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    DId McMod die from the Rona? @Bezerker101 is bringing the heat with these event threads
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    This opinion has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Liverpool aren’t in it, of course.
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    End of her first fight:
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    That’s hot garbage, m8. I’m pretty sure here you can get a round trip ticket cross country for 40 bucks. They’ll blow you if you’re in business class.
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    Which one are you looking at. Check BudsGunShop. I buy all my chit through yhere and have it sent to my ffl
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    Thanks It worries me, that they actually post their poor quality selections
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    Premier League >>>>>> European Cup >> Champions League >>>>>>> mickey mouse Champions League completed with double headers. That is my completely unbiased and unchanging opinion. Scrap it.
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    Queen Kamala is going to eviscerate that asexual bible salesman when they debate.
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    CNN already setting table "Kamala is ready from day one to take over from Joe" - just now, true story 😐
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    Lol if Robbie loses to Magny that’s two of my favourite fighters (him and Condit) who have been beaten by him. Don’t think my heart can take this tbh.
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    Rozenstruik is overrated. He might catch Junior, but it would only be a sign Junior is that far over the hill. If Junior has anything left in him, he beats this dude.
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    I'm not super impressed with Dvalishvili either. Dodson can win that fight.
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    Yo @cashfl0w does Felice give that dude the hands?
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    Really pumped for this card for whatever reason
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    UFC 216 OCTOBER 7TH Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee Demetrious Johnson vs Ray Borg Fabrício Werdum vs Derrick Lewis Paige VanZant vs Jessica Eye Beneil Dariush vs Evan Dunham Tom Duquesnoy vs Cody Stamann Will Brooks vs Nik Lentz Bobby Green vs Lando Vannata Pearl Gonzalez vs Poliana Botelho TB Walt Harris vs Mark Godbeer John Moraga vs Magomed Bibulatov Thales Leites vs Brad Tavares Matt Schnell vs Marco Beltran Andrea Lee vs Kalindra Faria Mara Romero Borella vs Kalindra Faria
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    I'm a Bullwinkle & Rocky guy
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    ... that calls for a Manhoef eww !
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    ... I'm thinking Ponzinibbio eats some haggis before the fight & pulls out last minute -
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    ... not sure Makdessi fully recovered from #206 yet -
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    two aged card fillers doing battle not much again, appeal goes nowhere -
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    If it's any consolation, you're a good man Smooth -
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    ... zero fight IQ now, the dude just forgot how to fight plain & simple, Struve & Omielanczuk would whoop him, I believe this started with his 1st rd loss to Arlovski in '15 -
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    ... truth of truths here^, it is a definite negative & taking away from the sport . They are trying to ram womens mma down our throats through the UFC bcoz nobody watches Invicta . ... They change the channel at the local sports bar here when the bishes are fighting unless it's Rousey, I wish they would be done with this damn sham -
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    Can't see a 1yr inactivity helping Bisping + coming from a loss (lel), Whittaker is tuned ..
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    Whittaker will reap Bisping thoroughly, .. Bisping is such a deek -
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    she was pulled from the 2 betting sites I use ** update : this fight has been dropped from all betting sites -
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    .... so you're a cowardly **** too lol, no surprise there from a scrub that does nothing but pick favorites, If you took my bet offer, I would have finished you in London & I'm sure you would have welched - .... the bs you post is really over the top, not a person here buys it dude ... you're a ******' clown -
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    ... your insult was " your picks are awful " > ... now it's about money smfh, do you actually think about what you're ****ing posting or do you assume everyone here is a dumbazz like you ? No sane person would post verified gambling winnings on a public forum . I called parlays like Kelly, Teymur, & Woodley in advance, then backed it up with ticket, .. I even explained how & why each fighter would win (41-1), same with Ortiz/ Lopez ticket (28-1) ... it's all about picking dawgs or knowing when you can pull off an 8 leg parlay & backing it up/ .. the reward is cred + cash . ... I just saw your foglet username bet offer lol, that's all you got ? How about this instead, the 1st one of us to post a winning UFC parlay ticket with a minimum of 3 dawgs stays, loser leaves the forum forever via mod-enforcement ?
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    ... I never said I was putting money on Trinaldo, I said (pg 66) I couldn't see either fighter dominating the other and I was wrong, Trinaldo dominated Lee & gassed .. period . Get your chit together boy . ... when was the last time you posted a winning ticket champ lol ? ... you've seen my collection, last was 40-1 ... and coming from a dude that posted Lee would win every second of every round, suggested Means would destroy Oliveira ( I posted on that same page that fight would wreck your parlay ), & picked Villante in Brazil . ... and if I remember correctly, I beat you in the last tourney .. I have yet to see you pick a decent dawg and post the winning ticket & I've been here this stint since Werdum/ Velasquez where I had Werdum @ 5-1 & you had the loser you loser . ... lastly, I'm not getting into one of your fogletto back & forths you do with half the forum here ... you need to start posting winning tickets or shut the **** up -
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    How many times must we watch Hunt slow to 50% after the 1st ? Waiting to see Hunt get lucky the first 5 minutes of a fight is not my idea of mma -
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    ... yup, both fighters injured ... sucks http://www.mmafighting.com/2017/3/6/14838046/godofredo-pepey-kyle-bochniak-removed-from-ufc-fortaleza
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    ... we all knew Carson wasn't rolling political correctness, .. go Ben !
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    ... Shubey doobie doo -
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    If you're serious, then you better cover @ +335 356, personally I think he's finna git pieced, Rua has a better chance of connecting imo -
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    if you really want to understand why LV lacked the skillset to compete w/ Teymur, ... click on his 8 pre-UFC opponents & look at their records lol > http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Lando-Vannata-82446 ... also consider that Makdessi is spent -
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    ... they just don't give you the belt (most of the time), you gotta beat the champ to be the champ, WB needed to take it to Woodley & do some damage, ... didn't happen -
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    I would think Ferguson is super-motivated to rustle the wresslin' ruskie now -, ... can't wait to see if Vegas makes an adjustment -
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    ... Calvillo lost me when she failed to strip down, Cooper might throw a good one doe -
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    I heard him say it at the weigh-in, he looked good .. Thompson not so much, ... did anyone see any signs that would suggest an additional 10lbs of muscle ?
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