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    Just purchased these. Normally $160ish, got them for $100. Oliva series V Melanio figurado.
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    Conor sleeps Dustin, Do Bronx strangles the entire division in the first round
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    your corruption knows no bounds. your day of reckoning is upon you.
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    Made that error sober actually. It was my subconscious creating the obvious third option "nobody can possibly win watching patty cake for 15 minutes"
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    I'd ask 5dimes, but would assume Kingpoze is leaving a slot for the mighty TBD....or he's drunk again
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    Sarah Alpar Lupita Godinez Option 3 wtf is going on here? is this a triple threat match?
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    Give me some good recommendations. I've had numerous kinds over the years, I'd say I'm more of a medium bodied smoker. Some of my favs are: Ave Maria Immaculata Brickhouse Maduro Gurkha Beauty My Father The Judge Tabak Especial Cafe Con Leche - flavored These are decently priced cigars, I dont want to break the bank.
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    Polygon pulling weight today. Starbase mooned after Musk tweet. Meme coin gainz are nuts. Almost makes me wanna start playing with some of these for quick get in get out gainz but they dump so fast not sure i want to risk even small bags but man when you see 1000+ % jumps in one day....it's tempting but not safu lol @ Portney in on Safemoon. Dude is like mush from Bronx tale. I don't understand how that guy remains a millionaire.
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    If the bumper sticker says "Defund Israel" end the FED, HODL Bitcoin & delete Facebook" that's the most based ride I've ever seen lol
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    sure theyll arrest the pastors for holding a church service, but not for touching little boys both practices should be a crime
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    American airports will now start weighing passengers because they are too fat. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/airlines-could-soon-start-weighing-passengers-before-flights Airline passengers may be required to step on the scale at the airport or share how much they weigh before boarding a flight, a new report suggests. Data airlines use to measure passenger weight to ensure safety onboard planes may be outdated as the obesity rate in the U.S. increases. Now, air carriers may have to update average passenger weight, according to the airline blog View from the Wing, citing a circular advisory sent out by the Federal Aviation Administration. you yanks arent just tipping the scales. youre tipping airplanes! i aint got nothing on that. think about that, and perhaps try ordering a diet coke instead to go along with your 2 triple big macs with the supersized fries!
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    Filthy Frank flavour
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    Nope, visa issues. Fight no longer exists.
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    They'll put it as a double with Izzy (Vettori?) Vs Rob
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    Kingpoze is a man of integrity and trust, please clarify your ranking based the the numeral next to your name. -idyb- ( 277 - 172 ) - 61.69% That would be zero, nilch, nada, doesn't even exist....which means I ranked higher than you. I know you threatened Kingpoze with outing some gay pr0n pictures of him with Mel, but that chiit won't fly with me. PS: Butch is retired, Mr.Bill has taken the challenge on with full gusto...and beat you last round soundly, so eat Mr.Bill's azz and enjoy.
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    Free Palestine, With purchase of four rims and a lift kit.
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    i want to see him pound a bottle of jack in between rounds
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    Really happy for the kid
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