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    Cause you're an African m8
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    Absolutely. See you at the next KKK rally.
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    that is correct....thank you for helping me see the light...I mean blackness...I've enrolled into a re-education system in California...I'll be back in a month
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    This is the right place for NBA/NFL news. I'm getting way too much of a giggle at watching their ratings tank. Shove BLM down my throat a little more, why don't ya? I'm sure that'll work out well. lol
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    Everyone: Biden is losing his mind. Only @Yerbo on the entire planet: tRuMp iS eVeN wOrSe!!!!!! lol
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    The after party is at my house
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    I'm slightly convinced but my hypothesis is they're planning a full military coup if Trump wins but if they are they better stop playing with fire. Yeah Bubba i said it. Some Dems are so nuts with TDS at this point they're basically terrorist. Groups of old outed military/intel never Trump establishment types along with foreign powers helping fuel flame plus certain key politicians are the leadership coordinating BLM/Antifa resistance which was/is a dry run as the front line of an actual full on armed insurgency rebellion post election followed by Dem/military industrial complex attempt to takeover to look like they saved the republic when Trump wins the election. Vote Biden or else. Basically the old military industrialist establishment & Dems that Trump outed or rendered ineffective want their power back so they can continue the theft of this country, sell out to Chin-er & have their exploitation proxy wars in the sand over seas at any cost. Meanwhile Russia, China & Islamist are all secretly laughing at what may happen if this takes place and America spirals into a civil war. That recent "war game simulation" on what happens after election was not a mistake it was a glimpse & a warning. Old guard CIA>Media slowly cook the public to seed ideas of what's to come to the general populace so when/if it happens it's not a total shocker. There's been a trickle of this coming & when Trump wins they open the flood gates. They've done it for every conflict the US has been in. It's been planned strategically just like Russia g8, over the top Covid lockdowns to crush the economy and sew more dissent enough to organize riots & turn Americans against one another. A real civil war may be imminent so regular citizens better have their ammunition & food supplies ready if that happens because what is happening now is likely the tip of the iceberg. Demoralization: Orange Man Bad 25/8 Destabilization: Covid & Riots Crisis: Civil War Normalization: Weakened world position so socialist Chin'er & pro Islamist policies can come to America & be normalized. That seems to be the plan. We'll find out soon if it's a slow cook or a raging boil. World don't want a raging boil i can promise you that. All i got to say is if a boil happens there's gonna be a lot of dead commies & terrorist because there's still many in the gov & military that will absolutely die for freedom no questions asked & many of us "normal" citizens are never gonna allow that to happen. Many will bow but we will not live on our knees no matter what the demands or consequences are. If other foreign powers wanna take advantage if such a situation occurs they better move swift because they will awaken a monster that swallows all or they can stay out of it let things simmer & co-exist peacefully. Americans have one thing in their soul above all others & instigators foreign or domestic better get one thing straight they're not immune. DO NOT FK with our freedom or it's your peril too. They wanna play a game with America's survival turning America to smoke n ash then everyone can get it. If America can't have peace, safety & security no one else will. Reciprocity or extreme retribution. Play with that fire if you want but we better all stay cool and work together or 2020 will be the beginning of a scorched earth for everything. As crazy as all that sounds this civil war to WW3 scenario is a very real possibility if cool heads don't prevail.
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    If you even have to ask that question then you're clearly part of the problem. I bet you've never even changed your Facebook profile picture to a black square, you daft racist.
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    first time ever I purposefully did not watch a Saints game....I'm sitting the year out I think.....I'm a little conflicted tho...am I doing the right thing? Am I doing this for the right reasons? Am I a racist?
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    By your participation in NFL discussions over the years, I would say that you were a fan, but now, the protests have broken you. As for "those of us with lives", I actually congratulate you for finally getting a life away from the forum, after 5 years of living your life through the UFC forum. There were only 2 people who were obsessed with this forum from 2014 through 2019, based on number of posts, you and Freddie.
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    There are three mandatory debates, but they're held on liberal networks who provide the Dem candidate with the questions ahead of time. Nothing is off script. It essentially turns into a very long campaign commercial for one candidate, and an extended on the spot session for the other. Trump accepted the offer for the fourth debate, four hours long, held on Rogan's podcast. Biden would rather you chop his **** off and feed it to a wild animal than have to sit there on the spot, pretending to be coherent for four hours.
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    Nobody here understands what the dems are planning except you and two others, They want the right to impose non-constitutional regulations on Trump's second term . These Marxists are not going away when they lose, and there will be elevated violence should Harris win (👈 see what I did there ?)- * As for Bubba and his clueless coup >
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    As a defending champion Tyron had ONE impressive performance. His reign was garbage. His output is garbage. He's ****ing garbage and he's getting retired. He can't even wrestle with a BJJ player that was knocked out cold by Dan Hooker two years ago.
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    The coup word made Bubba very uncomfortable. Try to use another word for his sake.
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    Not a bad main card right now. Probably be headlined by Randa Markos come Saturday morning.
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    It's a combination of it all.. Speaking as a volunteer country firefighter who's been on the front line of these types of fires more than once (not sure what you call us over there, they might even get paid, the bastards). We had the same issue here, some firebugs some natural, some enhanced by weather conditions, some enhanced by poor waste/ground management. The problem is one side screams arson and the other screams climate change when, like everything else, the answer isn't nearly as exciting and sits somewhere in the middle.
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    Trump should fire Pence & replace him with Tulsi just 4 that Harris deb8 m8 ✔️m8 I'm hearing rumors Biden is going to be using an ear peace .... AND given questions in advance just like Killary. Trump will still butcher him.
