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    If Old Man Glover gets the belt it will be the greatest Old Man achievement in MMA since Old Man Randy smashed Tim Sylvia
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    I predict the phrase "are you okay hun?" will be used in this thread within 24 hours. That, as well, as inexplicable comma usage.
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    Focused Whittaker will retire Izzy. Sober Costa will smash Marv. Then we get the epic battle of Focused Whittaker vs. Sober Costa!
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    I saw the other day that some people including celebs are calling for cops to only carry nonlethal equipment. Yeah great idea, so they run into people with weapons and can't do anything. At this point I just want a police force in a major city to protest and step down for 2 weeks. When all of these soft ****s start being victims of crimes and don't have anyone to call, the tune will change quickly.
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    At least post a screen shot of whatever it is you're talking about. You daft twat.
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    Whittaker vs Gastelum Saturday, April 17th, 2021 CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR PICKS VIEW YOUR PICKS HERE! (FAR LEFT TAB) Main Card (?:00 p.m EST) Preliminary Card (?:00 p.m EST) Picks Needed @bigdw35/Ufcfan_1 @Bwana Conceive-Believe @Dark_Horse Decompoze @Fred_Flink_Stoned @gadgets19 @graham_240 @OzPride (1 Pick TBD has been replaced with some Dakota Bush) @thestorm-1 @VertFTW
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    Black Lies Matter founder responds to home-buying criticism… ‘It’s for my family, I’m still a Marxist’…
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    you should get your chance at those sort of prices again before the year is out..
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    No one is really talking about how the dems want to add more scj.
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    @TwennyFo - have you considered this in your benefits v risk analysis
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    Congrats to @Jolldan on entering the Winners Circle
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    What do the boxing community make of him? Because in a way, he's basically saying "If you beat a 36 year old wrestler with a dodgy hip, then you're a legitimate boxer".
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    Fatslelum nearly KO'd that skinny nagger with a head kick. Izzy is 6'8" and Kelvin is 5'4" how is that even possible? Brittle Knuckles is going to beat the black off of that boy.
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    The Askren vs Paul fight went as expected.
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    He's actually claiming concussion like symptoms from being pushed at the weigh ins. He felt Lil Heathens power and exit scammed.
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    They'll be begging for the police to come back when they realize that the Kyle Rittenhouses will just blow their brains all over the place. I truly believe we need a purge.
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    LOL @Genki proclaiming hes always been a serious investor then goes out to shill TRON......... We are all investing, speculating, sometimes even gambling to see what works out to make a profit...anyone saying otherwise is lying.......I have a few things that are true investments but I will put money on almost anything I think has a good shot at good R/R.
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    Just need FinishHim and 18 friends to chip in and im in
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    No surprises on this card for the most part.
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    i love how democRAT supporters of this are saying they are in no way packing the court, but really they are "Unpacking the Court" b/c Trump was the one who packed it. Up is down Left is Right War is Peace
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    Translation: If I lose, no one cares. If I win, then I use it as leverage to get to the belt next. Yan should ask who the fook he is.
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    OMG takes it. There's a slight feel of tew cans to this fight, but Jan battering one of the supposed MW GOATs legitimised the division nicely tbh. The three heavier divisions have historically been a place the old men can thrive so this is not quite at Tito v Chuck III levels.
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    Damn SVT calm down bro. 🤣
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    Up there with when Dan Kelly destroyed Rashad Evans to retroactively become the 185lb Light-heavyweight Champion
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    he's just lucky the broad was a cracker
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    If blacks put as much energy into bettering themselves instead of crying and rioting all the time, they might not be laughed at all the time.
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    Goodluck m8. I hope both of you get through it with no lasting effects.
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    I think he means 186 kilos!
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    @classicboxer, please verify @-idyb-'s outrageous weight claims.
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    pea head made $250k fighting Max for the interim, $250k for fighting Khabib, $300k for main-eventing against Hooker (although half of that was win bonus). Then he made $750k for fighting Conor....and repays him by snitching. Send that bum back to the prelims.
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    That retard lost every round of everything he's been in here mate.
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    I lol'ed hard at this earlier. Conor said in a tweet the fight is off. 🤣 What a b!tch
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    So conor has ghosted Dustbins charity for the payment he promised. I'm not surprised mother fkr
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    Moose is amazing to eat.
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    I've got to admit...this freak show has me kinda intruiged. We've had a few notable "crossover" fights, but Randy was always going to beat Toney, Floyd was always going to beat Conor, Artem was always going to beat Paulie, and Sylvia was always going to beat Mercer. Until he decided he was a boxer not an MMA fighter. Whereas with Askren/Paul, we really don't know just how good Paul's boxing is, or how bad Askren's is. I've watched a few bits of build up, and Ben comes across as a lot more likeable than when he was in the UFC, and Paul comes across as a bit of an oick. Anyway. There's already a thread about this, but I'm curious to see the general view of the fora. Please help me by filling in the poll. Thanks in advance.
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    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bitcoin-plunges-biggest-intraday-drop-055211037.html I score this one for Genki.
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    This guy wins a fight and start acting like he is the new thing ... then he loses, disappears then win again and the cycle repeats
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    Im not gonna post any link seus latas. Who you got ? Glover’s chin is shot but I gotta a feeling he takes this one by submission
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    Dude, what does even mean??????? You think BTC is done...please give details.
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    My dad was bit by one of these about a decade ago. They weren't supposed to be around here at all. He still has to be careful about eating red meat for more than one meal a day.
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    i of course question the actions of the cops....BUT, shouldn't the democrats that are burning the city down be HAPPY that the cops killed this guy? He was an ILLEGAL gun owner, the type democrats WANT to be dealt with!!!!!
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    GF tested positive in Friday and i tested positive today. don't @ me to the forum death pool tnx 😁
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    I'm no anti-vaxxer, in fact getting poked on Monday but this was too funny.
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