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    Lol. Given that the main contributors to this thread are an American living in the Phillipines, a Brit living in Canada, a Brit living in Sweden, a couple of Americans who have stated emphatically they don't vote (one because their state is as blue as they come, the other because of concerns over AI), an Australian/Russian troll and an American who is too old to find his way to the voting booth, it's going to be you talking to Roids if we adopt the bold.
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    Voting is gonna be a complete joke this year. The mail in ballots are already sketchy imo and this election just takes it to a new level with the sheer volume of ballots. It should be solicited like Trump said. To send out millions and millions of unsolicited ballots that can be so easily tampered with is completely asinine. Whats the point of even having an election day on the 3rd when a ton of ballots wont even have arrived by then. Complete utter trash and I'm ashamed we've gotten to this point.
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    fixed for you mate.
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    The bolded enlarged letters are semi-nonsensical. I live in Illinois, where my district will be voting for Biden no matter what. We will be electing Democrats in November, period. So should I just tune out? Should I stop paying attention to the direction of the federal government because you say so? Thanks, I'll pass and continue to pay attention, even though whether or not I turn out to the voting booth in November is currently irrelevant.
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    It's a farce to think anybody won votes last night. If anything, Biden lost some. But those people will just stay home, not vote for Trump.
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    Keep me out of your meltdowns please and thank you.
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    Biden is for sure done for. He alienated half of the 'crats with the green new deal, defun police, protesters, etc. Trump did what Trump does and it didn't hurt him at all. Biden on the other hand hurt his campaign
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    Wallace was a disgrace. Didn't challenge Biden at all. Always put Trump on the defensive.
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    "I will re-enter the Paris agreement"
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    Biden is like a Roomba stuck in a phone booth
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    Take your TDS filter off and see what's actually happening m8
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    Living in this country is NOT having "skin in the game"?
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    The only people even slightly enthusiastic about this election were the SJW/BLM crowd. Biden had been pretty radical in the lead up, pandering to the extremists (you may remember the video he recorded for the Muslims, where he literally panders to Muslim extremists?), but he tried his best to portray himself as a moderate last night. The people wanting him to go Full Bernie last night were offended. That's it though. I do also believe it hurt Biden to come across so weak. He couldn't compose himself enough to spit out a sentence when Trump was talking over him. Not a good sign for someone who wants to be the leader of the free world.
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    I'm not sure he lost any...I understand the premise tho, but I think it's too early to say he lost them.
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    This is just an awful take. As per usual. If you hate your president so much why don't you just end it all? Do you really think you're going to handle another 4 years? Do yourself and the rest of us a favour. I'm sure your misses can find someone like Bubba after your gone, given how thirsty she was for him in that picture you posted.
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    He put them off. Coming out saying he doesn't support the green new deal, health insurance or.the rioting hurt him. People that were far left and actually pay attention to this chit aren't going to the polls at all. Their candidate to them is a dud now. Trump had a gameplan of letting Biden hang himself and he did. Trump didn't wow anyone, but he didn't need to. His base was voting for him no matter what. Biden lost some of his base last night IMO. It would be in his best interest to bail on the last two debates.
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    Can you imagine being infestered with TDS to the degree that you would actually vote for a senile liberal ? If I lived in the U.S. and if Harris/ Biden won, I would pick-up my family and move, ... oh wait, I did that when Obuma won- 👀
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    lol the damage control in this thread. Nov. 3rd is going to hilarious in here.
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    Biden said all that stuff about Hunter was discredited, > deemed the #1 Pinocchio of the night for Biden, it's never been discredited by anyone other than that CNN RINO Nicolle Wallace . In reality > Hunter Biden is 2 ticks away from a Federal indictment . Joe Biden isn't part of the swamp, he is the swamp . He denied saying a bunch of stuff that I have him on my hard-drive saying .The guy is a mentally ill, corrupt, pathological lying thieving piece of liberal scum that literally belongs behind bars . The Republican Party may not be the answer to our problems but the Democrats sure as hell are the cause . Biden said tonight > ANTIFA is an idea/ myth, he might covid-close the country down again, he denied supporting Kamala Harris' new green deal, he would defund the police, he bumbled over fracking again, would re-enter the Paris Agreement, would rescind Trump's tax cuts, wouldn't answer court-stacking question, and wouldn't reveal sc list . Biden got steam-rolled !
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    I would like to see before and after pictures of @Megasoup's scalp so I can independently verify whether or not Minoxidil works. If it does, some of you lackbeards on here should start applying it to your chins.
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    The business end of your crack pipe must be hot to the touch, m8.
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    Mangay can do the butt rape v2 celebration after he puts Ratlip to sleep.
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    What's the over/under on Holly wearing short tight shorts ?
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    In my rush to post on my phone, I misspoke in that statement. Everyone has their right to an opinion and view no matter where they may live, of our country, people, politics, and democracy. But for those that are US citizens that choose not to vote, I find it a bit hypocritical to hard line from either side when you have no skin in the game. It's our civic duty to vote, not our civic duty to biitch on forums relentlessly hoping to sway public opinion. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Your voting voice is your only REAL power in this country, along with money and assets. I just stated what I believe, not throwing hands at anyone in particular...it's just a matter of principle.
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    **** off! I realized in the 80's that my vote is worthless.
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    Biden Busted LOL- courtesy James Woods
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    I'm excited for the bus tour with Masvidal and Trump Jr. The jimmies will ALL BE SHATTERED when both main eventers on an upcoming PPV show up wearing MAGA hats on the weigh-in stage.
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    He was asked to denounce them under the premise that white supremacists were the ones destroying our cities. Which is why he insisted on mentioning Antifa (Reasonable, because I have yet to see a white supremacist looting and burning). Then he asked Chris Wallace to give him the word for the people he wanted him to denounce, because Wallace was debating him and wouldn't let him finish.
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    BS-Fakenews > looking at it right now, Trump answered > "What word do you want me to use, gimme a word ? LOL - Nobody believes he's a racist, it hasn't been an arguable narrative anywhere except with CNN and their 4000 viewers 👀
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    If your allegiance is to a party and not your country to the point of taking your ball and going home because you didnt win, I cant think of anything less patriotic. But i look forward to hearing stories from little Bezerker202 when he signs up to the fora and regails us of stories about his angry grandpa screaming at his computer screen again.
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    Everyone seems to be getting in a tiz about the proud boys comment. What's the back story on these gentlemen? All I really know of them is from the odd yt clip of some unit decking a couple of antifa betas The dear old beeb described them as transphobic, homophobic, islamophobic, misogynistic, racist white supremacists. Given they'd probably describe me as at least 4 of those things though I'm a tad wary of their take.
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    Nah Me and LDD are old m8's it would be a hespectful gentleman's bet
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    sorry zerk, but this thread doesnt deserve a sticky
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    Reported for trying to alcohol poison folks.
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    Cannot believe the moderator would bring critical race theory up. Insane
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    Trump is yelling and stammering and crying during Biden’s time nonstop and he can’t fluster and throw off a guy they have been telling me was dementia ridden and can’t finish a sentence. This is a disaster for Trunk.
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    Trump is even getting bodied by the moderator asking honest questions rooted in facts.
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    There are no excuses for being pieced up by a guy who's best win is CM Punk
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    No doubt. The only thing Perry can do is go crotch sniffing like he did against Mickey Gall.
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