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    Lol. I think Trump is gonna annihilate Biden. No teleprompter. Biden was semi-coherent during the primary debates because he had time to come uo with rebuttals and everyone was interupting everyone. That was also almost a year ago too. I don't see this going to well for him. I'm really interested in the VP debates even more to see Harris gets called out on her chit.
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    Lol James Woods is the GOAT
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    I'm so bored I now play online poker all day, and my losses are piling up! I'm taking some time off, at least until next weekend!
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    Except the 1st debate is hosted by a Fox news anchor. And if you think America's only known president to dodge a draft, to steal from charities to use the money to buy paintings of himself, to fabricate fake Time Man of the Year covers and try top pass them off as real, to call people in the military losers, to downplay a pandemic because the lives of his countrymen are less important to him than his getting re-elected, who has secret phone calls with dictators, to have numerous people he has hired for government jobs end up with felony convictions, (I could really got on for an hour) coherent you might want to look the word up in a dictionary.
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    Smh. Just because you ruined it for yourself by googling black noir doesn't mean you have to spoil it for everyone else. Edit your post or put a spoiler please.
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    Deep is being drawn into a cult by the looks of it. Im certain now that Black Noir is not the more powerful homelander clone made to take homelander down if needed like in the comic, i think they wanted a different twist because apparently it would be boring for the fanbase who already know it.
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    Lol. Elevate trustworthy officials and accurate information,remove lies and disinformation, don't give a voice to those advocating violence. This is something you consider stacking the deck against Trump? So you admit the guy is full of **** and calling him out on it is bad? I'm really not following you here.
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    Damn I was really looking forward to gall getting knocked the fook out!
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    joe rogan would sit there for 4 hours waiting for one of them to throw a leg kick so that he can get excited
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    Meh, sounds a bit dull. Would watch the Rogan one though. Especially if he chooses the topics and smokes pot the whole way through. But yeah... I've seen poor Joe struggle to remain coherent for 20 seconds let alone 4 hours. It would not go well. Does anyone actually change their mind based on these debates? We had them in the UK for a couple of elections but then Boris just decided not to turn up and won in a landslide anyway.
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    The Tyron Woodley that danced around for fifty minutes and put me to sleep AT LEAST five times during the Wonderbread fights would have gotten handily decisioned by Colby Covington years ago. lol
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    You used the word Marxist also. If you use the word socialist now, his head may explode upon returning to this thread.
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    Don't get me started on that bull****.
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    Hill won that fight these judges are the worst
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    All I can say is Colby is lucky he dodged Woodley in his prime
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    This would be amazing. It should be done like that anyway instead of BS legacy media with that turrible format of 1 min answers & commercial breaks. IDK about Joe being a moderator though. He's the first to admit he doesn't know fk all about politics. I'd prefer they did it on Bret W's dark horse podcast. Then have a unity 2020 campfire response right after with reactions from the Unity 2020 nominees & small panel of guest from both sides including lol Kanye.
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    Canada isn't that great for starters. Matter fact if it weren't for the US & UK you'd be a third world country 🤣 If America goes down u go down as well. If it does you'll be speaking Cantonese or Mandarin.
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    I agree with this. I was exaggerating. I've read that a lot of it is they think from mis-managment of waste/ground services as you said. I.e. the state is broke when it comes to managing those services so it's ripe for fires largely in part because of all the leechs & corruption so they cut back funds to manage. You got silicon elite, holly weird & politicians living like kings & everything else is go fk your mother. Add Covid lockdown insanity on top of that & many wealthy people leaving decimating the commerce & tax base so it's just gonna get worse meanwhile politicians go off to their summer cottage with walls & armed guards to bury their head in the sand about what a failure they've been to fill their fridge with gourmet ice cream or go get their hair did while telling everyone else they can't do anything but sit home when the cost of living is so high, unemployment, student debt etc. i.e. fk your dreams and future so no wonder people are so fkn pissed. I have no idea what the % is of arson is but i bet it's higher than people think. There have been more violent protest in that region statistically. It's not a coincidence that region is on fire. There's been dozens arrested for arson in more rural areas so you can only imagine how many weren't caught red handed. It wouldn't even shock me if on some level the mismanagement it's a strategy for more state of emergency funding. I've read post from people that lived there their whole life going back months ago saying yeah we have fires sure but this is not normal or natural at all.
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    There was a video of a fire started from one of those dumb ****s. Why is it hard to believe one fire is started by idiots? Yes there are arsonists, but to say 100% without any proof is just your best guess.
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    Their smoke definitely hasn't. ****ing idiot parents and their gender reveal is gonna give me lung cancer at this rate.
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    They made an animated short to promote the new Star Wars dog fighting game that comes out in a couple weeks, it’s pretty sick actually.
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    One person wearing a hat, that's it, lol, and not a single reference to the BLM bollox from the UFC and you're trying to make a comparison between that and every team in the NFL and the entire organisation, from the top brass to the colour commentators, banging on about said bollox, with power fists, taking the knee during the playing of the National anthem, having the BLACK national anthem played, whatever the **** that is, leaving the field and more besides. ROFLMFAO. Stretching it a bit thin there m8.
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    whats the over/under on johnny walker tko'ing himself again via his own victory celebration?
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    .... didn't recognize the movie at first, but saw it 3 yrs ago - good movie, rewatched "The Bad Batch" instead-
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    Wrong weight class. Waterson just now built herself up to a legit 115er. She fought at 105 before the UFC and Valentina was at 135.
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    Dude owns a 2.6 million dollar yacht and has a very steady income via trash whiskey. Homeless on the streets of Ireland is a bit of stretch don't you think?
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    That's fine by me. TKO in round 2 when GM realises Khamzat gives zero fukcs about sub attempts from the bottom and smashes his face in instead of getting trapped
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