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    Lincoln was in your life time ?.....amazin
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    I love how my facebook is split right now....my friends are generally, mostly Christians...here are the posts I see daily: Black Friends: I'd be questioning your Christianity if you are voting for Trump, someone who can't deny White Supremacy. White Friends: I'd be questioning your Christianity if you are voting for Biden. someone who continues to allow Abortion. Then each post has a looooooong comment thread of everyone attacking each other.
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    You need less annoying friends. Or be very active with the unfollow button. I've been unfollowing people who regularly post about politics, pictures of their kids, or pictures of food. My feed is now mainly full of videos of people falling over, or Swedes talking about the weather.
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    My girlfriend's mom (white) was getting attacked a few weeks ago for saying there are better forms of protest than looting. Her children's friends (black) were calling her racist, and she was a college professor at a state college for years (as brainwashed of a liberal as you were going to get for a long time). It's interesting how little of a debate people are capable of having before they hurl insults and call somebody an -ist. People are ****ing fragile nowadays.
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    This is the part where Joe Biden goes broke. Go ask CNN about these types of lawsuits. They made that Sandman kid a very rich man for the rest of his life.
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    🤣 🤣 This is very much my own take. George Carlin was correct. Garbage in, garbage out. The $hit they shuffle around every 4 yrs.....meaningless... If elections actually mattered they'd be illegal. Illusion of choice to make you feel powerful & in control. It's all just masturbation. Yourself, your social network of friends, fam, god if that's your thing, service to others if you can & trying to treat people how you'd like to be treated. Those are the things that matter. The rest is 1000x down on the importance scale. Just live your life & do the best you can.
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    Every AR15 rifle besides FN is produced in the United States. It shows how retarded Harris is.
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    Fascist is similar to the word Nazi, in that it doesn't actually mean what it was supposed to mean anymore. In America, if you don't think we should loot stores and burn down cities over criminals, you're a fascist.
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    I look exactly like Costa and I'm completely natty, you guys are just fat nerds proof:
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    At this point I think Wickles could take Condit down at will.
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    Walker is even worse because he's 6'6" with an 82" reach. He ate the canvas multiple times in his latest 2 minute win. Dude threw and landed a ridiculous amount of shots to the back of the head. Walker is also more cringe than Henry Cejudo and Costa's midget trainer put together. What's he going to make him pay with? Standing at Israel's range and eating leg/body kicks was an epic gameplan. He's only 29 and he put himself in a position where he will never get another title shot. I didn't think he would win but I did think he would actually try to fight back. The next time Dana says a title fight will be fight of the year I'm going to skip it.
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    if you don't vote for one of the two major piles of crap, then you cannot complain about the piles of crap that is shoved down your throat for the next 4 years....mmmkay If I don’t accept something to begin with (in this case, the institution of coercive government), what logic would it be on my part to have any sort of association and/or dealings with it that perpetuates its legitimacy—and then complain about it? If I don’t like Chinese food, I don’t go to Chinese restaurants. (And since the owners of the Chinese restaurants can’t come after me to force me to patronize their businesses, then there’s no need for me to complain about Chinese food.) But if you do associate and/or have dealings with something, then there is a tacit understanding that you have accepted its conditions. For example: If you are a left-winger who believes in government and voting—but obviously didn’t vote for Trump—then when Trump was elected you had no right to complain; you’d already agreed to the condition that you would accept the results of the election regardless of who wins. (Of course, a person can complain about certain aspects of the government in the same way that I can complain about some of the food in a restaurant that I do patronize.) On the other hand, since I (as a voluntaryist) don’t accept the legitimacy of (nor even the need for) coercive government to begin with, I have every right to complain about this inefficient, corrupt monopoly forcing itself on my personal being when I don’t even want the services that it provides.
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    foook i go to get my picks, and it turns out that our beloved Rando is down for maintenence RANDOM.ORG We are performing scheduled maintenance Wednesday, 30 September 2020 18.00-22.00 UTC (extended) [See when this is in your time zone] Our cloud company is performing maintenance on their infrastructure, which will affect all our services for a period of four hours. We will be back shortly. Current time: 18:10:23 UTC Robot down! I repeat. Robot down!
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    I'd rather watch my house burn down. Pass.
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    Pictures of my kids are literally all I post on social media, and I only do that much because my mom and aunts love to see pictures of the kids. The only other reason to go onto social media these days is to be annoyed by peoples political opinions. It used to be considered impolite to talk about religion or politics, we need to go back to that tbh.
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    Guessing that money will flow into DEX...aka uniswap. Will be interesting to track...seems like some funds went to Monero since the price there pumped a few days ago(insiders bailing out of bitmex)
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    AND he got a mention on Parks & Recreation. What a legend!
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    I'd advise using your "go to guy".....Wickles
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    Costa was always another Walker in my eyes, all the talk but when it came to fighting someone with serious quality, they will always fall on their face
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    ... I'm curious to how the translator translated the N word when Bennett was going off -
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    ... you got to give the fans what they really want to see, speed kills, KH takes out grandpa Mirko early 2nd rd -
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    not watching, I will be attending midnight mass
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    ... I wonder how his other 64 wives are taking this act of blatant infidelity -
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    ... ready & waiting watching Cops bust some whiteboy hiding under the bed, a little hungover but it's Saturday morn here & there's nothing else on tv -
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    There should be a pinned thread where we register bets, welchers should be banned, ... time to level-up -
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    I've never heard of simple street users being murdered, they are used as informers in the campaign against drug lords, pushers, gang-bangers, & distributors which are mostly Chinese & Korean, .. the Filipino contingent is so far up the corrupt political chain that they are untouchable . If you can't cut the head off the snake, you start with the tail and work your way up -
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    ... he's taking more votes from Clinton than Trump, but in reality he won't get the 15% required to participate in the debates -
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    ... that was not an exciting fight, it sucked -
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    Gowdy & Chaffetz are GOP GOATS -
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    heavy on the theatrics,
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    MacDonald going 185, wants both titles hello ?
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    Page w/ the helmet wtf ?
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    .... no fast food, I have enough bad habits (does shooting a beer count as fast-food ?)
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    That's a solid pick, Janes is a Hard Rock Casino club fighter that hasn't fought in 14 months & the last 2 dudes he fought have a combined record of 1W / 7L in their last 4 matches lol ... could be lock of the day -
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    Guangyou had visa problems, .. if you're an Asian that can't travel to Canada on a work visa, then you know you're a ******* screw-up .
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