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    It's time we all start listening to Vert https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/fa0u07/oc_coronavirus_confirmed_cases_over_time/
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    i can get over being called a fooking piece of sh*t by The Soup, but i'm still a bit shaken up after The Soup made threats of violence against my life after i asked him if it was alright for me to pm a random person on facebook who <sarcasm> would likely be unfamiliar with megasoups real name, surely wouldnt know anything about the matter of the soup getting shot by some black dude over a parking spot, and is clearly unrelated to the guy who popped a cap in the soup. </sarcasm> if i wasnt white, then i would probably be half-way dead by now. i said the other day that i have nothing left to live for, and with all this corona virus chit going around if im not hacking a lung by next monday, then im taking up a heroin habit. so if i die in good health before next monday, then that would mean The Soup got to me. goodbye cruel world. drive safe. still, i also want to know why that thread got deleted. that was the best one all month. everyone deserves a good megasoup story. but this one ended on a cliffhanger. they closed the book on the story right after it reached the climax, and that makes idyb a sad panda. i'm actually about to make my way over to the liquor store.. its the only way i know to cope with this mystery.
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    It's over 7 billion Soup. We're nearing full capacity.
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    This ^ and paying each fighter 25 million when neither is a proven PPV draw and their last fight did 300k buys. Read where this fight was marketed more than any fight in the last 10+ years which Im not sure if true but I can't think setting yourself up for a break even at 1.2 million buys is a sound strategy no matter what spreadsheets you're using.
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    I did, but i had Diego Sanchez the human being, not Diego Sanchez the ufc fighter. He killed off the wrong alter ego ?
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    Anyone pick Diego Sanchez? https://www.mmamania.com/2020/2/27/21155908/diego-sanchez-the-ufc-fighter-dead-according-diego-sanchez-human-being-mma
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    I missed it, but I assume he threatened my life, as well. All good though. He's threatened it in the past, and I keep waking up.
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    You may have an unhealthy obsession with this now.
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    WTF my favourite thread got deleted! Soup lost his mind I think. What a shame.
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    If Heavyweight boxing is crap these days and everyone is a can, out of 6 billion people on this planet why isn't there at least ONE guy who gets in shape and makes a run for the title, winning himself millions and gaining international fame? Worldwide, the average person lives far below the poverty line; it's not like there isn't any incentive. I'm just going to chalk your comment up as being stupid, because YOU are stupid, and most of this forum is stupid, as demonstrated daily.
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    41 knockouts in 44 fights and a bronze medal in the Olympics say you are wrong.
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    He said it himself that he's a warrior but his 40 pounds of armor was too heavy and he had no legs. Personally I think he should enter the ring on a stretcher to save his legs. Have his cornermen carry him up 3 steps. Now that the cornerman that saved him from brain trauma won't be there to save him next time there's already a stretcher in place for his exit. Perhaps Tyson needs to walk to the ring for this to be a fair fight. I think Deontay might have a chance even though the man can't box. I picked him in the first fight strictly because I thought Fury didn't have it anymore and Wilder has dynamite in his right hand. I bet Fury decision in the rematch because I thought it would be so lopsided that the judges couldn't rob him. I should have believed him that training under Sugar was to get a stoppage. Remember that time recently when Wilder said he would beat a prime Mike Tyson? Yeah me too and that's when I realized just how delusional he is. Then you got that p*ssy Anthony Joshua who got stopped by a short fat man. He enters the rematch and point fights to get his belts back. Heavyweight boxing is still dead and the Klitschko sisters killed it. "I'm not making excuses, everyone knows I'm a warrior but carrying 40 pounds for 200 feet and climbing 17 flights of stairs to enter the squared circle left me with no legs." - Deontay Wilder
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    this is one of the cards where i could just randomize the picks like last year and still probably be successful
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    Im off tomorrow so ill be doing jungle fight research the second I wake up.
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    this next card should be fun to predict. i dont even know who most of these cans are, and more than half of the fighters competing dont even have a wiki page rando put all of his eggs in decompoze's basket for this one. strictly a class move
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    Most people aren't going to spend $80 when they are only interested in 1 match.
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    Lol of course a good Christian fellow defends our resident scumbag ?
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    Mexico still clean brahs ?
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    mardi gras 2020 was woke
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    Truly amazing, break down the fabric of a self regulating society and then push for an all powerful state to control the heathens .
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    Ugh. I'm already getting prediction fatigue. Not sure I'm gonna make it to April.
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    Stompgrind: I hate traveling and big crowds of people Also Stompgrind: No but 4 wheel, glad you and cashfl0w had a good time and got minimal Coronavirus
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    He's done you a favour mate. That KleeYo gimmick was in the top 5 worst fora gimmicks of all time. AV needs more Klopp.
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    Yeah but when it's all said and done, it's most likely your fault that CJ shot you in self defence.
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    Langley is renowned for it's naked hit n' runs, .... Surrey not so much - .... this brand of depravity never happens in Cambodia - ?
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    Canada has too many asians buying property..you guys are in deep chit
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    It's okay, @VertFTW thinks 60% of us are going to get wiped out by the Corona Virus. That will reduce us by 1.4 billion right, @juice64011?
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    Pretty bad when Tito needs to cheat to beat a 42 year old pro wrestler.
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    Btw, on this whole "heavy ring gear" thing, that has to be the worst excuse in the history of terrible excuses. Last summer, i hiked 28 miles, with a total elevation gain of 5000 feet, with a 35 pound backpack. Was hiking for close to ten hours in 90+ degrees, at altitudes of up to 12500 feet. I was tired, but fit enough to pitch my tent, fetch water from the river, cook dinner, etc. etc. This was my 6th consecutive day of hiking, averaging 20 miles per day. Given that Wilder is a professional athlete, who outweighs me by almost 100 lbs, I'm pretty sure he should be able to handle a 5 minute walk...
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    Don't worry mate, you wore the NWO AV with pride after the first fight. Your support of the great Fury is noted and appreciated.
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    My woman carries our 25lb son all over the place day in and day out but still have the legs to ride Roids like a champ. No excuses.
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    Watching this dem clusterfook is a rough assignment : I thought they were gonna throw hands at one point (my $ is on Klobuchar by illegal knees)-
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    Yes I know, I said that in my last sentence. As for the conspiracy thing I was clearly being facetious. Thing is, that makes this almost not a real sport. Hey, the Niners and Chiefs are the top 2 teams but the game is in Miami so let's put the Dolphins in!
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    Just so Joey's wife comes to the event, it'll be a good night
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    Caught a couple rounds of fire noggin on I-10 while my girl was on all fours naked in the passenger seat during my latest trip down there. One of them was definitely in the middle of the afternoon on Friday (Valentines Day) after we ****ed around in New Orleans for a while, aaaand I got passed by a cop while she was at it. lol.. Zero ****s given! ^^That also happened. Some Mexican dude lost control of his horse, and my drunken **** turned off into the neighborhood to help him. That was a whole episode in and of itself.
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