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    I really want Masvidal to win. I like a bit of a fairy- tale ending to a guy's career, plus it will make platinum Clegg's year!
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    Imagine classifying this as a man...
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    i found this funny
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    imagine having to hug a 6 day late replacement up against the fence and stomp their foot to scrape by a victory lmfao
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    Two weeks in a row now. Mccoont scrape your carcass off of Animal Crossing(lolgay) and get the event thread up asap. This is unacceptable. I'll be writing a letter to Uncle Dana about this unsatisfactory modship.
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    Lol, The OP is one of your people.
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    It gets truer by the day. I'm fed up of the petulant, petty, point-scoring by both sides of the debate. A FB friend of mine has been gleefully praising the Tik-Tok teenagers who allegedly snatched up a load of tickets for the Trump rally. Why the heck is a British guy so bothered about who turns up for a Trump rally? But like the video says, because he's a leftie, America, and Trump are "the enemey", so if the enemy fails, then they feel good. Exactly the same thing is seen in this thread. Biden's ineptitude is laid bare for all to see, and it's an absolute shambles that for the second time, the American electorate will have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Yet the common antidote to "Trump is a moron" seems to be "Biden is an even bigger moron". How on earth is that a good thing? That your favoured candidate wins because he's slightly less of a can than the other guy.... Frankly this is further evidence we need to sack off democracy and go back to a feudal system. Australia are welcome back under her majesty's umbrella any time mate.
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    World's gone mad fam.
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    Whoever threw that cone @ 1 min in a my hero. LOL
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    If you're going down this route, you also need to grave dig the early posts of @juice64011 and @StompGrind. Perplexingly the poster who called this correctly was @VertFTW. We truly live in strange and unprecedented times.
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    I had a bad reaction to anti-malarial drugs when on safari a few years ago. Had explosive diarrhea and explosive vomiting for 48 hours. On several occasions, they coincided....on one particularly perfect storm of a moment, whilst sat on the loo, the vomiting was so explosive that it ripped straight through the bag onto my lap, which made me jump up in disgust, which made me explosively crap all over the bathroom floor. It was a fairly low point, although there was a small lizard in the bathroom at the time, so it kind of felt a bit like being on safari anyway.
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    UFC 251: Usman vs MasvidalSaturday, July 11th, 2020 Main Card (10:00 p.m. ET) Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway Petr Yan vs. José Aldo Jéssica Andrade vs. Rose Namajunas Amanda Ribas vs. Paige VanZant Preliminary Card (8:00 p.m. ET) Volkan Oezdemir vs. Jiří Procházka Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs. Muslim Salikhov Makwan Amirkhani vs. Danny Henry Leonardo Santos vs. Roman Bogatov Early Preliminary Card (6:00 p.m. ET) Marcin Tybura vs. Maxim Grishin Raulian Paiva vs. Zhalgas Zhumagulov Karol Rosa vs. Vanessa Melo Davey Grant vs. Martin Day
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    Watched the event this morning and honestly found myself missing GSP. That's how ****ing boring Marty is.
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    Were you planning to suck him off for some forum privileges? There's no way McVirgin gets laid otherwise.
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    Prime queen Elizabeth II would still kick his **** though.
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    Trains in Florida, got COVID....shocking lol
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    Should've paid Jorge instead of trying to offer him less than he got for Nate. Stupid mother****ers.
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    Say more chit below
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    Trump would steal candy from children then boast about how great that candy is, then try to blame the previous administration for making an environment where he could steal said candy. Biden would sniff the childs hair and whisper something truly profound like cats ate your real estate sweater farm. No matter who wins, everyone loses.
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    Mickey was slapping Mikey around on the feet. Perry had to take it to the ground to avoid that heat. Cardio lost that one for Mickey
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    I've literally never seen anyone dressing like that in America. But as soon as they set foot on European soil, up come the long white socks and on go the bum bags (fanny packs I think you call them). It's a curious phenomenon.
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    No you couldn't.
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    All banter aside, what an absolutely amazing season. Klopp has solidified himself as the best coach in the world in my opinion. Pep might've won more, but look at what Klopp has done. Won the title with Dortmund, and now this. It's easy to forget after two miraculous seasons what a ****ing mess Liverpool were in when he took over. They were essentially in a current United/arsenal situation, and he's turned them into this. Absolutely outstanding.
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    For some reason, YouTube is spamming me with compilations of a woman they call AOC lately. If she's one of the voices for the left, that explains why this thread drips with derision at times. Can any of you actually listen to that whiny, pugnacious, self-satisfied nasal voice without wanting to kick a hole in a wall?
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    There's a lot of Mexicans on that land we took from them. Mexicans made up 48% of the cases around here despite being like 10% of the population. Little bastards need to stop renting 3 bedroom houses where they house 22 people. They're worse than the chanks.
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    Yo @OmoGOAT why are you always confused bro? You gotta be the most confused person to ever grace the goddamn forums. 6 months after major back surgery.
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    That Can is indeed me! Haven't been on here in a wee while. Used to live on Yas Island, its a pretty great place tbh and the grand prix is awesome there, can confirm. Went to the UFC last year on Yas as well which was pretty good apart from all the ayrab cans chanting Khabib constantly. I got a quick slot on a local news station telling the camera how there is gonna be a lot of unhappy fans and it aint gonna be me cos Dustin is gonna smash Khabib... laid low for a while after that lol The temp is about 45C on average right now and it is pretty **** being outside but I am not really sure why everyone is so concerned about that considering the fights will clearly be in a Air conditioned arena... It isn't a spring break beach fight in Miami lads.
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    Gayest thing I've read since Vert's last post
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    We're all just jealous of your top 20 education bro.
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    Lol I'm probably the most loner poster on this board...I dont have any alliance with anyone on this board.
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    Using the ignore button is the forum version of tapping to strikes.
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    He's a middleweight that loses quite often. Jones would be calling him out immediately.
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    The results of extreme loneliness. This is what happens when you go your entire life without sex.
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    Speaking of de-escalation, let's stop condescending to each other. I apologize if I came in too hot, I respect your opinion even if I disagree with you.
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    I know I'm a foreigner so my views don't count, but my main takeaways are:- 1. There was no apparent "racism" involved. 2. Dude who got shot is crazy for risking his life over something so minor. 3. From what I've read, police acted in accordance with their training, so I don't understand why they are charged with murder. It's still a crying shame though that more effective non-lethal approaches can't be deployed as a back-up. Plus you'd have thought in the current climate the cops would be walking on egg-shells a bit more. Bottom line; that guy should still be alive, but I'd put the blame about 90% at his own door.
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    You might want to prevent allowing multiple votes before the trolls turn up. Nobody likes election fraud. Apart from the 7 million dead Democrats or whatever zerkbot was talking about.
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    > but one must consider the fact that the popular vote means horse-chit & there were an estimated 7 million fraudulent votes submitted by the dumbocrats . (I heard dead people were voting twice 🙃)
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    Lol the nakker Nascar driver did it himself.
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    When are you coming back for another visit to the somalian quarter of Stockholm?
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