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    This is probably the best fight their company can make. Superfight is definitely applicable here. Prelims on now.
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    Highly entertaining fight though. This main event should be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    Lots of developers are having a hard time with the Series S right now. Here's a good video. im waiting for DFs official breakdown myself but this is concerning for people who are getting an S and expecting straight up 1440p.
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    this is older than the battle of helms deep, m8.
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    Brian's probably helping them out; he had a lot of trouble with your surname i seem to recall.
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    Cool this is the second time you've said it. I get it. Mass is a blue state. I guess you take pleasure in making people feel like their vote is pointless. I personally think the Nov 3rd postmark is dumb. It should be way sooner so everything is ready for the 3rd.
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    Nope said right on the thing it had to be postmarked by Nov 3rd. The results aren't gonna be ready by election night anyway. Its gonna be retarded.
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    Mailed mine earlier today.
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    Lima KO'ed MVP in Chicago. I had an actual out of body experience when it happened.
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    A slugfest bell to bell....Gotta go with Lima in the Main, he's a beast and long.
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    Terrible judging, it's becoming common...Girtz got tuned up the whole fight.
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    How in the **** did somebody score that 30-27 Girtz when he landed one punch in the first round? Yuck.
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    Khabib just holding the #1 P4P ranking for GeGOAT
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    Not impressed with him. He needs a lot of work.
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    Sure Kev. Tell me more about how someone plans to win an election by preventing people from voting. I'm sure whatever you're crying about only applies Dems, right?
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    Lol yeah i got one of those today trying to log in.
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    Nonpartisan source? Lol there is no such thing. Seriously about 95% of what you can find just about anywhere is slanted bias. May even be higher than that. We all see the same $hit.... the source doesn't even matter anymore. The only difference is depending on source it's fed through the bias machine and a partisan turd take comes out and people parrot that.
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    Wait, wait, wait.... so you may not end up voting? Hit the bricks, pal. This thread is for voters ONLY.
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    Joe Biden could be like "LOL we've been getting millions slid under the table from China for decades!!", and you'd be like "there's no real evidence there, this is just what Fox News does".. lol
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    I refuse to believe they didn't back it up. There's a duplicate somewhere. Btw, nobody in this thread is smarter than Tucker Carlson. A few might pretend to be, but..
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    Sounds like fake news, homie. I’ll wait until digital foundry says so.
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    Freddie got killed by Nazis, you insensitive prick.
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    Been a Rob & Pam fan since their jungle fight days.
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    Run by a guy nicknamed gumby. Wasn't that Jeremy Horn's nickname? These rankings are getting more legitimised by the minute!
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    I can't comprehend how you could possibly get to be the #3 ranked fighter when your best win is over #10 four years ago. UFC rankings are meaningless.
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    That pep talk that Chael gave to Hall in the Ultimate Fighter finally comes to fruition
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    Weak President postpones rally because he doesn’t have the balls to nuke a hurricane. What a bitсh made fаggot.
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