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    Yes, i think he is coherent. I don't necessarily agree with what he says, but he seems to be fairly quick-witted, and speaks in a way that is appealing to his supporters. From what I've seen, Joe can sound very passionate and precise on a topic, then lose his train of thought quite easily. Then again, that never did Reagan much harm! It's such a shame that any counter opinion is reduced to orangemanbad, but anyway. I largely agree with this. I think i've said before that i find Trump to be seemingly devoid of empathy, wisdom, self-awareness or humour. But the majority of the policies he stands for are much more palatable to me than the ones Biden and the more whacky members of his party lurking in the wings stand for, so if I was a seppoe and there was no decent 3rd candidate I would undoubtedly vote Republican in November.
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    Now his opponent got it. https://www.mmamania.com/2020/9/15/21438851/thiago-santos-tests-positive-covid-19-forced-out-glover-teixeira-ufc-espn-16-oct-3-mma
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    Yeah I know, when I was in LA in '14 I went to Clippers vs Houston in the playoffs and Clips fans diehard. I liked them last year and most of this season but I felt they did the Mavs dirty targeting Luka and KP the way they did to force injuries etc. Mavs might have beaten Denver too. Luka vs Jamal and KP vs Joker is a dream playoffs match-up
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    😂 I don't have time to see them all, feel free to dump as many as possible here! Honestly I thought it would take til his second season for them to really gel.. And they only got out of the last round once Zinger got injured. Oh whoops I've got this one lol
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    The memes/tweets of people going in on the Clips right now after going up 3-1 and talking so much trash, is hilarious. They mortgaged their whole future with those 5 first round picks for George, only for him to ghost this series and brick one off the side of the backboard 🤣
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    👍 Two main reasons Trump got elected : #1 - Obama/ Biden was worst admin in American history #2 - being a non-polititian
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    spent last week in Navarre, FL....beach was super nice and not crowded...but what was crowded was the bar I saw with 6 sand volley ball courts....packed out each night...week nights....why they killing my grandparents!!!!
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    Direct energy weapons been around a long time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directed-energy_weapon Tesla even had designs on a "death ray" Satellites with DEW thing is new. USA probably has some deployed already. Mainly those laser systems are defensive weapons to counter missiles, planes or to attack/defend other satellites. Good thing we have a space force & i have a feeling Elon's Star link is more than meets the eye. Palintir & other firms sort of got us covered on Cyber security. Subs & naval are problem though & China's navy is the largest in the world now but slightly behind technologically. They got numbers & like to copy/spam The great drone clone wars have begun.
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    Excited for the PS5 just so I can play PS4 games I missed out on this gen but Jesus Christ was that thing designed by a blind man? Ugliest console ever
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    Guy is a husk at this point. He''ll probably get the "smart" covid like Cuomo right before the debates. Then CNN will be running 24/7 stories about his :"battle"from the basement just like Chris did.
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    I ain't got time for this chit lol Baeza it is
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    Seconded UFC has put up Woodleys last win as a free fight to watch. Trying to trick me into believing Woodley isn't going to just back against the cage and throw nothing!
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    Holy $hit. Hope she is somewhere safe with armed security around the clock & can actually prove it.
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    Your top meme is faulty. Our speed limits are in miles per hour, we measure distances in miles, most people know their weight in stone (which is of course 14 pounds), their height in feet , how much land they own in acres, and know the economy of their car in miles per gallon. Only beta millenial snowflakes like @NoCakeForYaya talk about temperature in centigrade; the rest of us get excited when it hits 70. My main objection however is the UK guy's teeth. No Brit has got teeth that white and straight.
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    Downloaded it this morning on Kindle. Couple of chapters in. Not much has happened so far tbh. Are you reading it this time, or paying someone to read it for you?
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    Ha, he sent me an apologetic note the other week because someone started war before he'd recorded all the CWL 3 stars for this month's YT video. I had two of the beggars!
