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    Cashfl0w's Backyard Promotions is working on a Homeless Royal Rumble. For our international forum members we'll stream it on twitch or some ****. We'll probably have a ladder match to open up the card. I'll go all hands with the toughest homeless man we can find but he's gotta be in the under 200 lbs class so Megasoup is not on the table. 12er will chit kick Vert for free. Megasoup will fight Tank Abbott in the over 200 class. They've both agreed to a handle of cheap liquor and a 3 piece with ALL THE SIDES. Soup is younger, taller, has the reach, etc. Getting shot in the arm by Kloe will not be an issue the commission will clear him to compete. If you can jerk off, you can fight. Now on to the main attraction. We're talking 30 of Chicago's finest homeless athletes. It's a straight free for all and the only way out is getting cleaned KOed. Any competitor who taps to strikes or tries to flee the backyard will be shot. As a part of their contracts Soup and Tank agreed to drag the losing competitor's out of the backyard. Last man standing gets TWO 40's of Colt 45, a roll of toilet paper and an out of date loaf of bread. All of the free fight club members get to watch for free. For the dipchits paying to be on here this card streams for $79.95 plus additional fees and taxes. Soup and Tank also have to scout and recruit the talent as a part of their contracts. The production team is working hard and we're going to deliver the biggest card of the year. International fight week and we have the venue. We're finna take over the fight game, one backyard at a time.
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    @Bubba_Sparks looks like Clegg won your Corona madness thread. Time to start season 2.
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    Welp my 7th 12 hour shift in a row coming tonight. People are calling off left and right including primary care workers so someone has to step up. Gonna be working straight 12s and 16s until next Friday morning pretty much. These are the same people who are posting selfies in hospitals and nursing homes with their PPE gear on and fishing for compliments and pats on the back. The same people who will abandon the patients when chit gets thick. Self praise sucks.
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    I agree the Corona is a decent reason, but in fairness, why on earth did he go back to Russia knowing he should have stayed in the US to ensure the fight happened? Just seems like he really wasnt bothered with the fight and was worried more about his family, twat
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    So have they been arrested then?
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    Tyson Fury categorically stated that prime Mike Tyson would have been too much to handle. I'm inclined to believe him.
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    Embrace it mate. I told you the Chinese will rule the 21st century. You've had a good run. Time to start learning mandarin. Not quite as long as us at the top of course but a commendable effort all the same!
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    Jon Jones' agent has notified me that Jon is willing to move into a homeless encampment to get his free ration of crack. This thing is going to be MASSIVE.
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    I'm distributing free crack cocaine to all the competitors in the Rumble. We don't have one of those stupid Wellness Policies, or USADA nosing around. In fact, we encourage drug use. The more, the better.
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    I dug into gambling stacks and bought a ton of 9mm ammo because of 2 handguns and a carbine. If people start buying toilet paper the natural reaction is to buy ammo.
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    Submission Underground just had an event last weekend in a hollow grain silo. There was a couple Polish MMA events that happened last weekend also. Did anybody from the Brazilian UFC event get Corona? I didn't think so. The outbreak was already taking place in major countries then, as well. People are going to continue to expose themselves to the virus at grocery stores, gas stations, etc. These guys are around more people than you would need in the arena for the fights when they go to Wal-mart. It's not a team sport. You could pull it off with stationary cameras, and just the three men in the cage.
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    Did anyone actually think this event would take place? Every other sport is closed down. It was the responsible thing from the beginning to cancel this. This fight deserves to be hyped and have a packed crowd.
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    **** you Bubba. I think Jon Jones **** up saved my life tbh. It was tears of joy that he's still a complete piece of **** that will never change. My bills are nowhere near last years income. I was really close to buying an 09 335 BMW. 300 horse 300 torque fully insured. Then raise hell in it before staging that it was stolen and setting it on fire. I hadn't even been on this forum more than once a week for 3 minutes until this stupid **** started. I'm about to take my chances because living inside your house watching Joe Exotic shoot blow up dolls in the head is not a life worth living.
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    SOFT. This confirms that he is really ducking the Ferguson fight. Like he ducked the MTP fight for years, like his agent has him duck everybody with a strong wrestling game for his entire UFC career. I'm tired of it.
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    Lol, remember what day it is.
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    There was just a guy, I swear he was trying to blow Trump live on tv. Calling him a wartime president ffs. His lackeys are actually puppeting that orange idiot
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    That picture is from a climate change protest that happened last September. Why would they be protesting the border closure with zero signs talking about border closures? Fake news.
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    Saw a story about a nurse from Chicago crying on her instagram. Said she raised concerns about PPE & her manager told her she couldn't wear her own N95 mask so she quit. Looked at her instagram and she seems exactly the type you just described. This is why you can't have lol wimmen on the front line Don't know how true her story is but it did sounds fishy & the news story was reported on some democracy now site...so there's that. Maybe they threw her some cash to report that & look for telemed work. If her story is true & this $hit gets to a point hospitals are playing politics to save face that's straight up BS. If they start telling ya'll that you can't wear your own N95 i wouldn't hold it against anyone if they told them to fk off & decide it's time to find a new career.
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    Trump starting to eat his own. Was already confirmed that Trump cut the CDC program. Was even confirmed BY Trump and he's now going back and saying it's fake news. Even Fauci said "we worked very well with that office. It would be nice if the office was still there." Trump's dementia is progressing rapidly.
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    Just bought two CZ 75b handguns off of Buds. The CZ 75 SP01 Urban grey tactical and a regular CZ75B. Been getting tired of HK recently.
