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    The guy won the belt at 55. You want him to fight Kamaru Usman???
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    More evidence that MMA fighters are not really elite athletes. Even cricketers get paid more than that. I mean...even this athlete has made 4x what Triple cringe has made in his career
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    Well to be fair, have you considered that he is doing such an incredible job and working so hard that he has this extra free time?
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    Rory MacDonald sure looks like he's dying to come back. lol
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    If the guy only made 2 million the entire time he fought for the UFC, that's pretty sad. Especially considering how many of his fights were for championships. I imagine Ali got anywhere from 5-15%, if not more. His coaches got another good chunk, I'd imagine at the very least 10%. Some camps that offer room and board take as much as 30%+ of fight purses for fights camps. Hopefully he made some smart investments. Otherwise we might see Triple C Schnapps in the liquor store soon.
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    Mad gay yo. Also the only known fighter to wear a racist, anti Korean emblem equivalent to the swastika proudly to his fights with that rising sun seen here below. Maybe he was just ducking KZ when he retired
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    This fcking piece of trash is deluded. He's an absolute nobody. He ducks anyone worth a fck, hides behind family, religion, or any passing trend. He's a dumb, inbred, inarticulate, leg raping, goat fcking ratings killer. He'll never fight gaychee. He fluked Coooner. Look at the absolute terror on his face when Coooner gave him a few slaps. He's a cnt. Always has been, always will be. His legacy will be that of a padded record, flukes, cowardice and terrorism. I hope he dies soon. No jimmies rustled though. BTW, if this doesn't win today's reaccs, then you're all gay as fcking fck.
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    I looked it up! **** off!
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    alright @classicboxer its time for your yearly checkup. gotta make sure youre not going senile or anything can you happen to remember just what historic moment happened 9 years ago to this day?
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    GSP and MM win the goat discussion by default for never pissing hot. If you cheat, you're automatically disqualified from goat talk and I have GSP slightly above MM. Andy, whom I love, and Jones might be more talented, but they're also a couple of cheaters.
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    Maybe he isn't bluffing after all. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/05/ufc-removes-henry-cejudo-official-bantamweight-rankings-mma
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    Masvidal is trying to fight Nate again? Daf*q? McGregor is ducking Gaethje now?? WTF?
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    I'm waiting for him to fight Jens Pulver on Streetbeefs.
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    It was hilarious to see him telling Lindsay Graham to call on Obama to testify and the GOP be like “are you ****ing retarded? You want to set a precedent that will set you up to have to testify the second you are out of office?” Obama would run circles around those GOP dunces and then Trunk would catch a lying to Congress charge 15 seconds into testifying when it was his turn.
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    I’ve considered it and come to the conclusion that you are trolling me with this comment.
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    Trunk very specifically complained about Obama golfing during the pitiful flu outbreak in 2009 that killed 12k people. Trunk is now golfing while the death toll passes 100K. He deserves to be called out for it because he’s a hypercritical piece of trash.
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    This is what I tell my boss when I have free time.
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    I agree Let's say he made 2.2 million in his 6 year UFC career. $366k per year in the UFC. That's above average money in the US but way below average for pro athletes. The 175th ranked PGA golfer made $421,000 last year. Rookie minimums in other popular US sports. NFL-$495k NBA-$816k MLB-$555k NHL-$650k
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    Honestly, this fcking imbecile is more cringe than triple c.
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    Justin Gaethje stayed in WSOF til they paid up. Michael Chandler gets paid well by Bellator. Rampage, King Mo, Fedor, Wanderlei... There's a list of people that you don't know because you just started watching UFC last week. You don't watch any other MMA orgs, so this conversation is worthless.
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    Agreed. I don't see Edgar's chin improving while cutting more weight. I wish he had made this move 7 years ago when he lost to Aldo the first time. Seems too little, too late. Still rooting for him, though.
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    That was the second best moment of the day. This was number 1. I wish they had the whole interaction on here.
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    That’s a great way at looking at it and there is edge Andy to the better wins. But if they fight at 185 who wins. I say GSP.
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    Get on my level! Number 1 in UK on builder. Rapidly running out of goals to keep things interesting though....
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    Add GSP to this list. He ran from Whittaker and Korean Zombie.
