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    I'm disappointed the WNBA has cancelled games in protest, guess I'll watch the Comedy channel instead for a laugh.
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    I love how you people will never admit that jighers are the main violence problem in the US. Its sickening. I never thought I'd see the day when fellow forum members were sticking up for pedos, niqs, and wife beaters. Smgdh
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    I miswrote my post. Give me some ****ing slack after 20 hours of work. ****s commit 52% of all murders while making uo 13% of the population
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    I’m not going to talk politics at all here but I had to double take as I thought this was a hippy Adam Sandler at first.
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    Debates are critical to deciding on a leader, let them duke it out.
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    * Biden needs to explain to the American voter where the additional 4 trillion in stimulus money and the 10 trillion in "New Green Deal" money is coming from ? Not debating would be unprecedented-
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    if a bunch of cops killing criminals is what it takes to get lol wbna off the air, i'm all for it
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    I thought it was referred to as "hnads"?
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    Of course it was self defense. What else would it be? If the kid was there to shoot people premeditated there would have been a lot more dead.
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    It will take 'a miracle' for Wisconsin man shot by police to walk again: family lawyer good. now he wont be able to run from police again the next time he rapes some girl if these nagger-lovers delay my hockey games for any longer after that dangerous career criminal carrying a knife got shot by a policeman after the tasers didnt work and he goes on the run, then things are aboot to get serious. im gonna head down south of the border and come after every single one of these BLM SJW's with a hockey stick, because obviously a skateboard wont get the job done.
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    The Clown of the Day award goes to Naomi Osaka, who dropped out of the Western & Southern Open a couple days ago due to the ongoing police brutality problem we have in our country, and how she wanted to show solidarity with BLM........ and then she resumed play today, won her match, and will play in the final tomorrow. What kind of NBA brand activism is this?!
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    So these gun-toting rednecks are anti-semetic as well?? Neo-nazis confirmed.
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    This is like when they looted in Chicago over a dipchit who shot it out with the cops and was still alive.
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    It would be great banter if he went to PSG. Neymar leaving Barcelona to get out of Messi’s shadow, only for Messi to follow him there is the kind of **** I live for.
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    I agree but that certainly isn’t perfect as it’s pretty much a universal fact that lots and lots (I’ve even read in some places the majority’) of people who get COVID have no idea that they’ve even had it. Meaning if you are calculating mortality rate on number of confirmed cases vs number of deaths, the rate will be significantly lower than calculated to factor in all asymptomatic non tested people. It’s a difficult thing to determine with any accuracy tbh.
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    I just read the criminal complaint, count 6 of his charges is “possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor” and the “Molotov ****tail” was actually a paper bag. So much for those narratives. Also, sounds like that idiot talked to the cops without a lawyer. In the area where the complainant lists what they are basing the complaint on one of the bullet points was something to the effect of “statements made by defendant, which were made contrary to his penal interest” or something to that effect. Also, in the immediate aftermath of the first shooting, he called his buddy to tell him about it. The kid he called told the cops about the phone call, so you know, bragging to your friends instead of calling the police or ambulance is a good look. Also, it says the third guy he shot had his hands up when he shot him.
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    Doubtful. He ran from a 74 year old Cuban refugee.
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    Been gone nearly a year, it seems. Really surprised the forum still exists.
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    Watch Costa body Adesanya with his left language:
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    I'm tired of the UFC giving in to cans. This is a cop out. EVERY main event should be five rounds.
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    Blake's father told the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday that he was upset to learn his son was handcuffed to the hospital bed. "He can't go anywhere. Why do you have him cuffed to the bed?" This is an insult to injury," said Justin Blake, his uncle. "He is paralyzed and can't walk and they have him cuffed to the bed. Why?" Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said he "couldn't imagine" why Blake was handcuffed. uhhh because its common practice to have criminals handcuffed. not just the dangerous career criminals who are a high risk to flee.
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    Throwing hands with Teemu on the tables for the first time in 4 years. Who else wants these hands?
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    LOLOLOL that meme "His pronouns were Was/were"
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    Power just got turned back on a few hrs ago in my area. That was fun.
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    Around 80 to 90% of white victims killed were by other whites. Most homicides are done by people who know the victim.
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    This is not a real event, son. Put the weed down.
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    if him and Ronaldo ended up at the same Fifa's FFP unit will probably be on holiday for the next 5 years, lol
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    Also, are we really bringing up laws during all of this? I don't think the left should be preaching about laws and outstanding citizens when the kid shot 3 random ones and all three have a rap sheet a mile long. Lol.
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    Charges won't stick.
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    Every video I've seen of this shooting incident seems to be 100% white people on both sides. Also, black people mostly kill other black people, white people mostly kill other white people. These militias don't seem to show up when black people are looting!
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    alright @Bwana me & rando expect HUGE results out of you brah There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Bwana thestorm-1 Dark_Horse Bubba_Sparks amunera LayDownDead Fred_Flink_S. BART-O-LINI VertFTW Conceive-Believe Jolldan Los_Polo_Herm. AndyWang skillandpower juice64011 graham_240 Taylor_Schoner. OzStraya Decompoze JSW
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    bring in the tanks. if that doesnt work, call in the air force and carpet bomb these naggers. they wont be able to loot tv's from walmart if the walmart gets blasted into rubble
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    Croom is out. Replaced by Austin Springer
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    Spotted him in a kayak on the Humber mate, he’s coming to Hull.
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    My friend is selling his collection of SW prequel cans and I know just who to buy them for.
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    lol a .50/$1.00 home game? Is this run by FH?
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