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    yes Definition of socialism 1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods Socialism in America – The Future of Freedom Foundation (fff.org)
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    His friend got bodied too. LOL That was satisfying.
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    Oklahoma Wide Receiver Spencer Jones picks on the wrong kid and gets beat down. It turns out the kid is a wrestler and MMA fighter. Spencer has a broken orbital.
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    even after an edit you still failed at spelling correctly.
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    it's supposed to go back up, right?
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    NTF does seem neat in the fact that it can never be "faked"....correcting the major flaw in physical art collectibles.
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    What’s an NFT? NFTs are unique cryptocurrency tokens used to represent assets. In this case, the asset is a digital work of art. NFTs can be bought and sold, but since they run on blockchain (a decentralized digital ledger that documents transactions), ownership and validity of the asset they represent can be tracked. So when an artist puts up for sale an NFT-based artwork, the buyer would purchase a unique token that represents the asset (the artwork) and can then prove authenticity and ownership of the digital art through blockchain. Billionaire tech guru Mark Cuban agrees, and is excited to see how the auction will impact the space of NFT-based art, he tells CNBC Make It. “Art is art. It’s always been available in almost unlimited forms,” Cuban said. “Beeple is a legend, so it makes perfect sense for this to happen. And it may bring traditional art collectors to the digital space.” Cuban is one big name auctioning digital goods online, including a Mavs Suns Game Day Experience video. Cuban also owns NFT-based digital assets, including “Maxi Kleber dunk Moment” card that he considers a collectible and just as valuable as a physical sport card. Although Cuban said he wouldn’t sell his, other digital Maxi Kleber dunk sets have sold for anywhere from $35 to as much as $800 on the NBA Top Shot website. According to Cuban, NFTs, smart contracts and blockchain will be the future of business. “This generation knows that a smart contract and the digital good it reflects or a CryptoAsset are a better investment than old school see, touch or feel uses,” Cuban wrote in a January blog post.
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    Yeah I'm not always that great at explaining things in the most basic ways sometimes especially on the internet. I tried to give examples & analogies. I'm also fairly new to learning about NTF's but i understand the basics & the potential. What do you mean by emperor's new clothes? Blockchain/crypto is not some fad thing if that's what you're thinking. You should read more on it if you don't understand this. Crypto currency will very likely replace fiat money entirely at some point in the future & most governments will adopt their own versions of digital currency. Wide scale adoption won't come over night just like any developing tech but it is going to happen eventually. It's pretty much inventible assuming no great catastrophe befalls us. It's basically like Fiat is a horse & crypto is cars. I mean yeah people still ride horses but hardly anyone uses as a primary mode of transportation unless you live on a small farm or you're Amish. Blockchain is absolutely 100% going to be the future of how all networks function & operate at peak efficiency & more ways are developed to retro fit blockchain tech to be applied in nearly every industry you can think of which will happen on a long enough time scale. Seems few understand this but the reason why that's already happening & will become massively adopted is it's just better & the better idea wins in tech. Verified validation proof of work + automated networks + eventually working in tandem with precise sensors, machine learning robots, data analytics & AI is FAR superior & has infinite applications for nearly every industry. It's just a way more scientific approach. More accurate, productive & less wasteful than humans ever could be and the cost/energy/time associated to run those networks will get way less costly, more energy efficient, run much faster and be less prone to error. Over a long enough time scale this is going to have have a more dramatic impact than what the industrial age did. The slower adopters are going to be relics of the past very quickly.
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    It's like you tried to confuse me, @StompGrind! In actual terms a three year old can understand: It's some chit worth some theoretical chit, if you believe in that chit. You're welcome, Sparks.
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    not trying to take anything away from khabib the great, but if he fought GSP he would get battered like War Machines ex-girlfriends.
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    be polite and respectful towards him? but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. gsp would smesh khabib the great, like he did to bisping and all the 20 something other fighters that he faced. no other fighter on the planet could do that. gsp is khabib's kryptonite.
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    Our liberals are supposed to be the centrist, conservatives to the right and Democrats to the left. But the reality is the Democrats want to be socialists and the liberals are farther left than just leaning. Out conservatives are mostly right if center but don't pull and real stunts off like the American counterparts do.
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    As a Draymond Green hater, its been a splendid couple weeks.
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    Imagine laughing at somebody for not knowing what some super random MMA fighter's wife looks like. Good lord, you have an abundance of free time.
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    Don't Reply to me, ever again Weak effort... Shame on you Do you know, who I am???
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    lol, .. I'm not buying all the Alexa hype either & btw, I didn't know Kelly was fighting ?
