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    The viking shaman clown guy now is asking trump for a pardon. LMAO this is great.
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    Time for the weekly Thursday Swedish corona update. Short version; we're getting rekt. Sweden is now number 2 in the world for rolling 7 day average of deaths, just behind UK, who had to invent a new variant to stay ahead. Still no lockdown, although on Sunday, the government brought in new powers that allowed them to close businesses if necessary. Frankly, it's shutting the door after the horse has bolted; spread has actually started slowing in the last couple of days - we're basically seeing the Christmas bounce as a result of the only country in Europe with zero restrictions over Christmas. Swedes don't really socialise between Christmas and midsummer, so I expect it will now drift downwards gradually, and they probably won't do any restrictions. In the meantime though, Sweden is making a determined run to get back into the top 10 deaths per capita. They're making a run on France; UK are also making strong moves as they close rapidly on Macedonia and Italy. Slovenia has come from nowhere though to consolidate 3rd spot (behind non-countries Belgium and San Marino), but 4th and 5th is definitely up for grabs. Only thing is that UK will vaccinate way quicker than the rest of Europe, and Sweden will have done everyone by the summer (because we basically only have 3 cities). Gonna be tight....I'm still tipping America ultimately to get back into that top 5. https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-data-explorer?zoomToSelection=true&minPopulationFilter=1000000&time=2020-09-15..latest&country=GBR~USA~ITA~FRA~ESP~MKD~PER~SVN~BGR~SWE&region=World&deathsMetric=true&interval=total&hideControls=true&perCapita=true&smoothing=0&pickerMetric=location&pickerSort=asc
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    THIS IS THE DUDE I SAW ON ABC GETTING INTERVIEWED THE NEXT MORNING! He is definitely BLM, because that's the one I said they labeled "BLM Activist" with his cracker girlfriend. That's him. He was standing right beside the girl who got shot by the Capitol Police officer. He was right there at the front of the violence inside the Capitol.
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    Time for a short Brexit update. Whilst the BBC plasters it's front pages about the terrible tragedy of a British family who had their ham sandwich confiscated by smarmy Dutch border officials due to "Brexit", one thing that has not registered on their bleeding heart liberal front page is that the UK has currently vaccinated more people against Corona than the rest of Europe put together. This is down to two things. Firstly, the UK didn't have to wait for EU approval to approve the various vaccines. Consequently, they approved the Pfizer vaccine almost a month before the EU did, and have approved the other two (Moderna and Astrazeneca), whilst the EU still deliberates. And secondly, they placed their own orders. The EU did a Europe wide deal for the Pfizer vaccine, which limited countries based on population. Seems fair you say? They also put in a clause that prevented Pfizer selling the vaccine direct to European governments. Consequently, we had this delightfully bureaucratic conversation (slightly paraphrased) this week. Belgian Prime Minister: Hello Albert, Alexander de Croo here. As you manufacture most of your vaccine in Belgium, i wondered if you had any spare? Head of Pfizer (Albert Bourla): Who da fook? Belgian PM: Belgian Prime Minister HoP: Ah, okay. Nobody has even heard of you in Belgium mate. Anyway, sure, we've got millions spare at the moment. Belgian PM: Great! Can we have some? HoP: Sorry, no. We'll get in trouble with the EU if we sell you any Belgian PM:Wtf?? So you've got vaccine in my country, but you can't sell it to me? HoP: Correct. Sorry mate, got to go, Boris is on the phone wanting some more vaccine Belgian PM: **** you Albert HoP: **** you Alexander It's farcical. I'm glad we're out.
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    https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2021/01/ufc-fight-night-ryan-hall-vs-dan-ige-booked-march-13 I think Ige takes it. Who you got?
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    He should have been shot with all the Magats. That said, the continued effort to somehow shift blame onto anyone else is just pathetic. This was the doing of Trumps cult.
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    I'm not reading another book until that fat **** GRRM finishes Winds of Winter. My reading career might be over.
