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    I know I'm a foreigner so my views don't count, but my main takeaways are:- 1. There was no apparent "racism" involved. 2. Dude who got shot is crazy for risking his life over something so minor. 3. From what I've read, police acted in accordance with their training, so I don't understand why they are charged with murder. It's still a crying shame though that more effective non-lethal approaches can't be deployed as a back-up. Plus you'd have thought in the current climate the cops would be walking on egg-shells a bit more. Bottom line; that guy should still be alive, but I'd put the blame about 90% at his own door.
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    I had a bad reaction to anti-malarial drugs when on safari a few years ago. Had explosive diarrhea and explosive vomiting for 48 hours. On several occasions, they coincided....on one particularly perfect storm of a moment, whilst sat on the loo, the vomiting was so explosive that it ripped straight through the bag onto my lap, which made me jump up in disgust, which made me explosively crap all over the bathroom floor. It was a fairly low point, although there was a small lizard in the bathroom at the time, so it kind of felt a bit like being on safari anyway.
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    Speaking of de-escalation, let's stop condescending to each other. I apologize if I came in too hot, I respect your opinion even if I disagree with you.
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    Strolling into the politics thread and @SVTContour98 is defending the actions of police officers
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    Ok, so you agree the guy was wrong to DUI, wrong to assault police, and wrong to steal their less lethal weapon and wrong to flee and wrong to point the less lethal weapon at the police....good. Did you see the video? I mean...to me...and you know I freaking hate cops...the guy turned and pointed the taser at the cop closest to him (not sure if it deployed or not)...in the moments between his turning to shoot the taser at the cop and him turning back around to run...the other cop draws and fires...it seemed to have happened very quickly...and I can't fault the cop for this one. Additionally, are you suggesting the cops just back off and allow a drunk guy with a taser to just go out into the public? I can't imagine the lawsuits and potential issues that could arise from that suggestion.
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    having said that...I don't think it impacts my current thoughts on the Rayshard case...if the arrest is legitimate, and the individual fights the cops, steals a less lethal weapon, points it at the cops and shoots it (he did deploy the taser at the cop apparently)...I can't find away to blame the cop for drawing his firearm at the moment the guy turned around and shooting him. Now, I could see a scenarios where they shoot him and it's not reasonable to me...ie - he doesn't steal the taser and just runs off...or he steals the taser but just runs away with it...or something like that....but, imho, once you point a weapon at someone, it's over m9
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    I don't exactly wheel it out for after dinner speeches.
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    These kind of posts always make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You and @SVTContour98 are good people. I look forward to the continuation of this debate.
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    Wouldn't say it should be, but I certainly wouldn't feel bad if it happened Apparently only soldiers can shoot at people they think may harm them, even if that means "collateral damage" wipes out a few innocent women and children.
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    I looked at a few of the graphs for the top states today. Florida is also heading in completely the wrong direction. Add in the protest "bounce" in the next few days and you might be back to square one pretty soon
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    After rewatching the video one thing that just seemed real weird was how the guy went from 0 to 100 after they put their hands on him to arrest him. Both parties were very civil up until that point, if I hadn’t heard of this and you had shown me just that and told me this ends in a fatal shooting I’d have been shocked.
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    All unprovoked/mutual violence should be met with deadly force.
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    I'm a grown man. I'll walk away unless I absolutely cannot for some reason, but just because a street fight could be deadly doesn't mean you should shoot someone who tries to throw hands.
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    The issue escalated because a guy decided to fight and flee. Rayshard is the sole person responsible for escalating that situation.
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    12er...do you seriously think there wouldn't be a WORLD OF A ****STORM if ANY company, much less the police, allowed a drunk person to run off with a taser???? I mean BRO...come on...they can't just let him go and walk it off...this act, in and of itself, does not give them justification to shoot however. really doubt it on this one...I've seen vids where i would say the cops only arrested or punch or choked b/c their ego was hurt....and I can't say that about this one...they guy was shot immediately after/almost during the act of turning around and pointing a weapon on the police.
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    Someone who drinks and drives, attacks police, fires a weapon at said police is no threat to the public?
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    no victim; no crime It is a major flaw in the current system...puts the public at risk, the cops at risk, keeps taxes high, etc.
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    I agree with you. They should have given him a court summons and a ride home. It would have been safer for everyone involved.
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    Next time, stay out of Taco Bell. That place will murder your a nuz.
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    If someone gets aggressive or violent with me in any degree there is no throwinf hands anymore. The hands going on the gun and you're getting one warning only. Once I have to pull my firearm out its being used. Period. I'm not a cop and I'm not here to appeal to anyone or any political organization. I will do everything possible to protect myself and my family and if that means shooting someone, so be it. I dont know if that person has a knife or gun or if their buddies are lurking in the shadows.
