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    Whilst you lot are gambling your hard earned money on whims, hearsay and reddit-pumped frivolities, I'm pleased to announce that Bubba Sparks Inc. are now a major listed shareholder in a startup that has an innovative carbon capture system that will be licenced across the EU and make GAZILLIONS of money out of virtue signaling socialists. Assuming they reach the market cap of apple by 2030, I'll retire as a billionaire. At the more realistic end of the scale, I might get a couple of vacations off the back of a public listing one day.
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    This is how it should be!! Thanks.
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    I've combined ALL of Vert's posts calling the top into one chart for easy use/access....here's the chart
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    If we are going to have an off night I'd prefer it to be exactly like this. Everyone doing chit and Conceive crushing it. The natural order will be restored this week.
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    me after going all in on these scams
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    try ELON or elons sperm coin lol
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    You need whale money for that or be very lucky. Whale's can just throw 500 at EVERYTHING shill to other whales as alpha to pump then followers at top then dump
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    @SVTContour98 to be fair we were talking on this board about DOGE at .05 cents....thats like a 10 plus x from today.....what more do you want lol?
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    lol The chart below is the only one Im going to be using foward to call tops...Ill go off of comments in this thread or twitter sentiment
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    Damn we all suck, maybe I should have shown more restraint with the Hairball's. Great week @Conceive-Believe-Achieve , Congrats
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    I’d like to dedicate this victory to all the nerds and virgins out there.. Oh, and @cashfl0w
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    Considering going to that BTC conference in Miami in June. Probably gonna be wild AF.
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    SNL stopped being funny about 30 years ago. They could book just about anybody as the host, and I'll pass on watching it.
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    Good card but damn why they still have to push a meaningless wmma fight on the main card huh ?
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    4 and 5 with one Absolut robbery loss wasn't too bad. Didn't realise the size difference for Watercan though, that was a bad take along with Dadbod Cerrone so really with more than thirty seconds research and non corrupt judges it could have been 7-2
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    10X is sissy stuff bro I need SHIB money where you throw $500 at it and it turns into $10million
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    My original post was referencing that they took one weapon away, and that it doesn't make sense to stop there. People are dying, people are being hurt still. To draw the line there means you only really cared about the guns. So let's get these knives off the goddamn streets. WTF? People die from stabbings every day. People live after being shot every day. The end of your post is an opinion, and I disagree with it. Let me put a knife in your neck and we'll see if your opinion changes.
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    hey bro i know i'm a few hours late but i just wanted to wish you a happy mothers day
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    I was watching a couple of mma prediction shows this morning and the hosts said they are no-longer analyzing wmma, .. one guy said "Shevchenko vs Lee, what the fcuk am I supposed to do with this ? They both lost to Roxanne Modafferi . LoL
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    I wonder if that's a stereotype we've just gotten used to - if you're from Brazil, you have good BJJ. While that seems to be the case quite frequently, a lot of strikers come from Brazil as well (Machida, JDS, Aldo). Machida is a black belt under Walter Broca, but it didn't do him much good when he was getting humped by Ryan Bader. Although that's another point - you could be skilled in BJJ while wearing a gi and competing under the IBJJF ruleset. There are a lot of great BJJ players who have terrible takedowns, since back-flopping and butt-scooting are the order of the day when you're just doing BJJ competition. MMA grappling is extremely wrestling and top-control heavy, so standard competition BJJ doesn't always translate. Demian Maia is a good example - he really had to shore up his wrestling in order to implement his game. Frank Mir is a BJJ black belt but couldn't do much other than get punched in the face when he fought Bork for the second time. It think that's why the terrorist-style grappling from the caucus region is so successful nowadays. It's Sambo-based rather than BJJ-focused (although both arts have their origins in Kodokan Judo) and extremely wrestling-heavy. It's tailor-made for the MMA ruleset.
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    Top knot cnt. I would say I hope he gets brain damage but it is obvious he already has.
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    In the laundry room playing roulette-
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    .... watching the Dan Patrick Show-
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    ......eating homemade freshly baked cheese pandesal- 😃
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    The Romanian weather appears ominous today/ 👀
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    Whenever I'm faced with a serious problem - ... I say to myself "What would Vinnie Jones do?"
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    .... they're telling me it's not a lockdown, it's an
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    * The wife wanted to play online Blackjack as we are in our 3rd week of lockdown here, I tried to convince her that it was an absolute no-win but to no avail, -she agreed to bet reasonably and keep it to 100 hands . I sat next to her with a pencil and notebook just for the fook of it . The house/ site beat her 20 with a 21 .... 23 times - need I say more ? ?
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    Trish Regan blasts Dems with her patended "degenerate scumbags" rant & gets suspended - ?
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    Fight Network's Cody Saftic loses bootey-bet (Emmers LOTN) tall-boy Miller ?
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    Might take a slight edge off the home-cooking -
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    ... during the Town Hall the other day he said "It drives me crazy when I hear that I'm a far left extremist", then he cherry picks a list of commonalities he has with the other candidates ?-.... coming from a NYr's perspective > he looks and sounds like every elderly Jewish con-man I ever met growing up, in fact, Sanders is the epitome . Hooking up with AOC briefly & supporting the NGD was a serious miscalculation imo .
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