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    Sometimes you have to choose a favorite.
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    I like how even the drug dealer is even the hero here. LMAO!
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    but i have 4 kids? Why are they starving my 4th child!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    NEVER got pulled over. One time I went by a cop doing 50 in a 35 and homeboy must've been asleep at the wheel. Either that or balls deep in a donut. It's refreshing to not have to deal with these goddamn truck drivers. Half of these motherf*ckers barely speak English. Before I even had this job and I was just unloading one pops up in the cage and is like "Sign?!" No motherf*cker that's not what I do! A few weeks back this one dude was sweating his **** off while I'm wearing a hoodie. It was like 48 degrees outside and I couldn't understand why he was so sweaty and smelled like he pissed himself. I put his paperwork back in the cage. Yo it's right there man now go take a shower at the Love's gas station. So anyway to get on topic who is the oldest Australian poster? They're betas via nationality and on the wrong side of the world. My bet is one of them drops first.
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    Its probably something to do with rape knowing Megasoup
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    well damn, super barbs are a game changer. Take my money right now, supercell!!
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    the world could actually use more people like this:
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    "gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllll" Some random south american football commentator
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    Tmac v Spurs would like a word, lads
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    @SVTContour98 Highest initial growth r8. We're #1 in the world. https://www.brproud.com/news/gov-edwards-louisiana-has-the-highest-initial-growth-rate-in-covid-19-cases-in-the-world/ I'm with her lol >
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    fook sakes i just coughed a little, my throats a bit sore, but im not smoking right now. i think i got the corona well boys, it was a good run, but it looks like i aint gonna need all that charmin and kraft dinner afterall. goodbye cruel world. when they put me on the ventilator it better have a bong attachment on the breathing apparatus
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    it fooking better not be. i got enough kraft dinner to last me until next year
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    It will be over by August. Quote me kunts
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    Nah one phone at a time m8
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    Fitting song on right now
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    I think he’s implying that he’s going to wheel a pallet of iPhones to his truck tonight.
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    have no idea what the hell ur asking but im with you on this one bro
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    He said in a press briefing when asked if his organization would take relief money and after dancing around basically said he would do what everyone else is doing, and they all want that money. So not only has he already bilked taxpayers from all his stays at his own place, now his companies will be going for the bailouts!
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    Dems are concerned that the Drumpf administration wants the treasury to hand out the money at their own discretion with no oversight and not have to disclose who got money until after the election. Donald is going to actually become a billionaire after all this.
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    Flash backs of USA/Portugal 2014 World Cup. I should post it before that fiend @MauroPedrosa does
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    My city approved liquor delivery during quarantine.
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    A Curry fanboy?... Fails at mathamatics and reading comprehension. Yep, confirmed Curry fan.
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    Smh Don't make me quote your initial take mate. You were the original downplayer! We were both wrong. I haven't said it will be over by April for a while as it's patently spiralled out of control. Too little too late by our glorious leaders. I also think those numbers you posted a couple of days ago will be over-stated as some of the countries at the top end are flattening out a bit. We shall see.
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    What do you mean the euro model? Virtually every European country (apart from apathetic Sweden) has gone into lockdown several weeks ago. No doubt I'll be accused of downplaying it again but people typically die 4 weeks after being exposed. Most of the major European hot spots went into lockdown less than 4 weeks ago, so of course the numbers continue to rise. However, they won't rise indefinitely. The new cases will start to flatten, and 2 weeks after that the deaths will flatten. It's bad but it's not the end of the world. USA is a different matter. Like i said before, your generally decentralised approach, focus on weird things and fragmented health care system all count against you. Add to that a leader who is more concerned about point scoring and at the moment you're on course to be hit way worse than anywhere else. Stay safe homies. And like Stanley says, don't start shooting each other!
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    clegg turning in his 2 weeks notice like "Yo dawg. In 2 weeks you're gonna notice that i ain't been here in 2 weeks."