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    I'm not in the you should just blast people camp but you shouldn't underestimate people like that either. When i worked as a bouncer briefly i saw a small guy KO a lineman sized dude out cold & fell & split his head wide open. Both me & my oldest brother RIP witnessed a bunch of crazy stuff like that. Street fights period in my experience can easily be a life & death situation because of people's heads bouncing off concrete, extra shots delivered to a KO'ed person, weapons, multiple attackers etc. & even if death isn't likely one altercation can have life altering & lasting effects. It's not a competition or a school yard brawl between kids. Streets are unforgiving & people are ruthless. I don't care who it is if there is threat of it going down you need to be calm but take it deadly srsly.
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    All Karen's should be shot.
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    All Cops Are B@stards
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    A.C.A.B. 4life
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    So the guy who just fought with the police over a misdemeanor was running toward innocent bystanders in an SUV. What if he stole the SUV with kids in it and went on a high speed chase? The fact that he was running towards innocent bystanders give the police more justification for what they did because he was obviously a danger to other people.
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    LOL @ thinking the police give a chit if you're in the line of fire. My favorite police shootout was the FedEx truck some months back. Pigs just emptying clips in all directions as he's stopped in heavy traffic.
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    1. The police are in no way concerned about lawsuits because it's not their money they lose, it's ours. 2. The police have zero responsibility to protect the public. That has been upheld by the supreme court and numerous federal courts. Your arguments have no basis in reality.
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    Chortle chortle Nice digging though m8. Got any other antiques you'd like to bring to the roadshow?
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    Lol, now i know why @Ozpride keeps hating on this great game. This was epic; it ran for 1.5 years, and Max had to reduce it from 101 to 68 due to boredom. It was like a timeless test match. We should start again from the existing scores; pretty sure I'm the only active member of the top 5.
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    Taking a chit at work right now in your honor m8
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    We have no idea if he would act like that if sober since we don't know anything about him. We don't know if he was blackout drunk. The BAC level was not extremely high but people react different and maybe he was on something else as well. If he was blackout drunk, that makes his next actions even more unpredictable. We have no idea what action he would take next. Maybe it would end peaceful or maybe he would end up assaulting or killing someone. He was willing to be violent to avoid a misdemeanor arrest so who knows if it would escalate more to avoid a felony arrest. We can't just make multiple assumptions to fit our narrative.
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    He was parked in the drive through lane you moron. That wasn't sleeping, that was passed out which took the cops a few minutes to wake him. **** man, you really are retarded.
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    Dude was not driving at the time and trying to sober up....he didnt look drunk tbh...should have taken him to his sister's house.
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    Bro....Did you see the video? The cops were very calm and nonchalant with the guy
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    You'll end up like this guy did, or Bartaloni, either way, not a good ending.
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    I dont know what video you watched, but I'll stand behind good officers before drunk driving, resisting arrest, stealing and trying to take the police criminals. Guy made his choice and paid for it with his life. Don't give a single **** and those officers were in the right.
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    from a libertarian perspective...I'd have preferred the police to offer to set up an uber ride home for the guy (or something like that)...no person or property was hurt by his DUI-ing so just let it slide...maybe a fine or something as some sort of deterrent for him DUI-ing in the future....but, that's not the police's job today and I'm assuming they could get in trouble by not arresting someone DUI-ing, which is why from the start, I got you to agree the arrest was all good so we had a basis to move forward with discussion and not get into the weeds of "SVT believes it's ok to DUI as long as it doesn't hurt anyone". not sure why I just typed all that out.
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    you should just keep that story to yourself
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    read the autopsy...he was shot where he was reaching for...he never went to "pull a gun on a cop" as you first stated. lol...take a break today 12er
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    This version is vastly superior to that watered down tea sipper version you're talking about. Was that even on the new forum? Damn boomer you must have the wrong glasses on
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    See that is an all society issue. People wanting **** for free because they are too lazy to go out and earn it. With reparations, child support (On those pesky women who think that its a guys problem to pay for everything), welfare, PPP, taxes, whatever. If people were a little more responsible it would make a huge jump in society.
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    From what little I have read on this whole situation in Seattle it seems completely crazy. How nobody really seems to be thinking this is gonna go south is crazy to me.
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    3rds in Brazil, .. hoping KG murdalizes him but Silva can win 2rds on the cards in Rio I'm sure - I'm already seeing Silva @ +110 on some sites ...
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