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    This alone saves the movie from the trash can.
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    I understand you thought AOC was hella creative when she posted this, and you spent hours reading this nonsense, but here's some bad news, man: Nobody is going to read three sentences of this post.
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    Oz news gives the W.H.O a kicking.
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    The Gentlemen- Guy Ritchie film like Snatch. Pretty good movie. 7/10.
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    I mean people are laughing at it like certain posters here but have never seen anyone gasping for their life ever so that shows you the mentality of the typical moron in the world. All I know is that if you are elderly, have underlying health conditions, have any risk factors, you're "possibly" going to have a bad time with it. We've had about 50 cases come in our hospital and so far only 3 have needed to be put in the ICU, two on vents, one is pretty sick but levels are good enough to stay off of a vent and use BIPAP instead. One is in their 40's (that's not on vent), other two are 70's and late 80's. We "could" see 200,000 deaths from this at the worst case scenario in the US if 25 million get infected. Plus many more that will have long term lung and heart damage. My biggest concern right now is the health care workers well being. Hundreds died in Italy, not all were elderly. The problem right now is a lack of N95 masks and other proper PPE gear. I got my N95 mask on standby but we have to reuse them, same with gowns and face shields. We are going to have dedicated groups of providers from dietary to techs to nurses to doctors JUST for those patients every shift to try and prevent cross contamination. We are lucky to have the medic care we have or else we could be looking at millions dead if we had chit healthcare like Italy and their 10% mortality rate. Still the government dropped the ball. Everyone knew this was happening in the world and they left us to rot. I hope once this is all over with healthcare workers sue their respective state government and hospitals for lack of being prepared. We signed up for this and work around deadly infections every day but this is on another level and we were thrown to the slaughter. Same as if you send a soldier to war without their no ammunition. All of them are to blame. From Trump to De Blasio to Cuomo.
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    This thread is like watching the Francis Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis fight, over and over and over again.
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    The Democratic Party has made Trump a National Hero with their incessant inanity, .... they won't see the WH for at least 20 yrs. just think of the Dem leadership > that's all you have to know- Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Soros & Zucker ........oh yeah, and the most corrupt knucklehead president in world history - Barry Hussein Obama . ⚠️
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    Hanta is spread by rodents. If you don't have rodents, you don't get Hanta. Pretty simple.
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    You have to be a full blown libtard to not realize this is a Chinese-made problem, and Trump has little to do with any of it. Sheesh... turn off the television, son.
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    Found this channel the other day that is dedicated to calling China's BS. Host is nice to look at tew. They're infested. We're not even over Covid yet & they already fkn around finna unleash super Hanta. Dangerous mofos. Whole world needs to condemn them & support the people that want to overthrow CCP b4 they unleash pandora's box.
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    I rarely read three sentences of any post, If I want Morning Joe, I know where to get it ?-
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    I watch Trump speak regularly at the podium and in front of the **** reporters (the ones who got their platforms taken from them at the White House press briefings) on the front lawn. I don't need Rachel Maddow to parse his sentences and pick out the 40 most confusing bits, or at least, I assume that's what that post was. Not enough time in the world to read a TUF post of that length.
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    Corona Project about 75% done - A-frame & Swings next weekend and then have to seal it.
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    Narcissist. He thinks because people are paying attention to a world wide pandemic, that they are looking at him for leadership. The reality is, half of them are locked in their house looking for the midget doctor to tell it how it is after the orangutan gets done blowing bubbles on stage.
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    The CDC is predicting between 75-150 million people will contract the virus in the US....all numbers will go way up
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    2020/ SLJ- good movie, watch it !
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    Watched the original Mad Max yesterday in keeping with our current post-apocalyptic theme. It hasn't aged well. Can't believe it's over 40 years old though!!!
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    So, best medical opinion. Is this a real concern, or a really ****ty flu season and give it a few weeks and the worst will be over?
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    She might not terrify Putin, but I doubt she would blow him on the first date like Trump has. That dummy would blame her christian values and at least wait till the second date before she got ****ed and bent over.
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    Doesnt hanta virus just travel in deer mice only? @StompGrind, your in New Orleans are you not? I saw something about your rat population coming out from the alleys because restaurants are closed and not leaving garbage out. Any truth to that?
