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    White car....Driver is clearly racist
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    Lol, yeah. When that kid left home that morning i bet he/she had no idea they'ed finish up the day as a ****ing speed hump, lmao
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    If we had more of this i'm guessing you would see the streets clear in a New York minute......... whatever the **** that is, lol.
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    What the **** am i missing here. Why are the police cuffing the driver of the car that was under siege???
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    WhY dO yOu NeEd A 30 rOuNd MaG
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    The police will care. They expect crack dealers to be armed and dangerous, and deliberately raid them when they believe they're sleeping to avoid exchanges of gun fire. That's why the question was relevant. The bottom part of your post is not relevant to the topic really. I already said the Drug War is a sham, and I would end it if that was my call. But it is happening, and thus, crack dealers get raided. The law says that when you get your door booted off for selling crack, you don't get to shoot at the police. When you do, they shoot back. If your fat girlfriend is standing in the line of fire, she's going to get hit. Six times.
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    not surprised motherfooker! if you stand in the road, you get hit by car. why is that such a hard concept for these idiots to grasp? we all should have learned that at a very young age when our parents told us to look both ways before we cross the street if you stand on train tracks, you could get hit by train. gee who would have ever figured?
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    Update. Hope it was minor & he's gonna be ok.
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    Noooooo....man i fkn h8 2020.
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    god bless protestor bowling!
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    Arresting the victim while allowing the filth to take over the streets is not the way forward if you wish to garner respect from Joe public.
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    it's terrible...lose-lose for the driver.
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    Are you a crack dealer though?
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    What's the skinny on this Bubba? A weekly update on this would be far more interesting than the Corona chronicles m8. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/swedens-crime-problem-has-become-too-big-to-ignore/amp?fbclid=IwAR1RDBhER7wNGQ0WW2RBNOP-7PJVtI6oFNnd--a4nHRLzmDDSfu6D9o8TOM
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    Every time a criminal gets shot by police.....
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    The AG said at a conference yesterday that it was not a no knock. Either way, they announced their presence so the argument that the boy toy opened fire because he thought they were intruders goes out the window. What gets me is how agenda drivers keep picking the worst examples to be their martyrs, Rodney King: pimp and drug dealer Jacob Blake: rapist, assaulted police and resisted arrest Mike Brown, George Floyd, etc. Taylor wasn't a criminal so to speak but she obviously knew what was going on. There is a case for excessive force, but to drive the narrative that black people are under attack because those partaking in criminal activity are coming in contact with police is such a disingenuous stretch. And we can see the effects, shameful
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    $20 for 15 minutes work puts her on $80 an hour. She's getting paid more than doctors! Cut her.
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    I'm waiting for the COVID/PED weigh in's, before I pick chiit.
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    Yeah, it's very poorly thought through. Don't get me wrong, i think Sweden made a very grand gesture, but for entirely the wrong reasons and made an absolute hash of it. TBH, I'm not sure there is an easy or good way to integrate 1 million people with completely different values into a country of 10 million. Not sure where your old fella is from, but small towns in Northern Sweden were particularly hit; they are fairly unpopulated because they're practically in the Arctic Circle...overnight their population increased by 25%+. Nobody was happy with that solution. There's a party over here called the Swedish Democrats. Most Swedes view them as fascists because they want to impose limits on immigration. In reality, they are somewhere between the Tories and the Lib Dems. Their support has gone up from 1 or 2 % to 20+% in 10 years. They might even be the most popular party at the next election. Interesting times; at least as interesting as Swedish politics can get, which is not very.
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    the law doesn't make an action moral or immoral...so I think that's what I'm struggling with in this case....sure the "Law" is on the side of the officers...but that literally doesn't mean anything in regards to morality.
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    I've got a good wireless alarm system, cameras, motion detectors, monitoring on my phone, exterior security doors, deadbolts, & modern insulated windows that are not easy to break & would make all sorts of noise so there is no way they can enter without me knowing well in advance. I also live alone so the need to come out to protect others isn't a concern for me. I could hide in the attic if i wanted, barricade a closet or pick a spot to ninja from a choke point where they wouldn't see it coming or just escape out a window off the roof if i needed to and i probably could rig some traps along the way if i wanted. You pretty much better be seal team six b4 you try to get in my place or light the place on fire and try to smoke me out.
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    That article is dated though, it's still claiming a "no knock warrant" which has been proven to be false by the AG and an eye witness. There is no officer body-camera video of the incident. The aforementioned trio work in LMPD’s Criminal Interdiction Division, comprised of officers who generally work narcotics cases and therefore are not issued body-cameras due to the nature of their work.
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    Someone was getting a booty call, that's all we know for sure
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    I did some recent analysis; zerk posts approximately ten times as much as the next poster. Frankly he's singlehandedly carrying the fora right now.
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    https://www.sportekz.com/mma/ufc-vegas-11-salaries-purse-payouts/ I guess she forgot the 18k guaranteed pay she got, which was the third from the highest on the undercard, her 18k win bonus, which was the highest on the entire undercard, and the 4k sponsorship money she got. She banked 40k, 4th highest on the under card out of 16 people total, plus anything under the table/we don't know about. She needs to chill.
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    ..... joining another fan-club
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    Invite ? ... I'm just a shuttle from the garden-spot/ Brisbane
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    what happens on this forum, stays on this forum ....kinda
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    Conor looked like ****, ... legit beatdown
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    I like this one, gonna try it out later on an obnoxious POM I know - .... what's a slapper ? is that the same as a goer, nudge-nudge ?
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    C'mon mon, you know what to do ?
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    the casino says Jones won and that's final, .. pikers
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    if you think that's bad, check out some veal vids
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