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    I'm almost 6 hours late for work. I had a 3 finger Woodford earlier and laid around watching the Big Lebowski. I think I'm about to hit up Wendy's before they close and go steal some ****. I might give them my courtesy hours notice as soon as I get there.
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    Dana would not lie to us
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    Good luck man. Keep us posted when you can.
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    Tonights my first night back to work after being off since the 12th. I'm in the ICU tonight so I'll get the info if we have anyone in our place. No one texted me from work to tell me we did so I'm assuming we are good for now. We have tents set up outside that are screening people before allowing them in the ER. Thw hospital up the line from me had 3 last week and a Dr from a local doctors office tested positive for it this week and a bunch of people were notified they might have been exposed. I'm expecting an uptick this week at our joint.
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    lets ask him hold on while i dig up that name @McMod_****S_his_FAT_DISGUSTING_MOM_in_the_ASS_BEG_is_a_****_too_LMFAO
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    This right here. If either side gave a single ****, they would pass the first trillion for the working joe to keep the economy from collapsing, then work out the details on the corporate hand outs and bribes.
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    In other news, the dip**** liberals in Canada are trying to pass a law that allows them to increase taxes, change spending, and basically do whatever they want for 2 years without going through any vote in parliament. So it looks like there are still dip**** politicians looking to **** over everyone all across the world.
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    More people are going to die from panicking than they will from being calm and saying to use precaution but it will be fine. Panic leads to violence, it leads to anxiety, and it leads to people making rash decisions that they wouldn't otherwise make. Taking a reasonable approach leads to most of the population living fairly normal lives, although involving more sitting and watching movies than we are used to. The people panicking are the ones getting into fights in overcrowded stores while increasing the chances of spreading the virus to dozens of people. The reasonable people go a week later at a time when it's slower, still get their items, and have little to no contact with anyone. You can think that I am downplaying it, but I'm actually just accepting it. We are never going to get everyone to quarantine. Not everyone can quarantine due to work. Everyone constantly nagging about it online is not going to get everyone to do what they want. Accept it and control what you can control, don't worry about what you can't. Some people are going to get sick, some are going to die. If we just chill and handle it like rational adults then there isn't any reason to think that a few months from now that things won't be relatively back to normal.
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    I’m not even going to try to edit that into proper English on a phone.
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    TBF that guy won the Darwin award all by himself. Trump should have been very clear this "hopeful" "remedy" is up to a doctor to decide because there are risk involved but you're always gonna have those kinds of idiots no matter what. You could say bleach kills it but "don't drink bleach" and sure enough someone would. ?
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    half of scotland have always been too pissed up to notice anything anyway lol. i've been hunkering down with my kids for a few weeks now. i got a text message yesterday inviting me to a bbq/piss up for today. i think if people saw the 30 and 40 year olds on ventilators in hospital they might not be so inviting. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE OLD OR HAVE A PRE EXISTING CONDITIONING TO GET THIS
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    And of course....Aguerooooooo!
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    Too early to judge but it seems as close to game breaking as Supercell has gotten. The competitive players wont like it i suspect and layouts will have to change again. 3 stars are already achieveable. Add in new hero levels over the next 12 months and it will be too easy imo. I am curious what super charging healers does to a walk tho.
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    just walk in there coughing up a storm
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    I hear Louisiana is having worst numbers wise than Italy did at that point. Wtf hillbilly juice are you guys drinking down there. At least in italy the country is 90% geriatric.
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    There are way too many variables for this to be accurate. One of the big ones being that confirmed cases are doubling because many places just recently started testing. Since March 20th 2333 people died. You need about 12,025 more deaths in the next 30 hours for your formula to hold true. There are only a reported 12,211 people in serious or critical condition and from all accounts this isn't a fast moving virus so all of those people aren't dying tomorrow.
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    have u tried watching coronavirus poorn?
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