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    The American womens soccer team AKA The most annoying team on the planet in any sport, lost to Canada today. They've managed to lose twice and draw once in a matter of a week or so. I didn't watch it (nobody does), but it always makes me smile when those big mouths come up short.
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    Novak Djokovic, who was probably -500 to win gold at the semi-final round in mens tennis, managed to lose two matches in a row right at the very end, which cost him any sort of medal. Now he dropped out of the mixed doubles Bronze Medal match. He better hurry up and put out his statement on his mental health issues. Pronto.
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    She's surrounded by gushing, asskissing media & team officials telling her she's a legend & the face of gymnastics. She hasn't done as well as was expected so far, weird that suddenly she's got mental issues & pulls out of competition. Anyway "c'mon maaan" t's hard for Muricans to win medals when they spend half their time taking a knee.
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    Its a win/win if she gets gold, so brave, if she doesn’t or falls off, so brave. So ****ing brave ffs
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    @Bubba_Sparks what is going on with your countrymen? Till posts a humorous image and your country is up in arms and the police are involved. What ****8ng police department waste their time investigating someone saying a tyranny can't get pregnant? New Beta Country Champion!
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    Oh this just gets better and better. The US woman's team lost to a team with a man on it. A man who is tucking their **** back and saying he is a she. Guess Megan and her women's got exactly what she wanted.
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    That's because EVERYONE IS SEXIST. Not because the standard is terrible or anything.
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    Sal D'Amato and Chris Lee coming for those decision/moneyline units. Good luck meng.
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    Will Brooks spun Michael Chandlers head around and had him waving off his own fight. WILL BROOKS. WILL. BROOKS.
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    Darren Till being investigated by the police for a meme https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/darren-tills-instagram-posts-transgender-21180133 lmao
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    The vaccine will prevent that.
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    Touching young boys is Republicans, touching young kids are democrats, trying to keep everyone from touching our own money is the Conservatives. We then use that money to find beautiful women who then take all our money. Kind of like the Government except you get ****ed proper and a **** or two a week.
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    Liberalism really is a mental handicap afterall
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    She will make more money quitting than she would winning a gold medal. My favorite is that she is still going to compete individually.
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    Strickland is saying a lot of stupid **** lately. “For those who were wondering how I almost killed a man, I’m at this gathering and I was probably running my mouth being an idiot. The next thing I know and this guy puts a shotgun to my head. So my **** punches him in the face, he falls down, I take the gun and at that moment I contemplated if I shoot this motherf*cker in the head is there any legal defense to it? Sadly, I looked around and there were f*cking witnesses so I thought if I killed this man I would have went to prison. So I unload the gun, I give it back to him and I walk away,” Strickland said. “The moral of the story is, man, you almost f*cking died, and every day I regret the fact there were witnesses and I could have f*cking shot you. But I also forgive you. Again you guys, I would have f*cking smoked him and enjoyed every moment of watching his head splatter. But there’s no legal defense on shooting an unarmed man on his f*cking knees begging for his life. I wish I could have, but I would have gone to prison. And you guys, I’m not angry, I’m one of the happiest human beings you’ll ever meet. Every day I wake up and I’m super grateful for life. You can shoot someone in the head and not be angry. If anything, it could be enjoyable.”
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    Men's 5000 meter is on. They are all jogging in a group and if you get stuck inside you can't pass anyone. If the group didn't like you, they could just block you in to make you lose. A Kenyan just fell and then sprinted back to the front on the outside and people are elbowing and nudging each other. This is really similar to horse racing.
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    at least SOLO is a beloved character and seeing a movie on how he got started was interesting (at least in concept)...the movie was somewhat enjoyable....who gives a fook about black widow tho? I could watch another SOLO movie as well
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    BJ just continues to get his a$$ kicked. https://www.mmamania.com/2021/8/2/22605896/bj-penn-sucked-into-wave-pool-engine-room-nearly-died-like-movie-saw-mma
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    The best part of that is watching the comments on the articles. From what I saw earlier, it's about 5% saying they played their best, and 95% saying they are glad those woke ****es lost and hope they lose the bronze so they get shut up fully. Good times!
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    The fora is going to need more details of this "sporadic contact". Hard to tell if you were firmly friend-zoned or are just being a gentleman.
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    I had some sporadic contact with Patricia Mamona when we were kids, who just got the Silver in triple jump. Pretty happy for her
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    In other Olympic news, a lass from my old gym called Patricia Strenius just finished 4th in the Women's 76KG weightlifting. She qualified for the Olympics last year, but then had to re-qualify; actually didn't make it, but then someone dropped out and she ended up with a wild card or something like that so was delighted even to be there, even though she missed out on a medal by a fair way. Fair play to her.
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    lol I saw you in the spreadsheet, last one to pick, scouting HTOTM opportunities. Not fooling me CBA. But if it was legit who you thought would win. Nice pick.
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    In other countries genital mutilation is a terrible tradition that people in the West campaign against. Also in the West, people pay to have their junk mutilated & society expects everyone to think it’s normal & if a straight man wont **** a gay man with inside out abomination genetals, they are transphobic.
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    AJ McKee is a legit superstar. I think he beats just about everybody at 145 in the UFC, and likely most of these goofs at 155 too. His subs are nasty, and he's lightning quick in the stand-up too. I like watching him fight.
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    You know it's corrupt when Decompoze is getting wins with 5 correct picks. 🤣
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    Looks like he trained for a Weidman fight. No effort and expected an easy win.
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    It's a good thing it's Bellator night because this card is getting worse by the minute.
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    https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/ufc/amanda-nunes-vs-julianna-pena-scratched-from-ufc-265/ Say stupid chit below.
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    To heck with Ferguson. I want to see Gaethje knock Conor's head off.
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    And he also evaded the key points. 1) Osaka showed up and preformed badly at the Olympics, but didn't quit on her country....in an individual sport. 2) Byles stole a spot from another team mate that could have competed in the Olympic dream, because she CHOSE to quit...no matter her "reasons". I understand and empathize for those with mental health issues, but Biles knew she "sucked" long before she landed in Tokyo...she was having problems and concentration issues, should have "girled up" and withdrew from the team. All I'm saying is I'd have more respect for her, if she had stayed home...this BS of "she's the GOAT, and doesn't have to prove anything to anyone" is pussified double speak.
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    .... fortunately I could give 2 ferks about wmma, Nunes, or covid .
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    Get this post out if this thread. We need him to recover, for his own health of course, but also to finish this season off and tie the two shows together! Do not bring this Sober curse to this thread....
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    I like Stipe but in reality he got dusted in the first fight by DC and then was losing every round of the second fight until he cheated and hit DC in his weak spot (the gut). The only one that's gonna stop Francis is a roided Reem tbh.
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    Imagine thinking Trump is a conservative. Republicans haven't been conservatives for about 40 years. Libertarians are the conservatives of the right wing.
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    no way she can be considered the GOAT now...right? She had an incredible Olympics 4 years ago and then couldn't back it up, then quit on her team when the pressure was on. Unless there is someone that is considered the GOAT in their sport that was mentally weak/quit/etc that I don't know about.
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    Training for years for this moment & then folding at the last second shouldn't be applauded & celebrated, the brave smart thing to do would be speaking up sooner. Especially when it's a veteran of the Olympics who knew what to expect. Don't they have subs who can step up in her place?
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    Touching young girls is conservative, crying about it is liberal.
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    Yeah, I hadn't heard much from him before. Now I just hope he gets knocked out.
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    He comes across as a real d-bag.
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