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    Diego has obviously been punched too many times. Let's hang him upside down so we can kick and punch him in the head repeatedly. Great idea...
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    Whilst you lot are gambling your hard earned money on whims, hearsay and reddit-pumped frivolities, I'm pleased to announce that Bubba Sparks Inc. are now a major listed shareholder in a startup that has an innovative carbon capture system that will be licenced across the EU and make GAZILLIONS of money out of virtue signaling socialists. Assuming they reach the market cap of apple by 2030, I'll retire as a billionaire. At the more realistic end of the scale, I might get a couple of vacations off the back of a public listing one day.
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    I've combined ALL of Vert's posts calling the top into one chart for easy use/access....here's the chart
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    “Everyone has their own thought process in the ring and what went on in the ring I don’t know. He obviously felt he could not continue,” Saunders told the radio duo last year. “You look at the greats — the eyes, the face, we get through that. That’s the path in life we choose for a living. We punch people in the face and get punched in the face. “If my two eye sockets were broken, my jaw was broken, my teeth were out, my nose was smashed, my brain was beaten, I was not stopping until I was knocked out or worse. I don’t agree with a man taking the knee and letting the ref count him out.” ^That's what he said when one of his opponents tapped. 🤡
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    They should give him his 3 fights against some older opponents to get his 40 fights inside the octagon and then retire. Diego was the perfect opponent for this since he doesn't have much left either.
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    Bovada had Morono by 1st round KO/TKO at +1800. Easiest of money. Long time Cowboy fan but he's been done.
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    Meant Harris and Park. Fukk me.
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    I could post a lot more as well dude....check some of those dates dude....brutal takes....takes that would cause whoever listened to literally stay poor.
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    This would fit pretty well in @VertFTW's portfolio. Not volatile enough for @SVTContour98 or @StompGrind I'm afraid.
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    You better watch, you're crossing into SoberCuban territory here! 😆
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    me after going all in on these scams
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    This is how it should be!! Thanks.
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    If we are going to have an off night I'd prefer it to be exactly like this. Everyone doing chit and Conceive crushing it. The natural order will be restored this week.
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    Oh don't go assuming I know a god damn thing about WMMA that DC and Dom haven't told me today 😂
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    I think that's statistically impossible, and I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    just 10x leveraged my entire kucoin account on DOGE at 64cents....about to either retire or move into that abandoned trailer in the bad part of town. EDIT: sold....got scared...NGMI EDIT: Back in...I'm not scared anymore EDIT: Please Elon, say something....anything EDIT: Elon might have said something b/c I'm even again EDIT: STOP SELLING YOU FREAKIN MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: I'm scared again EDIT: Calling my parents to see if I can just live with them EDIT: Prob wont be logging on for a while...gonna have to cancel my internet tomorrow if this doesnt work out EDIT: Internet stays...and called my parents back and told them I was just joking about moving in with them EDIT: currently sitting around 60% profit. EDIT: CLOSED IT...62% profit
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    UFC doing for O Malley what Bellator has done for MVP.
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    Zerk's spambot (@abercrombie_mopops) just slipped me a sympathy like for a post I made in February 2020! This is HUGE! I'm coming for that strap boys.
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    he is a smooth brained old senile foglet that said the wrong thing.
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    Wish i had something profound to say posting on the fora for the first time outside of the Clash thread in weeks but I met a girl on Tinder that made me believe in the "gluck gluck 9000" last night, and that's all i have to say.
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    on the bright side, Biden said no one making under $400k will pay a single penny in Taxes!!! GREATEST MOST LIBERTARIAN PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!!!
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    Honestly thought TDS wasn't really a thing until several months after an election a Canadian was spamming news stories that nobody is remotely bothered about. I stand corrected.
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    Yeah inception was overrated AF. I saw it for the first time last year and was surprised at how silly it all was. I dont mind a bit of over the top chit as long as the movie doesnt take itself too seriously, but Inception is high from sniffing its own farts.
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    they really said that they are no longer analyzing wmma ? wow lol I kinda agree with them
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    Canelo has a bunch of Verts on stage singing mariachi music for his walkout. Just get in the ring for ****s sake.
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    I didn't know this big-shouldered broad couldn't wrestle.
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    Yeah shame about that post fight interview lol
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    Because it's their best piece of leverage. They need it to steal elections at the state level for the next twenty years or so.
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    Lol.at the idiots thinking Biden won't raise taxes on people making less than 400k a year. This clown is gonna raise them on peoole making 30k a year. Eliminating Trumps tax cuts hurts EVERYONE, not only the "rich". You clowns were played.
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    Kayla would need to cut off at least two limbs to make 125 pounds.
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    this is a $25,000 fine in ontario
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    Damn @skillandpower went full Zerk on the UFC page, I love it
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    Was just theorizing Jimbo. The same way I theorize that Sparkart has shown you lurking in this thread the last half hour because the forum has less members than MoviePass now.
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    he escaped the democRAT slave owners via the underground internet railroad.
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    LMFAO at that picture of a dumpster fire for thiss card on the forum to submit your picks
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    2021/ just watched this, .. good movie - 👍
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    With this ****ty card, I think I'm gonna pull an idyb, just so I don't lose any ground. Don't want to put any effort into researching this card.
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    I was the forum's George Floyd when that mod put his knee on my neck.
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    Top knot cnt. I would say I hope he gets brain damage but it is obvious he already has.
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    The only people doing either of these things are the TDS gang and the staunchly devoted MAGA crowd. Take a wild guess which one you are.
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    First fighter in UFC history to start fighting backwards before he even reaches the rankings? First one I can remember anyway, they keep trying to pad his record because they realize he is no where near as good as he believes he is
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    Talk about padding your record.
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