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    Lol. Given that the main contributors to this thread are an American living in the Phillipines, a Brit living in Canada, a Brit living in Sweden, a couple of Americans who have stated emphatically they don't vote (one because their state is as blue as they come, the other because of concerns over AI), an Australian/Russian troll and an American who is too old to find his way to the voting booth, it's going to be you talking to Roids if we adopt the bold.
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    Especially @Megasoup
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    Am I supposed to assume he made weight? Because the idiot manning the scale definitely did not determine it..
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    @VertFTW actually graduated from a top 20 school....what he left out was it was a Top 20 Daycare...Vert's holding the dog
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    And me and @cashfl0w hanging out
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    Each side will claim a victory, no ones gonna change their vote over the debate. It was a good back and forth.
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    Confused react these nutts @Bubba_Sparks
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    I really feel like I should be able to choose two answers for the last question. My state is going red so I probably won't vote but at the same time I want to call Bubba a commie.
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    This thread is a friendly reminder on the importance of voting because OP gets one.
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    It speaks volumes for the sorry state of things that Sweden, one of the most beta countries in the world, was the only one that toughed it out. I guess there's still a bit of viking left in them.
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    You clowns are just mad that a 74 year old who is obese, lives on fast food, and soda didn't die and it destroyed your narrative. Open the country up and stop being **** or Trump will grab yas.
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    Trump watching over this thread. Watch what yas say.
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    Retarded thread. Now go play with your dolls and let the men argue about politics.
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    If Khabib really is retiring then Lee is winning that strap easily.
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    If it's ever a shock to anyone on here that I'm wrong about something, just take a glance at who I am and the way I've conducted my entire life. That should be enough to straighten you out. That being said, I didn't think this fight would go the way it did.
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    I’m surprised just how bad Justin’s BJJ is. He immediately ended up in a sub the second it hit the floor, twice.
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    Another dominant performance. We can put this D1 hocus pocus to bed now.
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    They can pair Edwards with the hottest prospect in the game right now, and we still only get one comment. lol Leon Edwards couldn't sell ten PPVs if his life depended on it.
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    Chimaev finna get a five round American asswhoopin'.
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    idyb actually met GSP backstage once & Georges was impressed by his performance.
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    I would usually hate just to troll Ozpride and Cashflow, but after that KO I have no choice but to bend the knee. BuckGOAT is the chosen one.
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    I'm torn between 2 ideal scenarios. Trump wins and his Stan's get to see him in his final form where he somehow gives even less s**ts than before because now he doesn't have to worry about getting reelected. My preferred result. Or Trump loses and has to live out his days living with medical complications from a virus he failed to protect American's and himself from. Bezerker can't take the loss again but doesn't have the option to move out of America again so he up and leaves the whole planet, opting to move to Mars because it's a red planet like his Commie party.
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    Lebron will blame Trump for their Game 3 loss. That's why it's relevant here.
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    Wait.... isn't our country shut down to make sure the 74 years olds don't die when they get Corona? He just healed up in three days?? @PlatinumClegg, didn't you have the poops for weeks?!
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    lol. How i picture the forum democrats lol and the forum conservatives/libertarians 🤣
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    And @-idyb- and his crew
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    Let's all take a step back and remind ourselves how good Bob Evans mashed potatoes are.
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    If you don't think Obama is a reptile, you're probably an idiot. Rewatch the clips on YouTube where his eyes go all snake-like. I'm an expert, I've reviewed these tapes, THEY ARE REAL.
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    Lincoln was in your life time ?.....amazin
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    Voting is gonna be a complete joke this year. The mail in ballots are already sketchy imo and this election just takes it to a new level with the sheer volume of ballots. It should be solicited like Trump said. To send out millions and millions of unsolicited ballots that can be so easily tampered with is completely asinine. Whats the point of even having an election day on the 3rd when a ton of ballots wont even have arrived by then. Complete utter trash and I'm ashamed we've gotten to this point.
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    Truly awful and meaningless card.
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    Why? If a fat WW could touch him up it's not much of a stretch to think that Costa could pressure him. Costa froze and got picked apart. So it goes
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    Bubba's in the same cult as Amy Coney Barrett!
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    This is a common misconception that demonstrates a lack of understanding of the historical veracity of new testament (and indeed OT) texts. The message to be taken from the bible has been changed a lot, especially in the time before the bible was commonly available in languages other than Latin. People literally gave their lives so that we could have the bible translated into English, and other languages understood by "commoners". The established church wanted to control the message themselves, often for control purposes, or for financial purposes. Basically, bad people will even use a good thing to get what they want... But the bible itself has not been changed. And there is a key difference between the 4 gospels that we have, and the "other" gospels. Matthew/Mark/Luke/John were all written within a generation or so of Jesus' death. This is really important because when they began to circulate, there would have been plenty of people alive who could confirm or deny what happened. We also have original extracts that are dated to be within 70-80 years of the events that they portray. They also are complimentary; they outline a number of similar events, there are no contradictions, and they basically share exactly the same message. We have copies that are written in languages that are still known today (Coptic Greek - which was basically the equivalent of English in the day because many countries spoke it as a second language), so it's very easy to see if the bible has been "changed a lot". The "other" gospels do not have this kind of historical strength. They typically began to circulate 200 to 300 years after the original gospels. They had numerous contradictions between themselves, and the existing gospels that had been accepted as "canon" for many decades. It is therefore generally not accepted by historians both secular and Christian that they are not legitimate. @StompGrind - to your original point, China is undergoing an incredible spiritual revival at the moment. Despite it being basically illegal, there are 10s of millions of Christians now, with more being added to the number daily. As you know, the government is pretty big on control, so this disturbs them. Therefore I'm not particularly surprised that they would try and alter the narrative pretty drastically; the nature of Jesus is central to the whole of the Christian faith, so I guess trying to change his character is a good place to start if you want to try and halt the spread. Ultimately though, Christianity has always spread most dramatically during times of persecution, so I'm neither surprised or particularly alarmed by this.
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    Just watched the fight...that was complete schooling. Seemed Costa got completely sucked into Izzy's game; spent more time claiming he wasn't hurt than actually fighting back. Very disappointing performance. Fair play to Izzy; made it look easy.
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    lol Jan wrecked the dude that Jon lost against.
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