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    I see blue lips in Furys future, blue lips.
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    i find it funny how all of us normal people are expected to have enough extra money and supplies to last for a few months, yet the big corporations want bailouts at the first sign of their profits shrinking. but dana white is buddy-buddy with the trumpster, so he'll be one of the guys in line to get the big handout. and itll all go back into his pockets either way, even if he has to buy more of his stocks. the fighters under contract with him still won't see a dime from him, because theyre not even considered employees. i dont see the ufc folding. but i do foresee it being a completely different roster if this pandemic sticks around long enough, because all the fighters who arent a big ticket seller will have moved on elsewhere just to pay their bills, and probably find a new occupation. hell theres already at least 3 ufc women now who have resorted to whoring pictures and videos of their bodies all over tiktok and onlyfans. if thats not enough for them to get by, theyll either be stocking shelves somewhere, or taking loads from peter north over on p*rnhub. if their name isnt conor mcgregor, dana white would be the last person to help them.
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    They're not gonna do that. The UFC isnt about fighting anymore. they're about promoting and making money. This whole, "the fight will go on no matter what" was a publicity stunt to draw attention to the UFC. Dana, Khabib, and Turd are all in on this. They wanted more attention to be stirred up for this fight IMO. They need people like us running this company. People that actually give a **** about the game. Not some bald wannabe jew.
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    I did read an article last night about the dire financial straights of the parent company of the UFC. This pandemic could very well tank the UFC, Dana's got no choice but to try to make this fight.
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    @Megasoup seems to think so. either that or he thinks im an idiot for suggesting that this card wont happen just like the last 3 cards that came before it, and just like all the cards that will come afterwards until this pandemic is over dana white doesnt care which filthy airplanes and airports they pass through or what dingy motels they stay at in some 3rd world chithole while they carry their corona around and spread it around the villages. he herps a bunch of derp about how safe it will be yet usada aint even drug testing anybody and i assure you that none of the fighters will get tested for the corona either. he just wants to get paid and stick it to a bunch of media reporters who questioned his morals and doubted the event would happen. to dana its all about his ego, pride, and bank account. and nothing more. he dont give a chit about the health and safety of his fighters or anybody else. the show must go on so his bank account can continue to bulge. thats the only thing he cares about, and people like him are exactly why this virus isnt going to slow down any time soon sadly if you aint fighting on the main card, you aint making chit all for money. dana aint gonna reimburse you to pay your bills and trainers so youre pretty much at his mercy and are gonna have to play ball with him and follow him across the world during a global pandemic just to make your bread, because god only knows the next time youll get the chance to fight for your paycheck, and if youre not a name that can sell tickets or ppv buys, youll probably be waiting on a job interview from bellator once this chit blows over because dana aint gonna keep you around if you decline to fly around the world and fight during a global pandemic so that he can get paid. meanwhile you can rest assured that it wont matter to dana whether the event takes place or not. he'll be just fine. he'll probably be in a private casino somewhere gambling away all the money that his fighters have made for him
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    Wheres my phone at home? Did you scalp a pallet?
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    2nd wasn't much better...I was able to appreciate certain scenes a little more, but overall was just blah. me and my 12 yr old will watch it tomorrow night together (her first viewing)...I'm interested in her response
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    I always take my flask and a couple of road beers. A road beer is those 16 ounce aluminum cans that you can screw the lid back on. We don't start drinking until we're close and then we get a proper buzz in the parking garage before we head in. **** I drank in the parking garage then had a beer and 2 doubles of Woodford during a poker tournament and still placed 4th last trip. This virus is pissing me off. No casino to gamble in. No sports or human cawk fighting to watch and gamble on. Jesus Christ I went to work yesterday for 7 hours and in the breakroom ESPN is showing 20 year old baseball games. If you can Google the goddamn winner it's not any fun and baseball is boring as **** anyway. At least show some classic NFL games back when it was more violent or some ****. If it wasn't for watching Tiger King where Joe Exotic puts a dildo in a blow up dolls mouth and shoots it in the head with a .357 I don't know what I would do.
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    LMAO even Trump had to call BS on this Pence evasion. It's a good question. A lot of people gonna fall through the cracks. Maybe next stimulus bill congress etc. can look into that at least for Corona treatment instead of adding a bunch of unnecessary bloat.
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    Worth a watch. He's given me a bit of new perspective on some of the treatments and as a whole.
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    It's real, he's officially out according to Dana also.
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    Also, you can tell it's from the Russian troll farm because they wrote the date the way the peasant third world writes it.
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    This is the definition of fake news.
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    Agree with this but I'm not sure some weirdo did this...it was probably some slant trying to eat a bat or other reptile.
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    You're missing my point, this isn't about politics or party...it's about killing the virus and saving lives, including the brave health workers on the front lines. I never asked you to praise the President, but he has started to listen and take strong steps in the direction of the science and heath professionals...you may feel that's a late move, but better now than never. It's not like Trump had the virus shipped in here, just to cause total chaos prior to the election. He as POTUS is forced to deal with a major evil force in our country....daily he is seeing the bodies pile up, all he can do now is move in a proactive manner and procure as many needed tools to defeat COVID as humanly possible. Crying over spilled milk is futile and childish at this point, move forward aggressively....then deal with his performance on voting day if you choose. But rehashing things we can't change, is a waste of time while people are dying....and many more to come.
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    Those reflexes & head movement though... lol better than half the UFC.
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    .... you wouldn't believe what goes on there > cat sushi on a stick ?
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    Look at it this way, .. it's 50% easier to learn on a real guitar so you would be saving time .
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