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    After the Gadelha vs Hill fight After the Barboza vs Ige fight I ain't the only one that knows this chiit is rigged by Bubba and Rando, total bullchiit judging.
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    That was a robbery. Claudia got pieced up and sat down.
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    How much of a hardcore do you have to be to be on this forum AND watch this ****ty event? We are the 1%
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    Wickles honored -idyb- under his user name ...... lol, gotten tew
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    Fugg it, I'm guna Rando the Rando next card...I'm throwing all integrity and pride out the window with the baby, fugg it.
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    I'm cool with that, but on this card results fugg you and Rando....and fugg the judges too. PS: Hope Juice is ok
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    He's playing by himself. Nothing he does here matters or counts. That's why he's in a little box at the bottom of the standings. We are all on the court playing full scrimmage. He is the kid on the sidelines throwing a ball at an imaginary net whispering..."Ozpride shoots the 3" - or whichever player he's copying that week. Don't take his ball from him man
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    That Florida judging is total chiit !, Ripped off on 4 bouts, I'd like my score adjusted. 1)Elkins won his fight, bloody or not 2)Vera beat Yadong's azz, no doubt 3)Barboza knocked Ige down, and out worked him...close, but wrong decision 4)No fukn way Gadelha beat Hill, out boxed and classed than the first round Congrats to all that beat me on picks, which was just about everyone....but that judging blew c0ck and you know it.
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    That could be anyone, there's like 5 total pixels
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    Walt went full Chris Weidman. That kick was legit retarded.
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    The news of his father's alleged "coma" comes right on the heels of Justin Gaethje's victory. I said previously that Justin would win and that somehow Khabib would find an excuse to never compete again. Here it is.
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    Also agree with Reyes. I do think JJ's fight was one of the few fights where it really could have gone either way. In those cases, it usually goes to the current champ. So it really shouldn't be much of a surprise that she didn't get the nod. She would have if she was the belt holder.
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    I don’t fancy her chances but hope Hill gets the win she came off as really likeable on Rogan.
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    Damn, that would have been epic if Jotko ducked and Anders nailed herb with a kick
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    Oh yeah and Jones is not the GOAT. He very clearly lost rounds 1, 2 and 3 against Reyes and shouldn't even be the champ. Reyes didn't even convincingly beat Volkan. I thought that decision was a gift. One of the judges scored the fight for Thiago Santos. A man that's been finished by the likes of Ferreira, Spicely and Branch. Without steroids Jon Jones ****ing sucks.
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    Jones isn't that fast. He has good technique though but he has the weakest punches in the UFC. I can see this fight ending the way the Cain fight ending. With Jones diving for ankles and Jones getting plastered.
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    Jones can't bust a grape fighting middleweights. Francis will walk through his girl punches and when he eventually lands will knock him clean the **** out. He might KO Jones brothers in the parking lot if they get lippy, too.
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    Wickles must have a sad lonely life, hours & hours of monotone childish banter. Go get drunk, get laid, have some fun....then come back as a normal human.
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    If you look "redundant" up in the dictionary, it lists the definition as redundant.
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    Saying some dumb chiit: You believe I think Bubba and Rando fixed the fights last night, lol
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    Yeah, @-idyb-score is wrong. His randomizer selected JUICE to make his picks, and JUICE didnt make any, so......
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    in fact, you all should be ashamed of yourselves beaten by a fooking brainless robot with no mma knowledge. smfh head
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    The rules were changed for the new year by King @Decompoze , you can play 1 event or how ever many you choose. Anyone can just play PPV's or just bouts in Germany. Of course their total scoring will be lower than those of us that are wrong and get our azzes kicked by bullchiit judging every week.
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    i passed out eating cheetos right after the wimmens flyweight prelim. lol. slept like a fooking rock. a sitting down slouched over rock with a bowl of cheesies all over it had to download the fights just to catch the main card. fell asleep again at the womens co-main even while actually trying to watch that chitt. now its fooking morning ive came to the conclusion that either i really dont appreciate womens mma, or i should probably stop getting so god damn hammered drunk all the time when i watch this chit. also cheap beer doesnt seem to go very well with cheap vodka. i give this card a 2/10.total inconvenience for me. about the only thing i can remember is the overeem fight, and it made me have to change my t-shirt. i almost made it a whole week rocking that shirt too! that 2 is a generous 2. the only reason i didnt have to give this card a 1 is because i havent yet thrown up everywhere after watching it
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    Jobbers and the Judges making me look bad again. Not impressed
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    This will be hilarious. Good luck, Dipchittenstadt.
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    Shouldn't matter. Win 1, 2 and 3 clearly... WIN THE FIGHT.
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    Did she take damage? Yes but so did Zhang. That was an epic women's fight but Zhang gassed and JJ landed 55% of strikes thrown! Get real they're both tough as hell and one judge scored the fight for JJ.
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    Bumbozo likely stole that round with the top position and ground and pound at the end. I was skeptical of him dropping a weight class but he looks okay here.
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    This was my pick for FOTN watch it be a snooze fest now lol
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    I remember watching a Herb Dean fight and I dont remember thinking after I watched it that Herb will be ****ing much up 😃
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    Jon out of his own mouth has said he can be 240. He's just as tall and actually has a reach advantage over Francis. Jon has shown he has a hell of a chin but it's not going to hold up against a bomb from Francis. From a technical perspective Francis most recent fight was horrible. You can't back straight away until you run out of real estate and get killed. You've got to cut an angle and get out of there. It was miss, miss, miss and death by left hook. No one is going to want to fight him his last 4 fights are half a round combined. Jon was drunk tweeting.
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    Can Matt Brown just retire now, he looks like a drunk everytime he fights
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    If this fight went exactly like the Cain fight, you'd have Greg Jackson or Mike Winkeljohn crying about how Jon was finished by illegal shots and how the result should be turned into a no contest and blah blah blah.
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    I just wanna preorder bother consoles already. I'm more hyped for PS5 than I am the Series X surprisingly. I'm hoping these Demon Souls remastered rumors are true
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    I think I'm going to hell. My first thought about this is that the dude is in a Coma and his name literally has Ma - Nap in it. AbdulMA-NAP. Yikes.
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    this is rather tame coming from dark horse. i expected him to throw in something terrorist-related into the mix
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    Doberman beat him so badly he turned him into a Professor Snape meme
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    None of your favorite fighters even have wiki pages.
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    Weidman v Silva 1. Seeing Silva get KOed, and not just that, KOed because he was goofing around and finally paid for it, was sublime.
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