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    Here is the world's tallest building for scale to Mount Everest. Here is Mount Everest for scale to the solar system's tallest mountain or volcano, Olympus Mons. Here is @Conceive-Believe-Achieves shadow to scale to the solar systems biggest mountain you fat fook wickles.
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    Im arguably one of the more lenient mods here, i really dont give a chit if you guys argue and rip on each other, but there are still some things that can get you a timeout, because i really shouldnt have to tell a bunch of men over the age of 30 that there are some lines of common decency that arent to be crossed.
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    Sorry that was actually the wrong post, you were bant for telling cb to fook off and die. My bad
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    Painted this yesterday in about 10-15 min playing around with some new paints & paper my mom gave me to try out. Dat pigeon posture doe 🤣
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    I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm assuming they're going to attempt to mandate the vaccine at my hospital. I will decline until I see how the mass reacts. Early reports from some other vaccines have had the test subjects have horrible side effects that are life threatening. Spinal cord inflammation being the main one. I'm all for a vaccine but I'm going to go as long as possible without getting one. I work everyday in the ICU for 12 hour shifts, about 70% of the ICU or more has covid at any given time. I get tested three times a week. Twice rapid and one sent to a lab. I've been negative over 100 times. I'm doing something right. I think the main thing people are neglecting is proper hand washing/sanitation. I use hand sanitizer and wash my hands to the point of bleeding. I think thats the key to me. Masks are only half of the battle imo.
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    you are a super filthy casual Bubba is the type of casual that wears Lesnar’s shirt and gets excited for a Ronda fight
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    That is three weeks away. Hell yeah. Who ya got?
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    Mods, can you change the name of the thread to the Canadians with Mental Illnesses thread?
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    Where's @Teemu with that picture of you with a can on your head when you need him??
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    Shogun and Perry fighting are two of the biggest fights of the year you confirmed casual.
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    Oz gets bant but wickles never does? Fck 2020.
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    He's a Legend in Alabama
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    Lol, i'm busy on MMA UnderGround checking out pics of a scantily clad Paige Van Zant. You'll have to excuse me.
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    Speaking of vaccines, are you lads aware that during the revolutionary war small pox was ravaging the continental army so badly that Washington used a crude method of inoculation before there even was a small pox vaccine? They basically made an incision and then put pus from a small pox blister into it. This was very crude and risky, and required a month for the men to recover from it so if the British had gotten wind of it happening they could have crushed Washington’s Army while they were all laid up with small pox. It went about as well as it could have and saved the Army from being destroyed by small pox. It’s an interesting bit of history and strangely relevant to the current conversation.
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    I also shouldn’t have to tell a grown man that eight months into a pandemic that not only should he not be in public when He is sick, but he shouldn’t pull his mask down to cough into the open air at that grocery store.... but I still had the urge to wing a can of red bull at someone’s head today.
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    I bant him for a week for being a twat. Hes back tomorrow and im sure there will be some abuse of power comments etc.
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    Seriously, can we swap the bans on Oz and wickles? PLEASE
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    I agree... but I'm currently balls deep in TWO AV bets for upcoming fights. There's a renaissance underway. Get involved.
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    Hmmm that sounds like a story Cole would cook up but I guess I'll have to gather more evidence before I officially file charges
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    Let me guess - it was the "midgets and midget sex thread that drew you in right?" @-idyb-...
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    This is why i hesitated to post it...please try to grasp the nuance here...i mean, I even made the scenario hypothetical. Oh wait, the forum geriatric responded...ok cool, yeah...good comment Sir....wait, let me speak into your good ear...GOOD COMMENT SIR! HAVE A PLEASANT DAY!
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    I thought we'd agree we wouldn't do this any more due to the impact on my eyes It must take forever as well.
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    Not all handicaps are created equally either. Making fun of classicboxer for having a handicap tag hanging in his Cadillac, shouldn't be held to the same standard as making fun of cashfl0w's Down Syndrome for example.
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    Somebody please start a Parler Thread on the fora so cashfl0w can have a safe space again. SavageTC even took a break from his busy schedule of procreating to call these idiots, idiots.
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    I know youre not familiar with Australia but this is a blog by an unnamed editor from the cairns post in bumfuk nowhere. Thats three strikes from three. You literally couldnt post a more untrustworthy source. Take a breath, take a break from facebook and youtube mate.
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    I'm gonna need someone to explain to me why Calvillo is a bigger favorite over Chook than Jessica Andrade was. Might have to plunk a few bucks down on Chook to hut hut hut her way to horrible decision win.
