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    Imagine the Rock, a Republican, endorsing Biden on the same day it's leaked that you paid more to Stormy Daniels than the IRS in 15 years and that you spend $70,000 a year in hairstyling for your hair to look like this...
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    Valid. Exactly what I think of when I hear people crying about rich people evading their taxes.
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    Bold means you are a racist. Congrats.
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    Give Chimaev a real fight, like Geoff Neal.
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    So now Soup can say he pays tax levels of the likes of Billionaires. Or Trump can say he cuts his taxes to the level of homeless part time bartenders.
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    No, they'll believe it and just do the needed mental gymnastics to justify that this is the guy they voted, "*derp* he's sticking it to big government by not paying!*derp*"
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    You mean the kinda chit the Dems have been pulling for the past 4 years, lol.
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    And? It was more like 4 so you suck at basic math.
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    Fooking tell me about it! He doesn't like your kind. Be careful, he's a scary christian like @Bubba_Sparks Who probably wants you crucified too
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    Geoff Neal handily beats everybody ranked #3 and down. I say they give him the Chimaev main event and let's see if Chimaev can really bang on the feet or not.
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    attention @LayDownDead Neil Magny offers to fight Khamzat Chimaev
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    Why? If a fat WW could touch him up it's not much of a stretch to think that Costa could pressure him. Costa froze and got picked apart. So it goes
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    And I fcking missed two events because of voodoo or some shlt.
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    Top Dollar Retarded replies.... Well done
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    The funniest part is "award winning weatherman"!
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    Just look at some of the window lickers online and in this thread already
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    Dual wielding different weapon types and all the attack combinations that provides has me interested. Always thought AC games were cool but I'm actually considering a purchase for this one. The big raids also look badass.
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    will be interesting to see if the tax story has merit to it. Won't matter as his legion of idiots will never believe that he pays less taxes than they do.
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    Also we are 75% through the year so props for sticking out this marathon. Home stretch now. Stats page has been autopopulated as well. If anyone wants to see their progress/decline, let me know or check the stats tab in the spreadsheet. Here's a couple interesting ones: Conceives polarizing ability to put up either the worst score of the field or the best: And Taylor's methodical grind up the standings. Props gents.
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    Oh a natural light heavy would beat a natural lightweight. What a ****ing prediction, homie.
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    I'd watch the **** out of that. Also just realised Neal is ranked too.. Has he got the name power for a main event headline though? Also, how the **** is Chiesa ranked!?!
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    Nice smear but Incorrect. Fact is it's pretty hard to really fk up a presidency. Obama did a decent job of it & Biden would be even better fk'ing things up. Even commie Bernie would be a better choice than Biden. What we have in this election is this....Illusion of choice. One candidate is a liar but somewhat capable despite what fake news claims. The other candidate is a liar & barely knows what fkn state he's in half the time. It's a cruel joke he's even a choice. I wanted Ron Paul when he ran & currently I would have preferred Tulsi or even Yang but never Harris Admin. I could give AF if Trump wins again but i know for a fact Biden/Harris would be a total disaster which is saying a lot because like i said there's enough checks n balances it's actually not that easy for a president to royally fk things up. I get most of my information from various sources btw. None of them are conspiracy sites. All of them have fake news or bias though because all of them are. There are zero unbias sources period. Journalism is largely dead.
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    Trump is going to lie through his teeth and Biden is going to forget half of the truth. I just find it odd that there are so many people who get bent out if place when someone fact checks these idiots. Trumps followers are a special kind of stupid and think anytime someone fact checks him it is some conspiracy to hide the real truth. Hell I even think the last election some moderator called out one of the two ****es and people were furious that they spoke out during the debate. I've seen Bernie and Biden supporters call people Russian spies or White supremacists for showing Bidens dumb **** **** he has said. I dont get it honestly. Call them all out. There should be a law that says Politicians or those running for any office are obligated under the law to tell the truth under extreme penalties and jail time. Even give them demerits for their half truths and spins on the facts. **** em all.
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    This redeemer dude is funny lol Izzy is that u bro? 🤣
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    Oh snap. A GOAT just emerged. @NoCakeForYaya where you at? I linked you the audio torrent what's the delay m8?
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    -looks like Red de la Cruz (Filipina) is a U.S. regular now ?
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    The wife bet GDR, so I'm involved dammit !
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    Usman/ Covington could potentially be a hellacious snooze-fest
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    I gotta be patriotic and go with the American Trumper dawg at +160, also - I have no idea takes who this one, legit "dawg or pass" -
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    ... these gifs are over 10yrs old, this dude was ko'd by Liddell, Shogun, Nog, & Bobby Hoffman, all over 12 years ago - enough already -
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    they don't wanna be responsible for his incoming vegetative lethargy -
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    Guida is semi-retired and building dog-houses, ... why would he go to Brasil to fight Thomas Almeida Ronald Moicano ?
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    I don't like any of them, they're tools .. can't vote
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    Rebooked ? I didn't know they were booked before, .. in fact, I didn't know they were still in the UFC . ?
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    .... will read about the results Sunday, March 8 -
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