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    i agree overall on this case with you...but i have major issues with nighttime raids, and especially no-knock raids. Bro, if i hear someone breakdown my door...whether they yelling police or not, i'm probably coming out spraying lead...It's not like i'd have time to verify if that's actually the police or not! Seems reckless for both police and citizens.
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    The AG said at a conference yesterday that it was not a no knock. Either way, they announced their presence so the argument that the boy toy opened fire because he thought they were intruders goes out the window. What gets me is how agenda drivers keep picking the worst examples to be their martyrs, Rodney King: pimp and drug dealer Jacob Blake: rapist, assaulted police and resisted arrest Mike Brown, George Floyd, etc. Taylor wasn't a criminal so to speak but she obviously knew what was going on. There is a case for excessive force, but to drive the narrative that black people are under attack because those partaking in criminal activity are coming in contact with police is such a disingenuous stretch. And we can see the effects, shameful
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    He spams memes, YouTube videos and hack political opinion from far right sources. He never participates in discussion and adds nothing of value to any thread he posts in. Every once in awhile I have to insult him to see if he responds just to remind me that he’s an actual human and not an extremely gay Russian bot.
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    Chances are good your girlfriend will die.
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    I'm just glad to be here, lost in the large crowd of posters....anonymity is the shield from the tyranny of the majority.
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    $20 for 15 minutes work puts her on $80 an hour. She's getting paid more than doctors! Cut her.
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    https://www.sportekz.com/mma/ufc-vegas-11-salaries-purse-payouts/ I guess she forgot the 18k guaranteed pay she got, which was the third from the highest on the undercard, her 18k win bonus, which was the highest on the entire undercard, and the 4k sponsorship money she got. She banked 40k, 4th highest on the under card out of 16 people total, plus anything under the table/we don't know about. She needs to chill.
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    Every time a criminal gets shot by police.....
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    That article is dated though, it's still claiming a "no knock warrant" which has been proven to be false by the AG and an eye witness. There is no officer body-camera video of the incident. The aforementioned trio work in LMPD’s Criminal Interdiction Division, comprised of officers who generally work narcotics cases and therefore are not issued body-cameras due to the nature of their work.
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    Lawler and Woodley seem to be competing for who can do the least in a fight now a days, but he should still be able to beat the black off of Perry
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    I probably got the names mixed up but there are 3 people involved. Breonna, the current boyfriend who shot the cop, and the ex who was arrested for drugs in a different location.
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    The last live PPV UFC card I watched was Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith. Some friends came over to my house and thought I was still getting every UFC PPV like I did 5 years ago. I broke down and got the PPV, but was very disappointed! The last PPV I watched live before that was Khabib vs McGregor! I only come to the forum to harass IDYB!
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    Lol. Please add his terrible taste in grandad's music to the list. In all fairness, he is head and shoulders above previous spammers, such as Freddie and those Indian dudes. Poor lad hasn't been outside for 3 months so I'm not surprised he's going a tad crazy.
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    All of your Politics posts have the same message.
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    I did some recent analysis; zerk posts approximately ten times as much as the next poster. Frankly he's singlehandedly carrying the fora right now.
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    The leaked report stated that on Jan. 2, the PBI team saw Glover pull up to 2424 Elliott Avenue, a suspected drug house, in Taylor's car. The team was conducting surveillance on the home which was described as a "trap house," meaning drug deals allegedly took place there. The report included pictures of Taylor's car at the scene. Then, the next day, the report revealed transcriptions of recorded jailhouse conversations between Glover and Taylor in which they talk about Adrian Walker, another suspect in the case and the third person named in the Taylor warrant. "You talk to Doug (Adrian Walker?)" Glover asked Taylor. "Yeah, I did," Taylor responded. "He said he was already back at the trap." In another conversation between the two just two hours later, Glover thanked Taylor for checking on him. "When you're around I stress more ... ," she is quoted as saying. "I just always be worried about you ... not like you and b****, but just period with the police, like all kind of s***." In separate phone calls on Jan. 3, the conversations ended with each telling the other that they loved each other, the documents stated. Also, from January 2016 to January 2020, Glover called Taylor 26 times from jail. Another inmate called her seven times during that period. According to the new information, once LMPD's tech team installed a GPS tracker on Glover's red Dodge Charger, the device indicated six trips to the 3003 Springfield Drive address in January 2020. LMPD's surveillance efforts also produced pictures of Taylor at 2424 Elliott. The report included never-before-seen images of Glover picking up packages at 3003 Springfield. The documents also alleged that back in 2016, the body of Fernandez Bowman was found in a car rented by Breonna Taylor. When LMPD detectives arrived at Taylor's home to question her, Glover was there. Taylor told the detectives she did not know Bowman, that she had been dating Glover for several months and that she had let him drive the rental car. She also gave detectives her phone number, which