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    lol at biden wanting a break every 30 mins
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    Retarded thread. Now go play with your dolls and let the men argue about politics.
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    fook the debate. they should just have a celebrity boxing match i'd rather watch those two old fogeys throw hands rather than have to suffer through this weekends lol wmma card
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    @12er @12er© Etc what's the nickname for the retard generation that's older than the boomers? I need to know how to address this fogletasaurus here
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    Truly awful and meaningless card.
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    I was in northern Wisconsin for the weekend and swung by Minneapolis to mess around for the day on Sunday. Saw a bunch of George Floyd posters everywhere, a bunch of 'I can't breathe' stickers, and my girlfriend said there was some pro-Antifa graffiti in the bathroom at the bar. lol.. Minneapolis is a real dump.
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    All these tax experts on minimum opining about the tax affairs of a billionaire like they have the slightest clue, lmfao....... You truly couldn't make this chit up, lol. God bless this forum!
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    Please allow Bovada to introduce you to our next "intervention".... I personally haven't heard a peep about this one, but that'll be Russia's back yard, and we're dying to instigate WW3 with them. So there ya go, if Sleepy Joe gets in office, that'll be the first order of office - Get back to war!
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    Nobody asked you if you did any of these things you old idiot 😂
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    @Bubba_Sparks They're setting the stage for Biden's demise. He'll have some kind of huge physical incident, heart attack, stroke, instant amnesia, something that will occur right while Trump is destroying him. It will draw pity and make Trump seem cruel to a sad old man. They'll stand him down and put that psychotic bish Harris there in his place and appeal to the BLM narrative and make her seem somewhat moderate despite her now siding with the radical leftists. It won't work. Trump will take the win again, 12er will blame Russia, ClassicRetard will blame everyone not from his fascist state, and the rest of us will lol and eat popcorn
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    .... just waitin' on the big-show tomorrow night (more than Aldana vs Holm this weekend)-
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    Lol. This is gold right here.
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    Say some dumb chit below. The dude sucks and Romero should get a rematch. He tuned him up the first fight and he's 14 years older. You Lord Costa idiots should hang yourselves.
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    got my snacks and drinks ready for the debate....every time Biden forgets a word or falls asleep or pisses his pants, I'm gonna crack off a few rounds of .556 and yell 'Murica!
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    It will be a total chiit show from both sides, and the results won't change a thing at the voting polls.
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    Usually cards after PPV's are fairly weak but this is next level bad.
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    They only focus on someone making a major mistake, there are no shocking revelations. Nixon didn't wear makeup, and he looked bad compared to Kennedy because he was pale and sweaty.
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    "The greatest generation"!
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    Rich looking in shape. Still has one fight left on his contract - give him one last shot at Izzy.
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    Saw my step-dad post that the other day. Made my sisters head spin 😄
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    It's going to take decades for downtown Minneapolis to recover from the riots. I know a lot of people that have season tickets to sports teams or regularly go to games and everyone is saying that they are giving up their seats and won't consider going downtown after what happened.
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    Sleepy Joe backstage at tomorrow nights debate.
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    This main event is like two supermodels who also happen to be world class athletes going against one another. Holm vs Aldana is likely the marquee event of the year.
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    Are you Australian, or Russian?
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    Geoff Neal handily beats everybody ranked #3 and down. I say they give him the Chimaev main event and let's see if Chimaev can really bang on the feet or not.
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    Bayless has been doing that for decades
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    2 yr layoffs rarely work, Lemos is the exception (keeping in mind that Granger trains in her mother's basement)-
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    they both have entertainment value, tough choice but I'll go w/ Jared
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    gasses half way through rd 2, kill yourself in the parking lot you wpos
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    Condoleezza/ Carson ticket would obliterate Clinton/ Kaine
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    They have some verbal history, Hillary will require twice the SS . ... How does President Tim Kaine sound ?
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    11 days from today my god, I need a fix soon
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    Werdum did not look like the same fighter that took the belt @ 188 in his last two matches, ... Browne is a decent barometer to gauge the rematch, would like to see +120/ Velasquez < I'm in -
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    I dunno, they sounded like rehearsed career polititians repeating talking points I've been hearing for 15 months .. they should've just shirts off arm-wrestled .
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    I could care less if they both fell off a cliff after the fight as long as I cashed-out, I bet UFC with zero emotion . Weidman is from my home-town & I bet on dipstick Rockchit . My point from day one is Oliveira was a live underdog & +260 is an insult to any educated mma fan, more so vs a grinder from Bellator . What % of Bellator fighters have had success in the UFC ? * Bet Rashad (+200) > Kennedy (-240) who hasn't fought in over 2 yrs -
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