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    platinum mike perry would have belts in 3 weight divisions by now if he switched camps to tri-star
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    also Oz, i really do not appreciate your excessive trolling and gsp-hating in this GOAT discussion thread, that somehow has canor's name randomly dragged into it
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    Not if I'm fighting for my life and happiness in a cage. lol Btw, Reebok pays out by fights under the UFC banner. What is Cejudo making from them? $10K a pop? These guys aren't signing shoe deals and chit either. They might get an extra twenty grand from sponsors during the year. They aren't making millions, son.
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    You completely missed the point unsurprisingly. Trump is getting roasted so bigly BECAUSE of all his chit talking about Obama golfing and about himself never golfing once he was sworn in. He deserves ever roasting he gets, despite whether you disagree or not whether a President should be on vacation during a pandemic.
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    I fully expect Gaethje to get screwed by his terrorist rat manager that just so happens to manage Khabib. This is the part where Gaethje is forced to take the Conor fight, because all parties involved (rat manager, UFC brass, Conor) believe Justin will lose to Conor. Then they can finagle another ****ing rematch that nobody wants and there won't be crying from the peanut gallery in the rankings at LW.
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    Wait..... was this supposed to prove he made a ton of money or what? What I saw was decent paychecks over four events. The first four years or so in fighting, he was barely averaging $100K a year. lol There are mid-level boxers that make more than that in one fight.
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    The same way his idiot supporters cant comprehend that if Trump has immunity in office for his crimes, than so should Obama for the nonexistant crimes Trumpers are accusing him of. The same way if Obama isnt immune to criticism about golfing, then neither is President Bone Spurs. A double standard TrumpTards struggle with.
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    Maybe go to f**king church like hes telling the rest of the country to do if he thinks its so safe? You know, since hes such a good Christian. Was hoping you'd post something like this. Going golfing is fine under any normal pretense, but not when you shredded Obama everytime he did it and roasted him word for word the way people are doing to Trump when Obama only had 2 ebola cases in the states at the time. Trump literally said he was going to say goodbye to his golf course in 2016 cause he would be too busy working to see it. Then proceeded to go golfing 250 times in office. Compared to Obamas 65 times over 8 years if were keeping count.
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    Conor is trying hard to stay relevant. He knows Gaethje is the man right now and he will have to win another fight before he gets a title shot. With Khabib and anybody else responding to the series of tweets he posted, he's accomplishing his goal. The best response would have been no response. That said, nobody loses to Nate Diaz on a week's notice and gets to be GOAT. He finished Eddie Alvarez but so did some random in Asia.
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    I'm right with the NW of England though I think. Ex military. And also an ex-pat, but could be anywhere.
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    There aren't any GOATs nowadays. Too much talk and not enough fighting. Silva and GSP destroyed all their competition when they were Champs. GSP had one stumble and then regained the belt easily.
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    Silva: Hendo Vitor Franklin Franklin vs GSP: BJ Penn Bisping Hughes Hughes Idk, all pretty impressive victories. I Still give the nudge to GSP for moving up and beating the MW champ after a 4 year lay off and never pissing hot, ever.
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    they're both pos, like I stated above, Johnson has a very low fight IQ, ... he fought the wrong fight -
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    ... The card may be entertaining but from a wagering perspective it's not my thing because I can't make a case for any of the dawgs, .. it will be an act of God if Bibulatov, Emmett, Gillespie, Burgos, or Usman lose . The best case I could make for an upset would probably be for Strickland - ... Jury & Brooks have too many questions to risk a heavy parlay on & the odds suck, Cote/ Alves & Cummins/ Blacho are jobber fights, & I just don't care about wimminz fights at that level - ... The co-main & main are pickems' as shown by the odds . I would never bet a fighter coming off 2 near-death losses at those odds but can't make any money off Mousasi, good fight to just watch & enjoy . If Johnson gasses again, he will be perma-faded on my sheets & I will curse him all the way to Bellator . DC looking shopworn vs Silva & has some serious miles on his 38yr old carcus, inactivity, injuries etc. Rumble should run through that jive-turkey but AJ lacking any reasonable fight-IQ which makes this a fan pickem' - ... gonna save my money for another day & just invest in some beef & beer -
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