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    Like this way more than expected. Sienna Miller, Black Panther, J Jonah Jameson and John Carter.
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    Fat midget Borg didn't make weight again. Close that dumpster division already. Add him to the welchers hall of shame if he doesn't retire.
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    Yea looks like a Batarang. Hopefully it's made of silver to fight off the vampires so him and Bella can finally have some peace!
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    Lol. Guess he just wants to waste time And money. Or thinks he can win, but is suicidal at heart. Because you know for sure there will be either an accident or a note if he is elected with her as a VP ?
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    Robbery split decision is incoming bro.
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    Yup, got em. Just in case, here is what you submitted Corey Anderson Michel Pereira Montana De La Rosa Brok Weaver Rogério Bontorin Yancy Medeiros Tim Means John Dodson Jim Miller Devin Clark Merab Dvalishvili Macy Chiasson Mark De La Rosa
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    1st place in taking credit for all the previous Presidents accomplishments. Lets not forget his biggest win ^
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    Yea youre definitely in 1st place. 1st place in adding to the debt and deficit 1st place in nepotism hires. 1st place in fires. 1st place in convictions. 1st place vacations taken. 1st place in amount tax payers have had to pay for vacations 1st place in days in office spent golfing (1/5) 1st place in collusions with foreign governments 1st place in sex assaults (23) 1st place in probes 1st place in impeachments. 1 done. 1 on the way. 1st place in biggest stock market single day crash 1st place in having the lowest modern day approval rating at one point at 35% 1st place in the highest percent of the public approving an impeachment 1st place in civilian deaths and injuries from drone strikes 1st place in international hatred towards America. 1st place in idiot Presidents that think global warming is a myth, that windmills cause cancer, and vaccines cause autism. WINNING!
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    Lol at Diego being in the Co Main event in 2020
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    -there are many ways to interpret that ....
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    Blachowicz vs Anderson 2 Saturday, February 15th, 2020 CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR PICKS VIEW YOUR PICKS HERE! (FAR LEFT TAB) Main Card (8:00 p.m. ET) - HARD DEADLINE Preliminary Card (5:00 p.m. ET) - PICKS DUE Picks Needed @amunera @BART-O-LINI @Bubba_Sparks @Bwana @Conceive-Believe-Achieve @Dark_Horse (1 pick - Chaisson vs Young) Me @Fred_Flink_Stoned @graham_240 @LayDownDead @Los_Polo_Hermano @skillandpower @Taylor_Schonerstedt @VertFTW
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    I don't know if they have enough Irish cans left on the roster to fill this one so I'm sure they will get people like Joanne Calderwood.
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    My god I can't stand Jon Dodson. Especially his face. I can't stress it enough.
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    .... get a real job > get out of coach > and shut-up
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