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    Me when they firsr started looting and burning things: This isn't protesting. Me when they start trying to burn down CNN headquarters in Atlanta: Now we're on the right track. lol
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    With the PPV platform pretty much being relegated to the Conor McGregor platform he wouldn't be missed by many. Without being juiced up and pulsing picograms he's terrible. Also if you look at his pulls on PPV in the past they weren't that good if his opponent wasn't Daniel Cormier. **** Jon Jones.
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    80% of that ****hole is run by cartels, and there's nothing to burn down to begin with. Your only cultural contribution to the world is donkey shows.
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    It's always the beta males that turn out for that chit. If I turned out, firebombs would have been flowing like water and CNN would be a burning pile of garbage that it's been metaphorically for years now.
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    **** they would've thrown our asses underneath the goddamn jail. Jon was getting smacked around in his last two fights. If he gets hit by Francis he's hitting the canvas. I think he might want out so he can go roid and try to take Bader's belts. At this point Bader might just sleep him.. He's also ducking giving Reyes his rematch and he knows he lost that fight. I did enjoy how he couldn't even be bothered to use Google to spell Deontay's name right.
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    This one aged more quickly than his others
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    AFAIK it is a new feature but why so selective. Trump didn't promote violence btw. He says $hit that skirts the edge because he's bombastic & wants them to respond unfairly with the double standard that they do so he can call them out on it. That's the troll game he's playing with the media because they will attack him regardless & often hypocritically. Spam misinformation. Nearly everyone does that. That's what twitter mainly is. They barely if ever go after big names on the left when they break or skirt the guidelines. I don't give a $hit that it's against Trump. Just be a little more consistent is all. Recently YT censored a former advisor for the WHO that was talking about how overblown Covid-19 numbers & some suggestive reasonable information about helping boost your immune system but because it went against the gated institutional narrative YT pulled it. This is nuts. Even WHO got things wrong & the info wasn't harmful just common sense. There actually is information out there that is alternative to "authority" that can actually be helpful. These fkn tech companies shouldn't be allow to suppress like that.
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    GSP only takes title fights, and he only eats clean, no 3 piece & a soda.
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    Apparently he's fired up about Dana being a liar. We've all known this for years. Not sure why it's a big deal now. Also, no way they release him. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/05/jon-jones-asks-for-ufc-release-an-tells-dana-white-to-publish-text-messages
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    dont make me send my canadian troops over your way and burn down your town hall like they burned down the whitehouse
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    you forgot to put your trademark "LOL" at the bottom of the post dammit vert, get your chit together son!
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    A new american civilwar has begun
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    this want exactly how i envisioned myself getting tagged in a hooker thread but ill take it
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    I watched it live. $hit was wild lol I like that the white dude with the skate board was so weak he couldn't break the glass.
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    Yeah there is absolutely a chance the stress of the situation, the drugs (alledgedly), the knee, etc could have exacerbated his underlying health conditions. Nonetheless, the cops involved still displayed a complete lack of awareness and failed in their duty. I read that they felt he had something medically wrong with him and had called the ambulance while they held him there, but apparently they didn't feel the need to check on him after he stopped moving and nonetheless when you have 3 officers holding you down WHILE handcuffed behind your back, there is no reasonable reason to apply pressure to the back of his neck into the hard street with what at least appeared to be a good amount of the officers body weight. In my opinion, no matter how you cut this and regardless of what happens in the courts, they failed in this situation.
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    I assume most have seen the video. Is it enough to determine definitely who knows but if that wasn't the cause then what the hell was. The pig what kneeling on the guy's neck for 8 or so minutes. That should never happen in any law enforcement situation. H8 to say it but this is the one time they need to stack the case to make sure this guys goes away. A jury of his peers should look like this... If not it's gonna get even crazier if this guy gets off.
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    May make it harder to get murder in 3rd degree to stick....and this is an issue I have with the medical examiner/police/courts/judges all working for the same company...hopefully an independent autopsy can be afforded by the family just to make sure everything is on the up and up. But I would ask the medical examiner: So had he not had a grown man's knee on his throat for 9 minutes today (7 minutes while alive and 2 minutes while already dead!)...had that NOT happened...he would have died on this day anyway?
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    Exactly. It's just hype and they've done it forever
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    In case anyone missed it. I don't know what to think right now. The video is bad, seems completely unnecessary and wrong, but if the medical examiner says it wasn't the cause of death I don't know how you justify murder 3 charges. I have a bad feeling this isn't going to go the way of the protesters. https://www.mystateline.com/news/national/medical-examiner-no-evidence-george-floyd-died-of-strangulation/
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    the more things change....
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    ...bit of high stakes for McTapper, he couldnt really afford to lose to old man Silva & still be talking about wanting a title rematch or being a goat. Just a day in the life of Conor the attention ****.
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    I could care less because it should have happened like 5 yrs ago. It's not just fact checking but shadow banning, suppressing content they don't agree with in favor of advertising and propping up the main stream companies with more capital & all the other slimy stuff like that. I'm really for people becoming their own bosses in this digital age as much as possible without being worried about the cancel mob literally making it where they can't make an alternative or supplemental living because rage mob wants to silence them so a big tech company can just boot anyone that isn't woke enough & tow the line completely. Their argument that it's not ad friendly is largely BS. It's total control & greed. If ad payer X can offer more money they can actively suppress any message they don't like even if it's fairly popular. It's dangerous imo far more than opening things up a little with less restriction. There's a big market for all kinds of content & limiting that to one narrow view is WAY too much power that none of these companies should have. It's also just gonna make resistance that much stronger the more they try to contain & suppress.
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    Brittle Knuckles won't even make it to the fight, the broken can.
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    Lol, that dude calling them out on their mock outrage is a legend.
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