was a number that Glover was still using as recently as February of this year, according to the documents. That homicide victim was the brother of Damarius Bowman, one of Glover’s “associates” who has been arrested with Glover numerous times, the report stated. The documents also included copious amounts of transcriptions of recorded jailhouse phone calls made by Glover, several of which were made to the mother of his child. On April 24, Glover told the woman, whom WAVE 3 News has chosen not to identify, that officers "took my car ... They got that bank statement out the arm rest, boom it got Bre's address on there." In transcribed conversations from the morning of March 13, hours after Taylor was killed, Glover told the woman that Taylor had $8,000 of his money. "Bre got down like $15 (grand), she had the $8 (grand) I gave her the other day and she picked up another $6 (grand)," he said, according to the documents. Then, a moment later, he told the woman that "Bre been handling all my money, she been handling my money ... She been handling s*** for me and cuz, it ain't just me." And later, "I can walk in that house (Bre's) and go directly to whatever it is no problem with it," Glover said, according to the documents. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/warrants-issued-for-arrest-of-breonna-taylors-ex-boyfriend-amid-leaked-new-documents/ar-BB18oJF4
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    @Bubba_Sparks wheres our god damn bi-weekly wednesday swedish coronavirus update? youve got half an half an hour son. i woke up early just for this chit
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    I watched the live presser with the A.G. who spoke eloquently for forty minutes laying out the facts. It appeared that a just conclusion was reached by the grand jury and blame was correctly apportioned. Any rioting taking place will have nothing to do with justice and will sit solely upon the agitators wish to cause civil unrest and a crowd who are only too willing to be led by the nose and facts be damned. There are no martyrs here, just lowlife POS criminals. If BLM and these dumbf**k white SJW marchers want to hang their hat on turds such as these my response to them is F**k em all.
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    Weidman is indeed a good call, but I'm not sure how beating a dude at MW who is 2-5 in his last 7 outings gets you into WW contention? They need to be careful with this dude and over-milking him. If they're going to push him as a WW contender, get him mainly fighting WW's, with the odd MW can thrown in there if they want to keep him busy. If he has no problem getting to WW then he should probably focus there. Give him a top 15 chap.
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    Samara Weaving was hot in Babysitter 😍 Hugo Weaving (Mr. Smith from Matrix) is her uncle.
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    Only worth watching for Aubrey Plaza.
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    Why the Fcuk am I not a Serious Mod yet???? Fcuk Sake Jobbers
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    Why were you locked down in 2019?
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    UFC 253 Pre-fight presser 9:19 👉 Chimaev vs Maia definate 👈
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    The kid is good, .. I'm jealous dammit !
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    To defeat the Karen one must become a Trevor. 🤣
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    The media had a ball framing this as Dr. Fauci vs. Senator Rand Paul. Then you remember that Rand Paul is a goddamn doctor that went to friggin Duke University's School of Medicine, and is by no means an idiot. lol I really enjoy our coverage of this 'pandemic'. Yesterday they were advertising (because that's really what it is) Johnson and Johnson were on the verge of a one-shot vaccine. They would be the fourth American manufacturer with a vaccine in production. Then in the next breath, our media will LOL @ Russia for saying they have a functional vaccine already, as if it's impossible that a country who isn't aiming to rig an upcoming election and has far less bureaucratic interference would have a vaccine already. You would have to be a complete fool to not see this timeline was well thought out.
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    .... apparently it's legal in Canada, > now that's real Socialism - 🙃
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    The blame whitey, blame capitalism types deport directly to Africa or some communist country. Let's see how fast they change their tune & beg to come back.
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    I thought the same thing, but had the civility and grace to not mention it.
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    I'm very ambivalent about the IoT tbh. Most of the visions of this glorious connected future sound like a dystopian nightmare if you ask me. I'm really referring to stuff like vertical farming, food synthesis, innovative city planning - stuff that gives us cities out of Star Trek, rather than Demolition Man. Then I'll move to a forest on a hill and live there for the rest of my life, but that's another story.
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    I have 4 bank accounts, her posting a pic of 1 account means nothing....Dana should put her on the Early Prelims next time.
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    favs are killing me - how slick is slick Ricky -120
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    yeah, it's relatively safe now
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    2 irrelevant dummies, don't care
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    OSP sucks, his gameplan is to find a way to lose, and the hype behind TP is mostly bs ..... goes to a nobody cares dec.
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    fookn' canadians wearing turbans to throw us off, now that I think of it, he did look french
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    Punjabi piece off fattazz curry poop, bs hype, who do they think we are bejeezuz,? stupid
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    This Cain thing needs closure, I'm starting to get a nostalgic feeling when I hear him mentioned
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    wonderbread could gat a dec doing that machida thingy but I'm seeing Till @ +150, I'm a goer wit that -
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