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    Was it? I feel like it kept him in the fight and gave him a little time to recover and get some wind back. He needs to train some pure boxing. I don't understand how he can train with Israel but not have any head movement. His fight with Felder was awesome as well I like watching Dan fight. It was just killing me that the only shots Dustin wasn't landing were the haymaker hooks where he was trying to kill him. When he straighten them up Dan started taking a beating but he'd hang in and kept firing back until that last round. I thought he was about to knock Dustin out late in the 2nd. I don't think he has cardio issues either but that small cage forces a completely different fight and they both fight at a high pace. He's only 30 he has time to shore up those defensive holes. Even if he can't slip the shot he needs to roll with it similar to Nate. Hell of a fight I found myself not breathing at times and looking like a coked out Chuck Liddell when he's in the audience watching a sick fight.
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    Hopefully the young kid pulls through feel like literally anyone could have told you this was how this would end.
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    that scenario is a scary one...a mob is extremely dangerous and if all you have is one AR15, you can't shoot them all if they attack...makes me wish I were not so close to New Orleans...I've actively been trying to convince my wife to move...but our parents/grandparents are here and she doesn't want to move away from them...me? I'm ready....Texas, Tennessee, or even just the country somewhere in Lowsyana or Mississippi would work for me. I'm ready to get away from people.
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    Debunked> Trump- 1287/ Media- 0
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    McEnany says the intel community did not come to a consensus on the Russian bounties. Moreover, Putin says it's nonsense. Putin is about 14,000,000 times more trustworthy than our media. So that's pretty much that.
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    The media chitstorm over that couple who had their guns outside their house as the protesters went by has been a hilarious read.
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    The Snopes one makes me laugh everytime.... President Trump said, "Good Morning" - Snopes: False.
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    Lol, The OP is one of your people.
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    Take downs with no damage shouldn't be given any merit, if you can't hurt the guy or try several submissions then it's BS.
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    I snipped the nipp & darkened it a bit ...... she's 38 and the phone is not ringing 👀
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    That needs to get cut. With the exception of his wins over the great CM Punk and the legendary Michael Jackson he has to be warned multiple times in every fight for cheating. It was particularly bad against Randy Brown, Diego Sanchez and Mike Perry. You know the fights that he lost. He grabbed the cage against Mike tonight and still got thrown for 5. He kept illegally grabbing the gloves and he has done this in all of his losses. He kept locking his toes in the cage against Diego. Got warned about 18 times and they didn't bother taking a point because he was getting destroyed. He has zero punching power and his BJJ black belt consists of a rear naked choke. That's day 1 chit. Mike and Randy are purple belts and smashed him at his own game. He just lost to a man with no camp, no coaches and his high school girlfriend as his pad holder. He said he's going to be UFC welterweight champion before this fight. I'm sure everyone got a chuckle out of that one. Dana is going to have to jump up and drag Dorian Price off the couch to get this dude a W. According to Sherdog that dude lost his last fight at 0:00 of the 1st round by rear naked choke. That was well over 8 years ago and has to be a record for fastest finish in the history of combat sports. https://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Dorian-Price-9786 Now say some dumb chit below for @cashfl0w
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    The Trump family, before they entered politics, is quoted as saying how much money they get from Russian sources since U.S Banks wouldn’t lend to them. The Russian government actively aided the Trump campaign and did damage to Clinton’s campaign. Everyone, including Congressional Republicans agrees on that. Trump refused to release his tax returns, despite the fact that every single President since Nixon has done so. Throughout his tenure, Trump has refused to criticize Russia or confront Putin no matter what he does. These are all facts and apparently the pizzagate crowd who can find a conspiracy everywhere they look can’t connect the dots here. This doesn’t require you to be a genius to understand and if you honestly don’t think this merits concern then you are a brain dead partisan hack who cares more about political tribes than the country.
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    And you guys have the gall to refer to others as deranged.
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    It’s the chick you hear say something like “omg somebody call the cops” im like ohh now you want cops lol.
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    how dare those protestors go on private property and not be allowed to vandalize and destroy property!!!
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    No looting happened around there.
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    todays hangover rating is an 8/8 still havent been able to shake it. on the plus side i probably wont be drinking tonight
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    I've given up trying to explain European geography to my transatlantic cousins. To hillbillies like @juice64011, Irish = English = United Kingdom = Great Britain = Wales = Scotland = all a bunch of commies that nobody cares about.
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    now Pride Parades were in full force this weekend...i'm glad corona only cares about straight white people in bars and churches tho
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    Agreed. Gassed badly, resorting to grappling was a terrible decision too. Always said if Hooker doesn't finish it by the third he'll lose. Props to Dustin for the epic battle and just taking some crazy shots, that second round was round of the year easily do far
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    Every fight Dustbin has is a war, how much fight time does he have left?