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    TBH i think it's an old stat that gets thrown around from yrs ago but the real numbers are still alarming. From what i can gather from a quick search numbers from NEMEC as of 2019 it was around 400,000.....with around 10,000 being trafficked which is still pretty damn crazy if it's anywhere close to that number even with all the stings the Trump admin has been doing & that to my knowledge doesn't include foreigners being trafficked in the US. I haven't read anywhere that 99% are returned home or that stat is probably not taking into account those that did get trafficked but were rescued or escaped. < Where'd you find that? Even if accurate 99% of came home doesn't mean 99% weren't raped or coerced into sex slavery. I can't remember where maybe a TED talk with a british woman or Whitney Webb or Shawn Attwood or someone but i read/heard most are runaways something like 90% & like half to a third of those end up homeless & get forced into being trafficked. Many don't talk about it for yrs. Multi billion dollar industry. Regardless it's in the many multiple thousands & it's literally a high dollar industry just like drugs or arms trafficking except the "product" is literally free to the dealer. It's a huge problem.& people that go though that hell are damaged for life including high rates of substance abuse & suicide. Maybe we need to do crowd funding for pro bono work for victims so they can have better access to good lawyers & security so they don't get intimidated law fared into dropping a case. We need something in place where the victims are supported, protected and encouraged to speak out instead of a culture of silence. Then there's the whole Intel/honey pot can of worms which got opened with Epstien, NXIVM, Podesta that either got killed or you never hear really anything else about it. Harvey was the only one that kinda got handled right & it took half of Hollywood & Me2 to get the proper exposure on that. When it comes to the rich it's always someone gets away with it for yrs or gets killed when it gets too much exposure or it gets buried by the media or lawfared, witness intimidation, dis-info campaigns to call it a "conspiracy theory" to discredit the story till it goes away. It's especially obvious there is a double standard in our justice system & our own damn gov, media, & entertainment industries are somewhat complicit. If we can't protect the most vulnerable.....well it's just infuriating & i have my days where i'd like to hunt these people down if the system fails this much.
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    I'm shocked. I thought Kawhi would cure the Clipper's habit of choking.
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    Nugg life baby. Jamal Murray just took Paul George and Kawhi Leonard home in his pocket. What an absolute G
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    Also LMFAO @ thinking Biden is more coherent. Not even close & even 40+ yrs experience in gov the man is a moron. On top of that his policies are just plain awful & if you think Trump nepotism is bad it's not even close to as bad as on the Biden side. Never mind Ukraine & Burisma the Biden family connections to CCP should be investigated immediately.
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    Saw a meme today which said " Biden supporters will never talk about how good there guy is, only about how bad Trump is. " Pretty telling huh.
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    There are people who run games, moderate the forum, post more news thread, etc. Good try though, Gramps.
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    that is correct....thank you for helping me see the light...I mean blackness...I've enrolled into a re-education system in California...I'll be back in a month
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    If you even have to ask that question then you're clearly part of the problem. I bet you've never even changed your Facebook profile picture to a black square, you daft racist.
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    cash games crushed me i'm only going tourney's from now on on these sites
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    @VertFTW your uncle is a legend
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    @tuf im positive the bet online cash games are a scam
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    10pm/Sat. nite here, ridiculous time for mma, ... and who the fook is Rafael Fibziev ?
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    lmfao, .. my father had a Pug that did that lol
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    Reem is gonna get 800K for smashing Olenik ? lol
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    Malinaggi w/ no tune-up vs Artem w/ excellent tune-up
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    .... belated April Fool's, .. Gomi literally would get ko'd by Amanda Nunez - literally
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    yeah, his arms and legs are on the scrawning side, Roman and Seth's were much larger .... the only reason people would watch Brock/ DC, is to see Lesnar lose, ... battle of 40 yr olds ..... not intersted in this ufc clownshow farce
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    no, .. 1st fight was not even a little competitive
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    I don't like Till, Thompson, Johnson or Barboza so it's all good, .. I thought Wonderdud would probably dance his way to a dec., so that's my #1 ... the superman hook
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    supercat punch
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