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    I call for the scoring criteria to be amended. If you piss hot, your disqualified from GOAT status. Jones and Silva should not be on the list. -10 points atleast, for each infraction. Undefeated is a pointless point addition here. Most GOATs are not undefeated. Record certainly does count but isn't everything. It should be removed. Defeating another GOAT is another pointless stat unless counted at the time of the fight, not right now. GSP beat Hughes twice and BJ Penn twice. Jones only had a 13 fight win streak on record. The NC against DC on his record stands. That's not a win. Not just title defenses but winning a title as a challenger should yield points with a bonus for a finish. Everyone remembers their world title win. More so if you finish them.
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    **** abortion. And the numbers are truly horrendous. A link below to a tremendous article for anyone with more than just a passing interest in the topic. Whichever side of the divide you're on. "Black Women and Abortion • Abortion is the leading cause of death for African Americans, more than all other causes combined, including AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease. • In 2008, Black women had abortions at a rate 3.4 times higher than White women. • In 2008, Black women received 30% of the abortions even though African Americans are only 12.6% of the population. • Over their lifetime, Black women average 1.6 more pregnancies than White women but are 5 times more likely to have a pregnancy that ends in abortion. • More than 16,000,000 Black babies have died by abortion since 1973. • Approximately 360,000 pre-born Black babies are aborted every year, nearly 1000 per day.' On the trial of Kermit Gosnall. "Last year, I cringed and gnashed my teeth while sitting in the almost empty Philadelphia courtroom hearing testimony after testimony of babies screaming and screeching while being killed by Gosnell and his employees. I heard gruesome testimony by abortion clinic workers about how Gosnell would deliver fully developed, viable children and then turn them over to cut their spinal cords. Gosnell even joked that one baby was big enough to walk to the bus stophe then cut that little boys neck and tossed him into a shoebox. It was no big deal to him -- to kill these children-to slash their necks as they struggled-as they strained -- as they cried. If that wasn't grotesque enough-he severed off the tiny feet of several babies and kept them -- displayed in jars on a shelf as a sort of souvenir. Gosnell stored the bodies of children in milk jugs and large soft drink containers and juice bottles. Forty seven babies were found frozen in a refrigerator freezer. They had to be thawed out like TV dinners so that the coroner could determine their first and last moments of life. Employee Lynda Williams actually played with a baby who survived a botched abortion for several minutes and then she snipped the child's neck. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/JU/JU10/20171101/106562/HHRG-115-JU10-Wstate-ParkerS-20171101-SD001.pdf
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    Thoughts from the Democrats on the forum since Trump is touted as being a fascist?
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    Jones is right that Kabob isn’t the GOAT. He’s not either, though. Mighty Mouse has a better resume and would probably have 15 title defenses if he didn’t get robbed in the second Cejudo fight. Not only did Mighty Mouse never pop for steroids, or get stripped repeatedly, but he literally broke the title defense record with a flying arm bar while Jones has been gifted decisions in his last three fights.
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    You have made some interesting points. Roids - I've already addressed that. Many sportsmen come out as drug cheats after they've retired (Lance Armstrong anyone)? So I'm taking the Nate Diaz approach and assuming they're all on it, and therefore all equal. Silva's drug test was after all the stuff he did that scores him "points". Of course I've taken into account the fights where they actually popped, so I'm not counting Jones' KO of DC as a win, rather a NC. Being undefeated is a small factor, but nevertheless a factor. When there was all the discussion on the weekend, Khabib's undefeated record was regularly cited. Defeating another GOAT is strictly within the confines of this list (i.e the 10 in the conversation). I take your point that beating a past it "GOAT" should be irrelvant, but the only fights that impacted the results therefore were Jones v DC, Khabib v Conor and MM v Cejudo (x2). All fights were when those guys were around their peak. I've taken NC in the way it's usually viewed. It's not a draw - it's as if the fight never happened. I think that's fair enough, especially as it only gave Jones one extra point. I'm inclined to agree that winning the belt with a finish should give you bonus points....but I can't be bothered to do it all again. Most of those guys won the belt with finishes, tbf. Interestingly, even if i take into account all of your rather anti-Jones biased principles, he would lose 14 points, so still be number 1. On paper, it's very hard to argue that Jones is not the GOAT.