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    I have very little time for organised, hierarchical religion. As you say, religion can be used to manipulate, it can be used to con people, make money from them, stir up division etc. etc. Much like politics, lifestyle choices, or indeed favourite UFC fighter. The common denominator is of course people - religion is just one of many tools that are used for that purpose. When i think of the many forum "schisms" over the years, I don't think theological differences make up a particularly high proportion! But it's a curious set of statements you lump together at the start. Some are biblical, most are not. Consequently, I would also take issue with most of them, but not all. Anyway. @SVTContour98 looks like he's easing into a meme spree, so i shall cede the floor.
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    I'm pretty sure I am the most anti religious person here, and I have to laugh at you calling him a fanatic or that you are saying they use it to justify their behavior. Of the 3, openly religious people, and I know there are probably others, but there's a lot more attitude to them if they are, I cannot think of a single time any of them coming pushing religion. Hell, most of the time they dont even bring it up outside of them answering something someone like myself has posted. So either your alzhemers is in full blown effect, dementia has set in, or you're acting like an idiot Trump stand by throwing **** at the wall and hoping it sticks Also, as anti religious as I am, I can still say that someone like SVT justifying his actions with Religion is a great thing, unless you think adopting and caring for others children makes him some sort of POS. Bubba, Bwana, lol, they are the great religious people. No push, no threat, hold their beliefs and can objectively call out the bs. You should go to bed old man. Get your brain working again after a god nights sleep.
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    Hut hut hut hut! **Calvillo dives for ankle** Hut hut hut hut **Calvillo dives for ankle** Rinse and repeat.
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    Mean while in Australia
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    Trumps lawyers, my God. Trumps lawyers in Georgia claimed fraud because the votes were more than the population in Michigan counties The problem was they cited places in Minnesota as their proof of fraud in Michigan. The error played out in the middle of the outgoing president’s increasingly desperate attempts to overturn the results of the election he lost to president-elect Joe Biden. Trump’s team has claimed widespread voter fraud in various battleground states, without evidence, and has been fighting an uphill battle against Biden’s upcoming inauguration in January. Trump lawyer Lin Wood claimed in a Georgia court filing on Wednesday that more people had voted in various Michigan counties than actually lived there. He made the claim to bolster his allegations of widespread voter fraud in Georgia, and cited an analysis by Republican Russell Ramsland, a self-declared election fraud expert. There was just one problem: Ramsland was comparing Michigan voter numbers to Minnesota populations, as the conservative legal blog Powerline first reported. The filing claimed irregularities in the supposedly “Michigan” townships of Monticello, Albertville, Lake Lillian, Houston, Brownsville, Runeberg, Wolf Lake, Height of Land, Detroit Lakes, Frazee and Kandiyohi. The MAGA-backed lawyers appeared to mix up MI and MN, the short forms for Michigan and Minnesota, according to Hinderaker’s analysis.
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    @Decompoze Sorry for messing up this thread and that i went along with D1ckles yesterday. i schmoked too much and wanted to test out my brand new made in china DIY voodoo doll yesterday
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    It's well known that what you were doing is called crying. Something you did through out this thread and years since then, but somehow it's doesn't compare to the right and an election that took place this month... Calling for recounts in a few states isn't the same as saying an election should be overturned. Feel free to keep dancing around the points you're bringing up
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    FCUK Sweden! The good thing about this is that all the Swedes follow these "recommendations", so that basically makes Stockholm a private city for all the ex-pats. Just been to the gym and there were two other people there. Sweden is much nicer without Swedes. It's also weird they're kind of panicking now when the death rate is way below what it was in March and is increasing at a much slower. I guess they've finally lost their nerve.
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    I fail to see how you cherry picking some of your own responses demonstrates me crying that an election wasn't fair. Especially since your quoting a reference to how Barry and Trump were treated while they were in charge. Your post history is rife with whining over Trump, his impeachment, etc. so...
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    Hate to burst your bubble, but prognostications are not reality, they are....fantasy. And since none of what you said there has actually taken place, well, that's pretty ironic Trump still got more votes than Barry, crushed previous repubs in support amongst a wide variety of demographics, etc., and with Biden underperforming Hillary in all but the contested cities , your bodied take doesn't even hit the mark
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    You cannot put a video of that dumb **** on and expect me to listen to it. I need cliff notes, because I contemplate suicide when hearing his annoying voice.
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    Also, the Bible may not, but the way religions are run sure do put God as a puppet master. Pray to God for this, pray for that. God is the way, Jesus died for you. Donate and give to spread God to all. Elect people because they follow this God or that. Hate people because they believe in that God or the other. Look no further than Obama being a Muslim, yet has attended more Christian church services than the current Christian orange king. Religion, God's and their children have been used to manipulate in their names with all their power since humans started to evolve.
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    I just ordered another spyderco para 3 but the lightweight version. FRN scales instead of g10 and cts bd1n blade instead of s30v. Cant wait https://images.app.goo.gl/Qvi3AWtUgR41jN4L7
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