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    Not quoting this to score any points, as the maths was completely valid at the time; I think this shows though that in some countries they have already started to flatten off a little bit. As of today there are 708,000 cases, and 33,529 deaths. So that implies the rate has slowed down a bit since this was posted a week ago. Just looked at a couple of the big hitters - Italy had just under 6k new cases one week ago, and had virtually identical number of cases today. I make it about 3 weeks since they went into some kind of lockdown, so they might see a decrease in the daily numbers during the next week or so. Spain also shows some tentative signs of slowing down, although they locked down a week later than Italy. Germany and France will be hot on their heels i think. UK a further week or two behind. Looks like you guys are another week or so behind, but in the absence of the same measures I suspect you have further to go before it flattens off. Stay safe fellas.
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    There is no choice in this time period, .... at a minimum > 70 million Americans will vote Trump/ Republican . Why ? Bcoz there are no alternatives and the majority of Americans do not want anything the Dems are offering > .... especially the likes of Biden & Sanders ! * Being anti-Trump does absolutely nothing for America, .. nothing . Actually, if leftists focused their energy on rebuilding the democratic party instead of impeaching Trump, maybe..... just maybe, they would be in a better 2020 position . (They are the ones with their head up their azz for 3 yrs.)
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    I blame the lack of a viable democratic candidate, ..anti-Trumpers are talking to themselves at this point-
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    ... not moving toward center w/ loonies lik e AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, Warren, Beto, Spartacus, and Harris lurking about ?- * we seriously need to purge m8-
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    IDK about 20 yrs but they better shift the party back to center quick and stop whining obsessively. Even independents who don't trust either will side with conservatives over these loons.
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    Currently listening to The Ocean , drinking some cold ones. Also, I ordered a Phaser Pedal
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    My biggest influence, and least to say favorite guitarist, . Long live the legend, Jimmy Page! @Bezerker101, who's your biggest influence and/or favorite guitarist
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    hantavirus? what the fook? we can hardly even contain the coronavirus and now china starts bodying us with more diseases that the rest of the world has never heard of alright, no more rats, bats, and cats for those idiots. from now on, all of the chinese should be forced on a vegan diet.
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    over 900 more people in new york died last night directly related to the trumpster's incompetance. nvm. give it a few days and the daily number of obamavirus deaths in that state will likely double. its all a democrat hoax masterminded by obama. if new yorkers were to just take the donalds words seriously and simply just pray the virus away, and perhaps drink their milk and eat their vitamins, the virus would have surely gone away by now.
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    Will just post 1 long run on sentence then LOL ^ this and cashs similar comment is just confirming all my suspicions and is why Trump will get reelected come November because there is lierally nothing Trump could do to lose your votes and even if he tried, you wouldnt know it cause youre in your safe spaces where Trump State media filters it out for you and you could literally be dying from something directly related to his incompetence like many currently are and you would just plead to be able to cast an early vote.
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    This is exactly my point. None of you dummies want to read what Trump says unless it's "we're winning". Also, wouldnt even know about AOC or what she says unless you closet fanboys were always posting about her.
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    wrong thread and two days late you plum.
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    I swear the opening scene felt like a McConaughey buick commerical. Good movie. Agree 7/10
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    She fk'ed up the whole dem script for the next two yrs. Murdoch is pissed. Corona impeachment trial was gonna be lit
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    Kid in Green can be the next Mark Hunt. Take a beating until he can land the big one.
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    The laymans term is it's on the up and up Rodders. The short version; luvly jubbly
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    so which country is germany gonna invade first? its been a while since germany seen any military action. theyre probably chomping at the bit to start some chit and roll in on some unsuspecting neighbour of theirs betting pool on how long until france surrenders?
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    a few months ago my parents were talking about going to spain for vacation this summer. but as soon as this chit blows over and airlines go back to normal business, spain is probably the last place they'd consider going to now. though i dont even know why they were thinking of spain when they only know how to speak english. it was either spain or england. they wanted to see some castles or some chit. but i'm pretty sure that i could talk them out of england once i tell them that the notorious internet troll Bubba_Sparks originates from that country
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    Either that or record rates of divorce. My money is in the latter.
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    Finally got my first COD Battle Royale win last night. Had to pick up my two randoms twice and also pay to respawn them twice.
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