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    Fck sake, cry harder you absolute cnt.
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    You're sucking it. Get on your knees. @I_Take_Roids_m8, get in here.
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    Roid cheaters can't make the book.
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    What's the Thug Nasty via twister prop? +1000? It's free money. Take it!
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    The closer we get, the more it feels like a rerun of 2016. The polls are all over the place. The virus peaking right now even favors Trump because his idiot base embrace going out in public. Calling it now Trump gets bodied again in the popular vote. Wins electoral. Civil War 2 starts mid November. Trump supporters learn to weaponize Covid since they make up 90% of the cases. The south wins the rematch and promptly reverses slavery laws. Rick Astley comes out with a long awaited darker 2nd single titled "Gonna Give You Up" directed at America for it's failings.
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    lol Bryce is going to bumrush that dude, throw him on the floor, and separate his shoulder.
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    1. Khabib 2. GSP The only two. No other contenders. Theyre either roid cheats or never avenged losses.
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    They can pair Edwards with the hottest prospect in the game right now, and we still only get one comment. lol Leon Edwards couldn't sell ten PPVs if his life depended on it.
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    this rematch was destined for controversy, if Whittaker loses without Romero's missed weight,. a lot of his supporters would claim due to layoff and the injury, now Romero's supporters will claim the weight cut killed his chances if he loses, plus it's Trump's fault Bourdain hung himself, just fight for crise-sakes
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    Bubba should consider assisted suicide after that CNN interview last week .....
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    I know she's Edgar Winterish facially, but diggn' the bod on Holm
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    ... best dawg 225 Benavidez out for 19 months 10yr age diff. > Pettis @ +220, no secret .... many picking Pettis ** this talk of Cejudo/ Benavidez makes a good beard
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    if Holm can't decision Anderson in ufc debut .... GDR, Cyborg, Rousey on HH resume .... she tuns 37 in Oct ... needs to retire .... Megan does dwarf her, I still favor Holly for tourns -
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    -230 here > bridge-iumper money, it's a stayaway except for tourny
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    stop watching msnbc and al jazeera, the dnc is bankrupt coz no donations .... .... the clinton foundation drained the cache, trump is draining the dc swamp - it's over, for at least the next 10yrs noko & iran sell technology to terrorist organizations, try to follow the curve
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    prelims just started, wisely armbars siikinger 1:12 ,, 1st rd
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    kid oostheizen vs wolfman de klerk ( efc south african organization) ... 1st rd ko. de klerk goes to 0-6 ....
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    20lb weght difference, Sam Sicilia debuts, Chicago
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    I'm not sure if he's fully recovered from the headkick canada, although he did squeak mabel
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    ,,that calls for a manhoef ewww !
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    Glover is just fighting for a paycheck, I assume Latifi is fighting for Allah & for Sweden. Ilir here -
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    the last thing to do is give Kevin time to recuperate,but it was the 1st thing EB'd fight IQ chose
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    giving it to DP off the JG survival-fest just ain't right and Alvarez sucks, I'm not forgiving the CM fight , (I was hyped for that and he never showed up) MTP would be my choice if he can finish Junior -
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    yancy looked clueless vs cerbone, tko'd 1st rd
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    I've always preferred old stuff, I watch Outer Limits, Dr Who w/ Baker, Odd Couple my vehicles are '66, '84, '86, '88, I probably wouldn't have watched Night Court if it wasn't for Markie Post -
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    2 irrelevant dummies, don't care
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    are u saying osp is not a can ?
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    Punjabi piece off fattazz curry poop, bs hype, who do they think we are bejeezuz,? stupid
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    can't view pic, but I'm a horse guy ... love the sport of kings, front end, off the pace, or closer ?
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