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    Reading about the ****show down south made me think of this place. I hope you all are doing well and keeping safe.
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    2020 has been an interesting year Covid Riots Political division Idyb became a soccer mom
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    Hooray Congress or the Senate or The House or whatever decides this stuff does a rush job to initiate a meaningless impeachment when the president has like 2 days left in office anyway. What an amazing feat. Meanwhile they took months and months and months to get aid to people and businesses that desperately need it during a pandemic. Whoo Hoo lets all take our pants off and celebrate this amazing moment. Get real m8
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    Seems like this event has spurred fora members out of retirement. Happy new years chit bags
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    Hold on let me get a mask for you m8
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    Kamala and Biden's campaign staff helped set up a fund to get rioters out of jail and pay their court fees. Dems proposed bills to protect rioters blocking highways and streets. Protests should make people uncomfortable. - AOC They downplayed the riots, they encouraged riots, they protected rioters, and paid their bills. They have been escalating tensions for years and the only reason they quit is because they saw the negative reaction in polls in the late summer.
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    TBF he lives in Mexico so he's probably an expert in intestinal infections.
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    This dude made it into Pelosi office.
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    Happy for everyone who is getting a stimulus even though I'm not.
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    Not sure how it's an easy call, Costa fought terribly. Jan has a significant grappling advantage, he should be able to take enough shots to get inside and ragdoll Izzy to get him down and I'm not sure he has the strength to escape. If he keeps it on the feet then Izzy has a huge advantage, but I'm predicting Jan gnp to TKO or sub
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    I just came here to say thay WHITE LIVES MATTER AND **** YOU DEMS. MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    You like to lump me in with the biased, but I'm not sure how a person who has never voted, leaned left most of his life, and slightly right for the past four or five years is somehow biased. The same crowd tends to refute my points of view, but that doesn't make me biased. I assume you chose that moment because you feel like you saw a riot in the photos or video highlights the other day, and think for some reason me saying I didn't makes me biased. I watched it from start to finish. I watched from the minute the debates were interrupted until the Capitol was empty. If you didn't have the media to locate you cell phone videos of instances here or there of vandal or two busting out a window, you would not have known anything even happened. That's factual. That's not me having an opinion.
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    Lol, thank your for the addition. I think we got it covered now.
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    I don't think juice needs to provide evidence about what happened the last year. The billions of dollars in damage caused by your party speaks volumes and their neglect in trying to get control over the situation in their cities speaks even louder. I do remember Biden denouncing the riots but only after he crawled out his basement months.and months after they have been going on.
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    "Save democracy" Because totalitarian censorship is a staple of democracy.
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    The beetroot is from a month ago, picked and pickled. Tomatoes and strawberries a couple of seasons ago,
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    Usually this thread is: Mozzez/Tuf/12er v Cash/Zerk/Stomp, with SVT and Roids as special guest referees, and me as one of those nerds in the crowd who holds up a sign. It's gone full Royal Rumble now. Someone's getting laid out with a steel chair any minute now.
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    Would now be a good time to give you all an update on Brexit, and Swedish politics?
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    So.... basically all our government does with itself?
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    You have a life? Seriously, with your post count? Hahahahahahahaha Jesus man you may not sit and brag to your wife, as I doubt a woman would be able to deal with your ego, but you sit there jerking yourself off because you won a forum game before and you feel the need to brag about that like some loser. Cash has a life, thats a funny one.😃 Now here comes Cash with his, he has a life and is too busy to post to come running at his name to play attack chihuahua. All bark, no bite.
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    Phases out completely at 100k I believe. Shes gonna get something back but thats going towards her NP schooling. Roids get ****ed and sucked as always m8
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    Nothing says "I GOT MY PANTIES IN A WAD!" like unnecessarily large font AND crying to the mods in the same post. Well done.
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    They have. That's how bad @SavageTC and @juice64011 are.
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    its been nearly two months now but we finally have our very first election fraud allegations being brought to court Pennsylvania Trump supporter charged with voter fraud https://thehill.com/homenews/531242-pennsylvania-trump-supporter-charged-with-voter-fraud
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    Yoel is a weight cutting can who stands around losing decision unless he can land a Hail Mary YOLO strike. Mother****er went full Kenny Florian fighting for the title every other week without ever winning it.
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    The same day he talked about possibly joining his brother and saying there isn't much keeping him in the UFC. It's really not surprising that he wants to explore other options. You can go to a much more lenient, fighter friendly organization and make the same or more money. All the UFC had going for it was its name and prestige of being a ufc fighter. You can't really capitalize on that anymore due to their sponsorship restrictions. It amazes me that more high profile guys don't make the move.
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    Why do i always get the feeling that if you fell into a barrel of t!tz you'd climb out sucking your thumb. Risk evaluated and accepted before decision made and acted upon and here i am ready to rock and roll pal. As an Englishman, having a moan about the outcome is both mandatory and necessary.
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    Well it didnt take long to get back to cards full of nobodies
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    1. Cain Velasquez vs Lesnar 2. Overeem vs Lesnar 3. Frank Mir vs Lesnar (first fight)
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    I like it. I'll probably just keep it for good. Two pretty mother****ers.
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    A page or 2 ago there were 15 straight posts from Idyb and MoZZez. You know your country sucks when you put that much time into posting about a place that you don't live.
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    Democrats rioting across the country had the possibility of greatly impacting me b/c there were local protests in my city as well as in NOLA, both of which could have easily turned violent...and since i have to travel to NOLA monthly with my 12yr old, it had my full attention while it was present...i've not paid attention to it since the local stuff died down. I'm fine with your disagreement.
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    I literally never talk about it in real life...fruitless and pointless and only causes conflict.
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    Have just had the terrible epiphany that it perhaps people think posting in this thread means you're interested in politics, rather than interested in arguing with people and reading funny memes I literally never talk about politics irl, although that could be because Swedish politics takes dull to a whole new level (imagine if the dems split into 5 different parties and the GOP split into 2 or 3 and that's pretty much the Swedish system). Does anyone here regularly talk about politics irl???? You must be a lot of fun at parties....
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    Yoel was cut for ducking fights...
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    we should make a bet thread
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    Especially since CB quoted it multiple times like a retard lol
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