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    One of the BLM leaders claims it is the start of reparations. I chit you not.
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    It always is, nothing to see here.
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    Times like this when 'lol' just doesn't cut it. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Thank you Joe!!!
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    The memes are great already
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    Its not very possibly, its a guarantee before the next election. Even if he doesn't die, he won't be able to spell his name in a year or two and the DNC will be perfectly happy to Bernie him and push Harris. You're ****ed no matter who wins.
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    If I have to pay any parts of reparations, I fully expect some able bodied black men to show up at my farm and work....for free, cold water and lunch will be provided.
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    People need to be ****ing aware that if you vote for Biden, you are very possibly voting for President Kamala Harris after a month or two. Biden is so goddamn close to keeling over. His brain is nearly gone, he has no idea what's going on around him most of the time. Anybody who has watched their grandpa die knows what that looks like. I do not want President Kamala Harris. That needs to be avoided at all cost.
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    out of a country of over 300 million people, it comes down to doctor donnie vs sleepy joe as the two most qualified people that the country wants to be their great leader i bet if a bag of dog chit would run against them, the bag of dog chit would win. the bag of dog chit would have beat hillary. thats for sure.
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    I would love to see Tulsi destroy Harris again.
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    She's a former District Attorney and Attorney General that has a history of defending possibly corrupt police/prosecutors and trying to suppress evidence. As an AG she had cases where the Prosecutor suppressed DNA evidence. She could have directed them to release the evidence but didn't do it. Two of the men in question are on death row and the DNA evidence has never been allowed in court. Also an ex San Francisco Mayor and California Assembly Speaker admitted to having an affair with her and appointed her to two state commissions shortly after she got out of school. He helped her gain donors, and helped her become District Attorney. He was 30 years older than her at the time so the general perception is that she slept her way to the top. Last year she came out and said that she believed the women that accused Biden of touching them I appropriately. Now she wants to be his VP?
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    Trump should counter by replacing Pence with Tulsi
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    Political suicide, he's done...should have picked Susan Rice.
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    I beat that bum Cashfl0w that year too.
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    Watching ‘The Last Dance’ on Netflix and starting to understand why @cashfl0w loved his Jordan’s so much.
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    I'd jump back to sparta but I think I might go on a batosai hunt or see what MasterLee is up to first...
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    Simon could break his neck for all I cared, learn to ride a bike ya wanker.
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    They will lie, disguise it, and distribute it without any notice .... #blackfacezerk
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    Exactly, her choice to send 1000's of blacks to jail for minimal drug offenses, will make Joe realize just how loony he really is. The "guaranteed" black vote just left the building, and Joe can't find the exit. He'd have been better off picking fkn Oprah or Maxine Waters.
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    Harris ended her campaign with 3%, ... so if numnutz strokes out >>> she's the prez ? My god, Tom Steyer had more support than Harris !
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    I'm there with Hall/ Chimaev - 👀
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    JDS can't run like Uber but has an equally damaged chin. But JZ was way overweight for his nap against NG Just can't see JDS lasting, he's done
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    You knew what I meant though.
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    Here comes Russia to hack our friggin elections again.... They claim to have a Covid vaccine. I expect our media and the Dems to turn up the fear mongering. Maybe even a false flag to ensure they're not spending their time making 340 million vaccines to ship over to us before November. The last thing these goofs want is in-person voting. The Dems need that mail-in ballot so they can properly vote for dead people.
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    Just as likely. Thanks mate. Might add the pole
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    100% Black event, ... MSDNC & CNN ignored the story, .. ran w/ the "Simon Cowl fell off his Excer-cycle" in Malibu story instead-
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    LeBron moving into the final 3 for MVP when his entire success this year is off assists to AD is insane. Doncic should be top two with Giannis
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    Yesterday you posted an article from something called The Daily Beast so I'm not sure if you should be questioning the integrity of news sources. Lol
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    Recently you were claiming others were partisan hacks, now you are blaming one party for a recession caused by a virus that was likely here before we knew about it.
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    Idyb played the game for real in 2018. He asked for Vert's words of wisdom on one of the last couple cards of the year. Vert told him to take Dan Hooker and idyb obliged. Edson Barboza spinning back kicked Hooker's liver and crumbled him. Idyb lost that year by 1 point. Hooker bounced back and strung together some wins but the same can't be said for idyb. That fight broke his spirit so badly that he never made another pick again. Instead, he used a random selection website to make picks last year. And this year he's using the same randomizer to pick a player in the league. When that player is picked he copies their picks for that card. It's a way for him to feel included but avoid the inevitable PTSD that would go with him actually making picks for himself again. This week he is copying your picks.
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    Really pumped for this card for whatever reason
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    Real talk ? NG vs TBB II should be next
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    So Derrick Lewis just retired? He said he's not taking anymore fights until he gets down around 245. Well at least he made history in his retirement fight.
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    Why do I have the feeling that the Girlfriend Soup was talking about moving in with met him on the street with his mask on. He talked her up, they went to the closest dumpster in the alley, he took his mask and pants off and she called him a ugly dude with a small ****. So Soup thought he had a new story he can write up.
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    Make a thread about a card and dont state its contents in the OP.... **** off troll
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    Happy to report I cleaned said fatty and collected about tree fiddy on a chop end of the night. Although I felt bad because it appears said villain has tourette's syndrome upon further review.
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