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    Bet Maddow & MSN won't be covering these bombshells.... https://www.newsweek.com/trump-was-right-about-fbi-scramble-assemble-russia-evidence-after-2016-win-texts-claim-1534191 #ObamaG8 More proof they knew the probe was BS and proceeded anyway illegally. Only Russian collusion was on their part. Projection 101.
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    Tech Bubble 2.0 wont truly go parabolic for another few years...maybe Fall 2022
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    Tesla is the "blockchain" of energy. You heard it here first. 🤣
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    I'm done with this chit if Izzy sprints to a decision.
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    I enjoyed the idea that Trump was going to set women's rights back a century, as he appoints a woman in the place of the old hag that they had propped up for years like a Weekend At Bernies sequel.
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    democrats are already attacking her adoptions...asking if they fraudulently took the kids
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    I demand a nickel per Tinfoil, so he owes me a couple dollars now. I should be upping it to a dime per since he ruined it with Feggy.
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    Izzy's gameplan is to run for his damn life and Costa's is to move forward and hunt this guy, he's already the champ in my books.
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    I ****ing hope so. Israel is not only some nerd that's getting more annoying but he's also a metrosexual. Paulo should have bodied him for throwing the white belt at him.
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    I don't really care about trying to snatch up a lot when it reaches a low. All i know is i don't wanna be that idiot that it suddenly sky rockets & it's out of range & i'm kicking myself in the @ss missing it like....awe man i should have..... I have a little in bitcoin because i know blockchain is the future. Some in precious metals because you can't really go wrong with that unless they start mining asteroids like tomorrow & soon'ish i'm going with Tesla. Enough to prosper but not enough to break me with possibility of dat David Choe or Dan Bilzerian life if it really takes off. 😂 Gonna have a talk with my bro about it soon since he's moving down here & it's his area of expertise.
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    we just touched the top band last month and the bottom range this last week.
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    @Bwana You absolutely suck
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    The evidence keeps mounting up m8 and still these ****ers responsible for an attempted coup walk free. What the **** more has to be uncovered before their respective asses get hauled before a judge.
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    MINNEAPOLIS — Over three months ago, a majority of the Minneapolis City Council pledged to defund the city’s police department, making a powerful statement that reverberated across the country. It shook up Capitol Hill and the presidential race, shocked residents, delighted activists and changed the trajectory of efforts to overhaul the police during a crucial window of tumult and political opportunity. Now some council members would like a do-over. Councilor Andrew Johnson, one of the nine members who supported the pledge in June, said in an interview that he meant the words “in spirit,” not by the letter. Another councilor, Phillipe Cunningham, said that the language in the pledge was “up for interpretation” and that even among council members soon after the promise was made, “it was very clear that most of us had interpreted that language differently.” Lisa Bender, the council president, paused for 16 seconds when asked if the council’s statement had led to uncertainty at a pivotal moment for the city. “I think our pledge created confusion in the community and in our wards,” she said. Looks like some of them are trying to save their jobs after making stupid promises that the majority doesn't support.
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    It's fookn' amazing that they're so stupid, .. there is an absolute zero gain in attacking her > actually the reverse !
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    .... more like > forced to resign after calling BLM "punks" -
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    Where you at romo? Mike Perry is the type of guy that would go to a motivational speech event and tell the crippled kids "You can never be like me."
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    https://www.sportekz.com/mma/ufc-vegas-11-salaries-purse-payouts/ I guess she forgot the 18k guaranteed pay she got, which was the third from the highest on the undercard, her 18k win bonus, which was the highest on the entire undercard, and the 4k sponsorship money she got. She banked 40k, 4th highest on the under card out of 16 people total, plus anything under the table/we don't know about. She needs to chill.
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    nobody I know cares about Thompson or Tlil, ..Luque
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    I've been to Rochester, .. it was a punishment - seriously
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    ... I don't want hit u w/ negative waves J-dan, ... but that's like a plate of sushi in Tokyo or some gas and a few nights in a cheap hotel in America, maybe 1.5 hrs in Vegas if u don't gamble, ..... what's yur total budget going to be for this excursion ?
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    .... last I checked, Sacremento (the capitol) .. is a hub of liberal arts and well-to-do ex-hippies that don't want the Amercian flag on their police cars, .. strange venue for a violent sport -
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    not "The" Derrick Kranttz ? ..... the original 22-10 D-Rock (Luque will be -700)
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    Tim Conway died 85/ legend-rip
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    colt 45 and old english. i'm a man of high standards
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    lying pos from mom's basement, ....the truth is in the welcher's threads 1. Identity (Poop eating bet with WTG on WeidGOAT/Silva 1) 2. AxeMurduh (Account bet with Patster on the Cerrone/Noons fight, and pretty much every bet he's ever accepted) 3. GoldenAfro 4. Bluesy 5. Cromwell (Poop eating bet with WTG) 6. ShannonRitch1P4P (Account bet on BJ Penn/Roidy MacDonals with Bubba_Pilks) 7. Ozpride (Sig bet with Gaybri) 8. MIRKO_CRO_COP 9. bright508620 10. PATSTER (Bet with Bezerker on the Cain/Verdum fight) 11. Me_Against_The_World 12. punchbag (Av/Sig bet on Mendes vs McGregor) owned again dummie
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    ... you need to call out a forum dweeb that hits u with negative vibes man -
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    ... bets need to be mod enforced if possible
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    I don't see this as a competitive match-up ........ dvr
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