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    I have lately underestimated myself. Ten years ago I divorced and it had a really profound affect on me; it nearly killed me. I think what I had before accomplished in my 20s was impressive enough, but my 30s were a completely different story, and it's all tied to losing everything; losing my identity. The last two years have been tumultuous, to say the absolute least. Looking at the way I've always conducted myself, I guess it was just more of the same. But there was something different. My grandfather died. There are many who would want to line up to take credit for what is happening: I got shot and turned my life around...I lost the love of my life and I gave my all to show her what I was really made of...my mother's husband deeply insulted me and it burned...my longtime on-again-off-again boss at a nightclub giving me late-night talks about bettering myself. The fact is, these were all obstacles; these things caused nothing more than physical debilitation, depression, unbridled anger and annoyance. They distracted me from my goals. I have been doing what I have been doing because I want to redeem myself in the eyes of a dead man who had inspired me as a child, the only positive influence I had growing up, the man who distanced himself from me as a teenager, the man who I couldn't face for the last 20 or so years because I did not become the man I was supposed to be. I am quietly on my way to achieving more than I had been estimating in this last decade. I've been working very hard, all day and all night working two jobs; whatever I could find during the day, and bartending at night. Then I stumbled upon something I can do very well, something that people want. I made this video not so long ago for my dad, I wanted him to see what I was up to. I just uploaded it to youtube so I could share it here. I am just now finishing my very last direct-to-consumer orders.
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    M8 I live in Murica but yes that chit is true down in Brazil lol
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    Every time someone brings up Bidens hypocrisy you always deflect it by saying well Republicans did this and that. Maybe they did but Biden needs to be called out on his BS just like orange man.
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    People cry about the McGregor era, but the Ronda era was undoubtedly the most annoying era for the UFC hardcore fan. Common sense was thrown in the garbage can, and we were led to believe Ronda would throw a man on his back and have her way with him like she was doing to potatoes in UFC. I don't think Baldie or Rogan or any of those clowns ever bought that either. I was probably the most excited when Ronda got bodied by Nunes and Holm. Only because of the paragraph above. The problem is that then we moved on to Nunes being capable of taking on a man, albeit being expressed with much less vigor. I'm sure Baldie would pitch her abilities against Floyd Mayweather too.
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    Yo skill I watched a show about the favelas yesterday and how they steal electricity from the big city using an elaborate network of wiring. Is that how you stram the fights m8 ?
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    Looks good. I hope business booms for you
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    Holy smokes Hammer chest is on the main tew. This card is sick. I think all 3 title fights will at least be competitive.
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    Last night I noticed something that I notice from time to time in MMA/boxing and wanted to know if you've ever noticed the same thing. Alexander Hernandez has looked ****ing HORRIBLE ever since he got his **** kicked by Donald Cerrone. He had a decent showing against Trinaldo directly after that, but even that fight didn't look like the Hernandez that showed up to the UFC. He has one win with a stoppage in the last five fights, and three losses over that span. Last night, however, was the worst I've seen him look so far. Apprehensive, almost scared to engage with a person named Thiago Moises, who isn't outstanding in any department, and really only wanted to fight in the last 45 seconds or so. Moises was content to trade a low kick here or there, and aimed to counter most of the fight. Hernandez stood in a strange, hunched over stance that seemed awkward to him. It was a debacle. I know it's definitely a thing in combat sports to have your mentality broken and freeze in the moment. Hernandez is very obviously at this stage. Tyron Woodley is on the decline of all declines. He should probably retire because of it. Is there anybody else in the UFC that you've noticed is broken?
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    For a country trillions in debt, even 2% of the overall budget is important. I mean you gotta start cleaning this problem up somewhere, might as well start with gender studies in Pakistan. Chiden or Trump, either way chit like that has to stop.
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    Canor after Khabib raped him
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    Speaking of Lawler Rory. He got destroyed and seemed to lose his taste for the game.
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    We can never forget the classic JDS after getting mauled by Cain USADA also took a couple of souls out there
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    Koscheck. Although he lost to Hendricks at the start of his 6 fight losing streak, it was only a SD loss. It was Lawler who took his soul in the next fight. He was never anywhere near winning a fight after that.
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    I have no idea but if you can't find it I think Face the Pain would be appropriate
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    https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2021/02/ufc-news-deiveson-figueiredo-brandon-moreno-flyweight-title-rematch-june-12 I know we aren't supposed to care about children fighting, but I enjoyed their first fight and expect this one to be at least as good. Who you got?
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    I believe in the "sky fairy", and it's my right and freedom to do so. I pass no judgment on those that don't, and feel no need to defend my beliefs.
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    Or an even better way to say it. When I see a mega rich, celebrity pastor on tv trying to preach, I get the same feeling that you guys get when you see Greta Thunberg (who I also don’t care about.)
