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    not all black people are naggers. just the ones that steal your television and car rims. there are good naggers out there too. like the one who shot megasoup over his chitty driving.
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    Face the facts bud, niggles are uncivilized subhuman pieces of trash that should have been shipped back to Africa the minute the shackles were taken off. One group works. The other leeches. One group has morals. The other burns their own projects down. Lmfao. I hope they come to my area. This chit wouldn't last 10 minutes without bodies hitting the floor after some jig tried looting a mom and pop store.
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    Yes, the Boston tea party was bad. Bunch of ungrateful, seditious tea-hating traitors. Just say the word; her majesty is more than happy to welcome you back under her wing.
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    Look I apologized for my comment but dont act like youre some ****ing sage. My 12 yr old predicted worst last night
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    how bout u go an **** off my forum then u peice of **** u think I need a stupid ****witt like u telling me about perma bans who the **** are u take your worthless advice and get the **** out of here
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    That right there is poetry. I hope they torched his house like he wanted others torched.
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    LoL. All fun & games till it happens where u stay.
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    Remember when Woodley said he surpassed GSPs legacy of winning 25 straight rounds and then TWood went on to get dominated for 10 straight rounds.
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    Woodley is currently reading the bellator retirement home brochure.
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    Protect myself at all times lol
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    Someone that posts lol after all these awful riot videos is absolutely a complete idiot
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    Antifa is a criminal organization and I'm sure they have their hands in a lot of this. I also believe there's some right wing groups out there looking and dropping fliers so suckers believe everyone's getting paid. I also believe that people who think a billionaire is tied to everything in life they disagree with, should check themselves into a hospital for paranoid delusions.
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    They were looting in my fairly small city last night. And they didn't aim for the small chit. They looted a jewelry store, a ghetto clothes and shoes store, Burlington Coat Factory (national clothing chain, sorta like a TJ Maxx or Marshalls if you don't recognize it). They busted out windows at the police station. None of this has anything to do with some dude getting choked out by a cop, who has received every bit of a consequence so far that he's capable of receiving. It's just crime to commit crime in the name of mUh rAcIsM.
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    St, Paul, MN Mayor said every person arrested in his city last night was from out of state. The REEEE's are organizing. It's highly staged. Didn't matter if the excuse was Floyd's murder. There is a big difference between conservative 2A rights activist and Antifa types. One is orderly and the other are actual domestic terrorist that if they can't have their way they'll burn not only their own grocery store down but yours as well then ask the gov to air drop them food. Fk Antifa & all these REEE's. They are a cancer that just wanna play Joker.
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    someone call the amberlamps, beefy just got murdered
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    Even after @Decompoze Paid off two judges to give him the robbery of Q vs Spyke I'm still equal top. For the horrendous card I had I'm happy with that Inb4icountedwrongandamsecond
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    Kind of different when one is burning down private businesses and attacking innocent people and the others are standing their peacefully.... Also, I didn't see the pigs shotting tear gas at the ones with AR15's strapped around their necks... i wonder why... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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    Tyron getting manhandled by a lightweight
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    I thought Woodley was in a violent head space? He's getting his **** beat.
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    Woodcan holding on for dear life
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    I bet an 8 leg parlay and was 7/7 going into this fight. I believed Ivanov was gonna win and thats who i thought I picked. Looked at my bet slip and I picked Sakai accidentally. Im in a good mood now, no matter how many cringe rap beats Woodley drops lol.
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    You know what I owe you an apology for calling you an idiot earlier. It is 92 all over again. Wilshire district is burning
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    Yeahhhhh u need a ban @mods take care of this
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    no idea how u arent perma banned by now
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    What was that guy thinking
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    Just bring sports back & end the lockdown, deport the rest to Africa & China. 🤣
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    Much as i agree with much of what you post stomp i disagree with you here. They've had there say and then some. It's time to shut this thing down.
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    Why are there no water cannons on the streets. Trump needs to take a look at how the Chinese shut this kinda chit down, time to play hardball with these mutha****ers.
