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    I really want Masvidal to win. I like a bit of a fairy- tale ending to a guy's career, plus it will make platinum Clegg's year!
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    Imagine classifying this as a man...
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    imagine having to hug a 6 day late replacement up against the fence and stomp their foot to scrape by a victory lmfao
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    UFC 251: Usman vs MasvidalSaturday, July 11th, 2020 Main Card (10:00 p.m. ET) Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway Petr Yan vs. José Aldo Jéssica Andrade vs. Rose Namajunas Amanda Ribas vs. Paige VanZant Preliminary Card (8:00 p.m. ET) Volkan Oezdemir vs. Jiří Procházka Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs. Muslim Salikhov Makwan Amirkhani vs. Danny Henry Leonardo Santos vs. Roman Bogatov Early Preliminary Card (6:00 p.m. ET) Marcin Tybura vs. Maxim Grishin Raulian Paiva vs. Zhalgas Zhumagulov Karol Rosa vs. Vanessa Melo Davey Grant vs. Martin Day
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    Watched the event this morning and honestly found myself missing GSP. That's how ****ing boring Marty is.
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    Were you planning to suck him off for some forum privileges? There's no way McVirgin gets laid otherwise.
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    He's a bum and so is Colby. To get your jaw broken by that clown means you suck too. **** Gilbert Burns give Jorge a shot with a real training camp. No 6 days notice and I gotta cut 22 pounds bull****. Shows how much Woodley sucks. Dude had a full camp and is supposed to be a top of the food chain wrestler. He got smashed for 25 minutes by not one but two BUMS. Gilbert Burns got ran over by Dan Hooker in 2 minutes just two years ago.
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    Sign petition here @sobercuban doesnt even show Up to work anymore
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    NoCake has spoken and the rest of you mother****ers can **** off.
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    Can we stop pretending Masvidal is good now? He can go back to being just a fan favorite and nothing more, exactly what I knew would happen, Damien Maia 2.0 Usman has to be one of the most boring champions ever though, how on earth can the ref let them chill against the fence for what, 15 minutes of a 25 minute fight? Foot stomps and shoulder bashes do not count as trying to advance a position.
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    What type of grades did you score in math?
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    15 seconds. I overestimated his bravery.
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    Meh, shows he can get knocked out fairly easily too though, reminds me a lot of Walker, when he gets clipped he will be doing a chicken dance and go back to the B league
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    The game has a Cashflow's backyard brawls environment though. 🤣
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    "Bubba sparks was never my friend" Stomp Grind ~ 2020 😒
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    If you want Nova Scotia you have to take Justin Trudeau with you. Better yet,just take Justine Trudeau and we will call it even.
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    @OzPride, I think this gimmick has run it's course. You need to go back to your pro-Putin, flat earth one. The Trump stan gimmick is completely over- crowded now. Keep up the wine drinking hipster one though. That's still got mileage. Edit: YNWA.
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    the Wayfair conspiracy is wow
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    Masvidal arguably won every second of that fight in which Juiceman wasn’t holding him against the fence. It’s hard to stop a larger man who is determined to stall for the entire fight.
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    Congrats on going 13-0 @Bwana
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    That whole argument is completely retarded. Max won 3 out of 5 rounds. That is more than 'enough'.
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    GSP was never that boring. Wish the ref wouldn't let him stall so much, foot stomps aren't even scoring blows Marty wins the fight, Jorge wins the event.
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    Got a feeling Usman's going to make Street Jesus look like Journeyman George, would be amazing if Masvidal won a title though
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    Can we all agree that we want Masvidal to win? This might be the first time in forum history everyone wants one guy to win. I can’t imagine Marty has any fans.
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    Yes, I would. Maybe Volk can drop them right into my lap with his patented crotch dive technique.
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    ****ing midget spammed baby leg kicks, got sat down twice and tried to sniff Max's crotch in the championship rounds. **** you
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    I think I favor Jessica if that has 2 more rounds. She's on the undetectables and Rose was gassing.
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    So, Israel thinks he's Randleman now?
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    a literally angry mob of 50+ people are chanting in the streets....they decide to break down the private gate entrance to your property and march on your property within 20-30 feet of your and your wife... and you think a hood nagger would be in the right to claim self-defense????
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    Volk will run away with the title easy, Max hasn't even had any training partners...just shadow boxing, he's fkd against a tank like Volk. Max never hurt Volk in the 1st fight, he was dominated the entire fight no matter the score card. And I'm a big fan of Max.
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    If Jorge can pull this off his legend will go into another stratosphere. And if Mickey was running (I didn't see that) it was doing Perry a favor, he was getting pieced up on the feet. That's why he needed to lay out someone closer to his skill set and mentality.
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    Shroud of Duran Incarnate. Cutting weight like Jesus.
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    I'm just composing a strongly worded letter as we speak! Considering her majesty has apologised I'm disappointed that Stomp isn't campaigning hard for his people to rejoin the commonwealth.
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    This ain't any prettier & i'm sure the internet, services & jobs suck there....
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    I'm just trying to talk down to somebody and call them an idiot. Makes me feel better about living in a dump of a city in Illinois, alright?!
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    Mike Perry is so black he beats his girl, her friend, the waiter, AND some old dude up AT THE SAME TIME.
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    Vote Wakanye 2020! MAWA
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    I’m not the one posting debunked medical advice from a two bit slum lord, m8.
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    Pretty sure they didn't get their yearly t-shirts in the mail so they packed up and went home.
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    Daniel Defense DDM4V1
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    The fact that he told Crews to develop Armadillo thick skin like him when we know Lemon would be the type of guy to report anything he found even the slightest bit offensive or triggering lol.
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