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    Facing Lil Nog for the THIRD time, in Brazil via Bokamoto
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    I'm not going to trawl through the rankings, but...1-1 in your last two with your win being a split decision does not sound like a particularly worthy challenger. Didn't she get beaten comfortably by Chookagain?
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    Sanders getting diggled as usual. Dude is a ****ing caàcksucker. The fruit loop seems like the only decent one on.stage tbh.
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    Give me a billion & i'll gladly pay up to 70% even though on principle it's not fair proportionally. Our current progressive tax r8 is fine for the most part tbh. What i make now 52% is quite a dent so nah Bernie needs to keep his commie mitts out of my pocket. ? I actually think Bernie is more like a mix of Sweden & Russia. Also he got married in Moscow lol The "Merican dream was never supposed to work for freeloaders & as lazy as Americans are in general Sweden's policies would be a disaster for America not to mention the open borders policy along side it would just flood the country more & the high tax r8's would cripple start-ups, crush small business & send big business elsewhere. Tom Stayer was i think proposing minimum wage to go up to like 20-25 an hr. That would pretty much eliminate small business & elevate unemployment.
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    Educated posters like @PATSTER @I_Take_Roids_m8 and @Eclipse76 endorse this message.
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    The odds on this are going to be disgusting.
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    India with it's 3 cases to date. I think they've got bigger things to worry about. This is what happens when you wrap millennials up in cotton wool. They fall for the scaremongering media.
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    Then a fighter who is losing could throw an illegal strike and hope for NC
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    Yeah the only people in the top 15 who are on better than a one fight win streak are. #2. Lauren Murphy (Who should legit have lost her last fight) & #15. Molly McCann (Is on three in a row but hasn't fought a ranked opponent yet.) Agreed the division is probably the thinnest full fledged one they have just now
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    That one loss is pretty contentious, fight metric doesn't tell a whole story but I do think she was unlucky not to get the nod there. Main thing is I think this fight is down to though is Valentina wants is to keep busy and defend the title at least 3 times this year. She just beat the number one ranked girl, Murphy is ranked second which makes no sense being as not one media outlet scored her last fight in her favour and third is Eye who is likely still having nightmares about the last time she was in a cage with Valentina. So its Calderwood by default.
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    Talking of bleak films, I just watched Threads for the first time. Jeezo. Makes The Road seem like Carry On Camping.
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    Lol ^^ They literally all look like unhealthy vampires that need a blood fix
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    The main event is one of the most logical fights the UFC has ever made, but I do not care about it in anyway The rest of the card is ****e
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    Hang on are you still claiming that the Russians hacked the DNC election?? You're cooked mate.
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    Like KenFlo said, Michelle is the only one anybody should be upset with. He threw the illegal strike. Whether Diego took the easy way out or not, it was only provided to him by what the other fighter did. I doubt Diego intentionally took a knee while down.
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    Rogerio Minotouro/ 44, been watching Wee Nog literally for half my life, I remember him beating Overeem twice and the first time I bet against him was vs Luis Cane (Banha) '09 - I lost ? very nostalgic-
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    lol at anybody making fun of candidates appearance or calling them cowards ^
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    Lol why would they do that to the poor retarded English girl
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    I'm keeping quiet about CL I have never forgiven Simeone for what he did to us in '98. I'll be extremely miffed if his bunch of time-wasters knock us out of the CL.
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    No, but I believe the numbers from outside China. At the moment, Corona Virus is a China epidemic, not a global pandemic. Sucks if you're there, but for the rest of the world it's definitely premature to panic. I think there are still a grand total of 3 deaths outside China. I won't lose sleep over that!
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    i swear, if XRP doesn't end up pamping to at last $1 by the end of this year, idk what I'll do...I'll probably end up selling it all for pennies and moving back in with my parents
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    https://www.givemesport.com/1523501-fans-can-watch-euro-2020-final-from-hotel-room-inside-wembley-with-david-villa You can bag a stay for the UEFA Euro 2020 final in a room overlooking the match One lucky set of football fans will receive a fantastic prize, courtesy of Booking.com, for the Euro 2020 final at Wembley on July 12, 2020. Have included the link at the top if you want to enter. Just reading he's scored more goals in this Champions League this season than Barcelona?.
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    I'll let this one slide because it's a valid excuse, even if Lucas scored a hat-trick in Amsterdam. Mourinho could have not defended the entire game, though. It's Leipzig we're talking about
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    Good match up... And she deserves it, at this moment in time
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    With both Kane and son injured they have nobody who can score a damn goal lmao.
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    So much for diversity on that stage lol. They should have called it the "pastiest of pasty old white people who can raise the most money" DNC debate.
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    Excellent dawg, > knees, knees, and more knees- +175
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    Mardi Gras season is upon me & my two lady friends are coming down to celebrate. $hit. is. bout. to. get. WILD! I'm pumped can't wait.
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    He's at level 4 TDS, ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ... level 5 is voting for Sanders
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    I'm not a huge boxing fan, but this fight has me HYPED. Deontay is probably the biggest must watch since Mike Tyson just because his defense isn't that good but if he cracks somebody they're going to the shadow realm. I love both Deontay and Fury so I'm cool with whoever wins
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    i've found the perfect candidate to headline this card Kenneth Allen now i just need to find a suitable opponent. CM Punk perhaps?
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    His numbers this year are simply ridiculous and he's fast as **** lol. Always seems to be in the right place. Extremely promising!
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    Gayest? That's one of the most hilarious moments in football history.
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    Fury 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Don't @ me
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    at this point i probably stand a greater chance of passing one
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    its an attempt to keep vert out they are hoping he can't pick out store fronts or street signs, i applaud the effort
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