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    Working and posting here. I've been wondering where you've been since you're country is the new megacenter for the r0na m8
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    80% of that ****hole is run by cartels, and there's nothing to burn down to begin with. Your only cultural contribution to the world is donkey shows.
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    The reaction I'm expecting from every Marvel loyalist as DC fanboys are burning down HBO head quarters
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    Lol if you believe that you'd be gullible enough to believe GSP is a heterosexual
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    It most be really frustrating to be Woodley's corner. I'm telling you that gotta knock this man out and he's throwing one telegraphed punch every 45-60 seconds
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    Yes is is bro. Have you seen the news. BLM, Antifa, Marxists, Intersectional activists & looters gonna burn liberal cities down then over run the white house, we all gonna get the rona, White supremacist & Boogaloo's gonna march armed to the teeth, miltary & police gonna crackdown hard, China finna invade south east sea, Iran gonna cyber, Russia gonna bot farm & Elon's not gonna get our @ss to Mars.
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    i know this isnt as captivating as the kind of chit that happens in sweden, but we've a whopping 4 new cases of the obama flu here in BC yesterday, as well as zero deaths in the province in 24 hours. this is completely devastating. we better start locking everything down again and go harder on the chlorox and fish tank cleaner. dont know what the rest of the provinces of my great country are doing, but apparently quebec is f*cking it all up again. as far as i'm concerned, they dont want to be a part of canada anyways, and they really dont seem to respect their elders either, so they should just seperate and float the province out to France or something, and then our obama flu statistics will plummet to like 1/20th of what they are now. yeah thats how we're gonna flatten our curve. parks arent the place for those dorks to be playing touchbutt right now, and i dont think those frenchies respect physical distancing, so lets just physically distance the entire province of quebec out into the ocean somewhere, and then the obama flu will be pretty much eliminated from our great nation. GSP can stay behind though. after all the good he's done for the world, he's earned the right to be considered an honourary canadian
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    Bernie bros were half right.... Feel the burn
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    @TUF I suppose I'll have to give you another episode of NoCakesHotTakes otherwise you'll be upset with me. This will probably contain spoilers and if you don't like that honestly just go **** yourself, it's been out for about 2 years now lol. Overall, I'd say this was one of the most refreshing and enjoyable TV shows that I've seen in a long, long time, and I'm extremely excited to see where they go with it next season. The reveal of homelanders character (who is just an absolutely amazing character) was really cool I thought, and I'm interested by his motivations moving forward. The big reveal at the end kinda completely negates Butcher's motivation, and kinda wipes away the last 8 years of his life, so **** knows how he is going to take this news. He could take it one of two ways I suppose, it could just straight up break him, or it could fuel his rage even further. I'm still on the fence about whether Homelander raped his wife or if it was consensual, I'm not sure if the reveal was supposed to suggest that it was consensual, as she didn't really seem too upset about seeing Homelander, and I suppose her leaving the hotel room looking like that could've been a 'Holy ****, what have I done' type thing. I haven't read the comics, but I'm assuming there's going to be more to Black Noir? He seems intriguing but he didn't really get involved, so we don't know loads about him. Is the idea that Homelander is like the OG only actual super hero, and they have been using his serum to create more and more of them? Obviously his Son looks like he has the same powers, so clearly that suggests a genetic link, but the rest of them seem to be made by V? That whole ark was really interesting, feel like there's a lot more to come. One thing I really didn't get though, is that (as much as I ****ing love him) Karl Urban just sounded like a New Zealander, he didn't at all sound British. I couldn't decide throghout if them calling him 'the British guy' was a really good joke about American's not giving a **** where other people come from, or if Karl was trying to do an English accent and doing a really terrible job? Scene with the Deep and his gills was ****ing disgusting and cringe lol. Seems like just the snap in the right direction for him to realise what he was doing to women and change his way - I imagine he's going to have a redemption ark as it seemed like they were really pushing for you to like him. Everything with him and the fish was comedy gold, especially that ****ing lobster scene LMAO. Expected Simon Pegg to have a bigger role? Seems weird to have such a GOAT for such a tiny role. Overall 8/8 mate, can't wait for season two.
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