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    .... Boxing odds > Golovkin .. -1000 Jacobs .. +550 Pacquiao .. -1000 Horn .. +580 Zab Judah .. -5250 Mungia .. +1750 Luis Collazo .. +250 Vasquez .. -325 Eubank .. -5000 Quinlan .. +2000 Cotto .. -470 Kirkland .. +375 Haye .. -750 Bellew .. +525 Klitschko .. +200 Joshua .. -220 Canelo .. -900 Chavez Jr .. +600 Broner .. -265 Granados .. +245 Frampton .. -150 Santa Cruz .. +140 Felix Verdejo .. -7000 O. Flores .. +2800 Wawrzyk .. +2800 D. Wilder .. -7000 Mundine .. +175 Green .. -225 Campbell .. -4500 Lopez .. +1500 Selby .. -2000 Barros .. +1100 Russell Jr .. -5000 Escondon .. +2000
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    ... BJ was +330, AA @ +350 ... lol Was hoping for closer odds on the Kabib fight, opening at -170 not good but probably accurate -
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    lol, you do realize the numbers on the ticket are the decimal odds, not the money wagered .... or are you really that disconnected ?
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    ... hit me later, I ordered up a harem w/ my winnings & they have immediate needs . Did you see the guy on the Bovada thread that parlayed Penn/ Moraga -
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    Real mma math - Lauzon > Sanchez ... Sanchez > Held ... Held > Lauzon - Lybarger looks to be much more aggressive & busier, plus Ansaroff sucks ... people favoring Ansaroff bcoz she trains w/ the champ - Mendes doesn't need to be a phenom to beat Saenz bcoz Saenz ain't chit, ... good spot for the up n' coming stud -
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    Cookie Monster vs Quiet Storm, .. I dunno
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    Not a fan of one-dimensional gassers that never look in shape like Nelson & Hunt, but that's just me . I overlooked Volkov, my bad & I will readim'-up now, the other guy too -
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    ... good fight to fill out a main-card -
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    Joachim Christensen : Can someone explain to me why this Danish dude is -250 over Bojan Mihajlovic +195 ? I'm not getting it, they're both coming from ufc debut losses . I can see him being the favorite, but not @ -250 . I've watched their previous fights & it's difficult to separate them . JC has a significant height & reach advantage & looks busier in the cage .. but -250 ? Rodriguez, Martin, & Klose appear to be AOG's (Act of God .. if they lose), I'm looking to build a couple eight leg parlays & Rodz, Martin, Klose, & Christensen pay 3.4/1 but not sold on Joachim . My choices to fill out the parlay would be maybe Pettis, Oleynik, Sherman, Smoliakov, .. still looking & have not set my mind as of yet -
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    I know the ufc is notorious for not updating their fight-cards, but they are still showing Rivera vs Vera plus Sportsbet & 5Dimes are accepting wagers on the bout, .. could I get some clarity & closure ?
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    ... probably not happening but odds posted > Rivera @ -1200 vs Vera @ +600 https://www.bestfightodds.com/
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    Pinnacle has late sub Oleynik @ -135 & Pesta @ +120
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    .... odds up less Rivera/ Vera & Pesta/ Oleynik https://www.bestfightodds.com/
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    .... odds posted for Rodz/ Penn card - https://www.bestfightodds.com/ .... minus Oleynik/Pesta & Rivera/Vera
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    yeah Tate coz she was losing bigtime -
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    That is a forum member's pic from twitter (without the add-ons) -
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    Should be ok, Moraga fighting out of ACS/ MMA Lab Tempe, Arizona ... Pettis > obvi Milwaukee * (not my pick)
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    Rodriguez vs Penn headlining Phoenix is the wrongest of the wrong, ... not that I believe Penn will actually participate -
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    ... if you minus the dead people & illegal immigrants whose votes were counted, Trump wins the popular vote by 4 million -
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    Nunes for retiring headcase Rousey so we don't have to deal w/ the bs ufc media hype anymore .... . .... greatly appreciated -
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    Rousey is a confirmed headcase, she will succumb to the enormous pressure and tap to strikes - Garbrandt catches Cruzweather early & begins long reign of terror in the division - Never believed for a minute that Velasquez would actually participate in 207, ... he was a sickly child you know -
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    Christmas carollers should be boiled in oil .... twice & karaoke singers should be summarily executed, just sayin' -
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    .... Junior is getting a tune-up after a layoff/ surgery, this a good thing, Gagnon, Mein, & Kennedy are wishing they had tuners vs a nobody -
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