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    The funny part is, anyone who says they hate him, will absolutely tune in to watch him fight, his fights are without a doubt the biggest spectacles in all of MMA. I love him as a fighter, hate him as a person, will absolutely watch him every time he fights. I think Dustin will get starched but if he does end up against Chucky he will have a rough rough night
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    Rudys like 0-100 in lawsuits. If you hire an exterminator and he kills 0 out of 100 of the mice in your house then you dont pay that can.
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    Ganye elbows Rosencan in the back of the head in under 2 rounds easy.
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    Is that because you've been made into it in so many forum arguments over the years ? Btw swiss cheese is gross sorry Bubba
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    LMFAO Nate would get retired by Gaethje. Dude would never walk straight again.
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    Lol Apparently Trump is refusing to pay Rudy for his legal services.
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    One thing I never got rid of is my book collection and im constantly growing it. I just purchased The Hobbit deluxe collectors edition and hit up the local Ollie's and bought 13 Hours for like $3. I goto Barnes and Nobel once and a while and ill usually buy something while I'm there. I like the audio books for driving so far and I was also listening to Animal Farm before bed last night and actually fell asleep right at the end. Its like 3 hours long. You're right though, nothing like a physical book.
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    "Undisclosed reasons". Sounds legit. Why am I not surprised that an @OzPride fighter ducks?
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    ... it's even bigger than Herb Dean's loss to Legeno -
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    ... and you're world renowned for your haggis -
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    I feel your pain, I'm required to be covered & I haven't been stateside in over 8 years, a by-product of the Philippines not offering dual citizenship -
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    ******* psychotic liberal sob, .. can't believe Trejo hangs w/ him -
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    Good rematch, but unfortunately Junior won't start training full-time until September due to the surgery -
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    Chong is God, .. Cheech not so much -
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    Very true, and the list is endless .. think about the press conferences (if she holds any) should she be elected .. all of the email, server, SD, & foundation scandals will follow her into the WH . If I had some hardcore juice on Hillary & Bill, I would sit chilly until she was elected .. that's where the maximum cash-out is > bringing down the 1st woman POTUS -
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    ... 100% troof toof, .. just a matter of time before Clinton goes lizard butt -
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    I had no idea how the judges were gonna score that, I was prepared for the worst & I wouldn't have been surprised if they gave it to Serrano . #1 rule is "anything can happen in mma " < unfortunately that includes bad decisions by judges -
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    The " Im picking Robbie Lawler because I like him " method of handicapping defines cassies . 2 of his last 3 wins were splits, that's all you need to know .. Robbie was ripe .
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    I had Benoit in multiple parlays & I had him in the tourney, I did sweat that match a bit but I know the judges don't score take-downs unless the fighter does damage . Used Benoit in parlays because he was a slight underdog, I assume because of 10 days notice . Serrano was UFC/USA debuting w/ a 3 fight record & 10yrs older than Benoit (26-36) ... wrestler vs good banger = I gave RB a slight edge & went with it -
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    They live an unsustainable lifestyle & refuse to downgrade when the big paydays wane . ... Financial Domination will suck that atm dryer than a popcorn fart -
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    ... it's a backyard event with all proceeds going to Roy Jones Jr's favorite charity > Roy Jones Jr
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    Wallhead put a whoopin' on Frank in that bamma-wamma -
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    my 1st thought was that ufc fighters really need to be paid more just off those stats alone
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    c'mon now, #1- right click on the image #2- left click "copy image address" (the url) #3- click the image icon below the smiley face on the "ufc forum reply to this topic page" #4- right click & paste in the url window #5- left click OK ... done
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    still wondering why she opened as the underdog vs a 4-2 wahini
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    The quintessential prototypical liberal studmuffin speaking @ the convention now, .. the Joel Gertner of the Democratic party >
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    ... "Lock her up" ! chants on the floor yesterday lol - The spin being put on this scandal by the liberal media is an insult to any clear thinking voter's intelligence, ... lib dummies are just pouring gas on the fire .
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