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    I cannot tell if this thread is serious or not? If you guys honestly think she is attractive and "Beautiful" I can only imagine you have been sleeping with absolutely nasty women your entire lives
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    I saw it 3-2 Dustin, great fight from 2 great warriors....classic. Hooker is a tough guy, fought with a ton of heart, but gassed and got beat up...but never quit.
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    Mickey was slapping Mikey around on the feet. Perry had to take it to the ground to avoid that heat. Cardio lost that one for Mickey
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    At first I had subtitles on accidentally. Didn't know anything about the series, not even that it was German, so I watched it for a couple of minutes and thought to myself "why do they all talk like they're drugged?", then I realized it was dubbed 😅 I never watch anything dubbed. Enjoy art like it was intended.
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    Oh yeah and by not having 3 idiots yelling at you Mike was able to listen to Ricky's corner. By the time the 3rd round rolled around he had cracked the code on their secret words. Next level chit guys. Cornermen are about to be living in studio apartments eating ramen and chicken pot pies.
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    Even lamer was his call out. He had an amateur career. Goes pro on Dana White's lookin for a fight. Lands the only submission in his black belt BJJ arsenal and calls out a dude 13 years older than him. Then he shoots as soon as the ref says fight and CM Punk couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag. Sean O'Malley did picks for this card and even said that fight doesn't count. He was dogging him on his wins because his next one was against a photographer. Then he gets Sage Northcutt who at the time hadn't beat anyone worth a damn. He tapped to position against Barberena as a 5 to 1 favorite and his best win to date now is probably Zak Ottow. On top of that Mickey had his eyes closed when he landed that punch that dropped Sage. Then he jumps on the only submission he knows a goddamn RNC that my 12 year old nephew could lock up against another kid with about 45 minutes of training. On to Randy Brown known more for striking yet outgrapples Gall. Randy is a purple belt like Mike. Who the **** gave Gall a black belt? Mike dominated that boy on the floor and mounted him twice. Threw his **** for 5 even though Gall grabbed the cage. If there was 15 more seconds left in that 2nd round he would've caved Ricky's face in with elbows. His cardio sucks. Then the feed him a 40 year old bum coming off like 3 losses so he can get that only submission he knows. Then he asks for a 40 year old Diego who is a braindead lightweight because he thought it would be an easy fight. He got destroyed and stopped. There's not another fighter on the roster that gets stopped by Diego in 2019. So now we gotta toss him another bum that's 0-2 in the promotion that he can't even finish and they cut that guy after the fight. Now someone he called out before Diego he gets in Mike Perry. Mike is in debt to the taxman and can't even afford coaches or a place to train. He had two sparring sessions for this fight and you could tell because his timing was trash in the 1st round. He's cornered by his 22 year old girlfriend and still spanks Mickey. That 29-28 isn't a good reflection of how that fight really played out. He got dropped, he got thrown, guard passed, mounted twice and just outright bullied. He has no business fighting in this promotion. I about rolled off the couch laughing before the fight when he said he's going to be UFC welterweight champion. If purple belts are mopping the floor with him imagine what the top dogs that aren't much older would do to him. Last and most important Mickey Gall's face. Jesus ****ing Christ he has the most punchable face in the game. Mother****er looks like he has downs. One of the sites where guys make their picks for the main card they also poll the fans. 46% of fans thought he would beat Mike Perry.
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    3-1 poirer. Hooker needs a stoppage
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    Zabit all day long, Yair is seriously overrated, he will beat any middle ranked striker but once he fights anyone with a ground game he is losing
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    don't be cruel, he's your step-brother......his name is Prickles,
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    Taleb is 37 vs 27 SS and works as a body guard & Villante/ Herman deserve each other, lotta gassers too, the wimz are a really bad filler, lotta fighters I don't trust for a plethora of reasons quite a few lines are off ... this card is primed for upsets -
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    new brunswick, east coast Trudeau'ers
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    there were unique dynamics w/ this card, 7-5 is ok, .. 10 events remaining, .... those not in the top 6, need to extend themselves
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    it only navigates w/ Mozilla here in this chithole, ..I feel yur pain
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    conor vs Khabib is entertainment, I have chit goln' on w/ Reyes, Martin, & Patrick ... bar-bets and a 3 month acct. ban bet here -
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    Glasgow, that created an image in my head of of the Big Pretty wearing a kilt
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    ..... and Oz, his dna is kiwi, he lives in Auckland for tax purposes, kiwis don't like Aussies, & that's putting it mildly - you can only get so much mileage outta this, ...he's not even white
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