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    I agree with a TON of what you are saying here with regards to churches/pastors....however, telling this m8 to fook off b/c you ASSUME that's what is going on here, seems wrong, which you acknowledge to some degree. I know you personally are not one of the guys cheering for people who disobey lockdowns, so I understand that perspective of yours and we just disagree on that point. @MoZZez Seems like he has a grudge against the sky fairy (which no one believes in btw) and is basing his hate for this guy on that alone....which also seems just weird.
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    I've never been religious nor do I believe in the sky fairy, but I see that belief in such things really does give some people hope, purpose and brightens up their day when times get tough. I think it's really unfair and callous to call a church useless especially in stressful trying times. Where did Pastor SVT touch you m9 ?
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    Bro... follow the fundamentals!!
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    @CanPass @VertFTW Vert had some REALLY GREAT takes this past Fall
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    Nunes already knocked out a dude in the UFC.
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    This has made me all nostalgic for when the good folk of the fora were convinced Ronda would beat Floyd in a boxing match. Where's @Denizen and @ijosef when you need someone to white knight for WMMA??
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    Wowsers, that's crazy. This was the chick who got KOed by a Ronda hip toss right? Lol, just watched some highlights of the Davis/Nunes fight; this was in the days when Nunes would gas after R1 (like the version who got ragdolled by Cat Zingano). Nunes hip tosses Davis (guess she never learned), but Davis sort of rolled through and ended up mounting Nunes and that was that.
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    Can we still order black coffee?? Are brownies being taken off the shelf?? Is White Castle changing it's name?? How much trouble is Cracker Barrel in?? Can we still play Chinese checkers??
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    https://www.mmafighting.com/platform/amp/2021/2/28/22305807/paulo-costa-too-much-wine-night-before-fighting-israel-adesanya-hangover-ufc-253 Out late drinking wine with ALL THE HOES. Went to sleep at 2:30AM. Woke up at 5AM to fight Stickman Adesanya. Had to fight at 9AM, while he was still drunk. This totally explains everything we saw that night. The right thing to do would be to cancel the Adesanya fight this weekend, and schedule the rematch with Lord Costa. Say stupid chit below.
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    Mexicans are ****ing amazing.
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    It's not 'defense' if you're the one on offense all the time. When is Syria on offense? I haven't seen a bomb drop from the sky once in my life.
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    This right here. Bloated military, bloated politicians offices, bloated travel budgets, bloated everything. Someone needs to go in and cut the fat but neither side will do it. One sides for the people at any cost, the other side is for the people by being conservative, then they all spend recklessly to buy votes to keep their wasteful asses in power.
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    We can be mad at it all. No reason to just be mad at one or the other.
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    I knew Kev would come around. He's been warming up to crypto in interviews. Mark Cuban & his son who works for Tesla probably schooled him. Saw an interview with Cuban yesterday. He actually knows quite a lot about blockchain, Defi, & NFTs. I was impressed to hear he's taking online courses on blockchain, machine learning & is even learning solidity to better understand smart contracts. I personally think everyone should take a few courses on AI, Blockchain etc..just to get a familiarity of understanding. Should be required in schools, colleges, various businesses because the more you learn about this space the more it opens up understanding of possibilities, strengths/weakness of projects, how it will apply to everything so you can separate the wheat from the chaff & be able to spot ahead of the curve what's gonna be huge & what's sort of BS dead on arrival so you can then invest accordingly. The more people learn the more they come around....well except Peter lol. This mofo is on permatard lol.
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    True, but this year there's a new sheriff in town....and she's coming for your azz
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    I think peoples biggest issue is why is your country borrowing when they are what, 30 trillion in debt, to send millions to billions to other countries. Especially a country that gives zero ****s about anything about you outside your money.
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    Oh look the WMMA fight went the distance, who woulda thunk
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    ^^^^^^ I used to be on the hype train. He's a bum now.
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    yes, exactly!!!!! They are both garbage!!!
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    Fair enough but I'm just hodl'ing & stacking little by little over time. Not concerned at all with any FUD month to month or even Y2Y. I'm not even close to being tapped out. I still have enough cash on hand that if things got really crazy with the markets & economy I'll be fine for over a yr even if i quit working for a yr. Stonks i can always part with. Alts i can part with, precious metals & other assets i own can part with but I'm not selling a single sat until it gets over 250K which imo will easily happen & then some b4 2023. By 2025 we may even hit a million per BTC. If i ever have kids one day i will be setting up a will/trust & passing down some BTC to them. I'm in this as a long term investment.
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    Fig wins again I think. I think Garbrandt will drop down for the next shot
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    I couldn't have said it better.
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