board for the worst. These politicians bragging about unemployment numbers mean nothing considering after the limit is reached and a person is kicked off of unemployment they dont count that person no matter if they're unemployed or not. Thank you Obama however for bombing all those brown kids over seas for muh freedoms. And thank you Trump for claiming you're pro-gun but have completed been the opposite. **** em all.
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    @Lord_Costas_number_one_fan for next card ya drunk australian, hopefully you're still alive somewhere so whenever you wake up, here's my picks Devin Clark Montana De La Rosa Brok Weaver Tim Means Nathaniel Wood Jim Miller Macy Chiason
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    Niice, slid up into 2nd place....this chiit is easy
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    Jones is done in the USADA era. He's gotten lucky decisions in his last two and he's only barely making it to the scorecards because of the respect he earned early in his career. Once he gets his lights put out or the judges don't save him he will lose that aura of invincibility and he'll start dropping fights left and right and/or finally get banned for steroids.
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    I'm on the opposite side of that debate but I still think it's really well done. Besides the intro Premonition the rest of the album isn't very good. He had other issues which he admitted but these lyrics are pretty accurate. Once I was played in rotation At every radio station They said I'm lyrically amazing But I have nothing to say But then when I put out Revival and I had something to say They said that they hated the awake me I lose the rage, I'm too tame I get it back, they say I'm too angry
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    100% agree...nice analysis. Also, I was waiting to see classic Jones (e.g., spinning elbows and kicks) and felt he didn't look himself...in fact, he looked much more beatable than usual, almost lethargic. Likely, he thought it would be a cakewalk with Reyes, and underestimated the caliber of the fighter. Not taking anything away from Reyes at all, who I felt did do enough to win 3 of 5 rounds. Also, Jones' post-fight interview sounded as if he was trying to convince the booing crowd why he deserved the win, which came across as sad and IMHO, rather pathetic. Jones needs to focus more...and Reyes deserves a rematch.
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    They were much more effective than throwing leg kicks and having your takedowns repeatedly stopped.
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    Bullchiit Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 What else you got Taco ?
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    Agreed. Watching that bum get melted never gets old.
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    Fact: Obama created 1.5 million more jobs between 2014-2016 than Trump did in 2017-2019.
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    -yes sir - last month ^ anudda skark movie ?
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    Just get Rogan to judge the fights. Then he has to stand in the ring with the dude who he's just screwed if he gets it wrong. Should sharpen the mind nicely.
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