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    $20 for 15 minutes work puts her on $80 an hour. She's getting paid more than doctors! Cut her.
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    https://www.sportekz.com/mma/ufc-vegas-11-salaries-purse-payouts/ I guess she forgot the 18k guaranteed pay she got, which was the third from the highest on the undercard, her 18k win bonus, which was the highest on the entire undercard, and the 4k sponsorship money she got. She banked 40k, 4th highest on the under card out of 16 people total, plus anything under the table/we don't know about. She needs to chill.
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    Lol. Given that the main contributors to this thread are an American living in the Phillipines, a Brit living in Canada, a Brit living in Sweden, a couple of Americans who have stated emphatically they don't vote (one because their state is as blue as they come, the other because of concerns over AI), an Australian/Russian troll and an American who is too old to find his way to the voting booth, it's going to be you talking to Roids if we adopt the bold.
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    The AG said at a conference yesterday that it was not a no knock. Either way, they announced their presence so the argument that the boy toy opened fire because he thought they were intruders goes out the window. What gets me is how agenda drivers keep picking the worst examples to be their martyrs, Rodney King: pimp and drug dealer Jacob Blake: rapist, assaulted police and resisted arrest Mike Brown, George Floyd, etc. Taylor wasn't a criminal so to speak but she obviously knew what was going on. There is a case for excessive force, but to drive the narrative that black people are under attack because those partaking in criminal activity are coming in contact with police is such a disingenuous stretch. And we can see the effects, shameful
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    Bubba's in the same cult as Amy Coney Barrett!
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    This is a common misconception that demonstrates a lack of understanding of the historical veracity of new testament (and indeed OT) texts. The message to be taken from the bible has been changed a lot, especially in the time before the bible was commonly available in languages other than Latin. People literally gave their lives so that we could have the bible translated into English, and other languages understood by "commoners". The established church wanted to control the message themselves, often for control purposes, or for financial purposes. Basically, bad people will even use a good thing to get what they want... But the bible itself has not been changed. And there is a key difference between the 4 gospels that we have, and the "other" gospels. Matthew/Mark/Luke/John were all written within a generation or so of Jesus' death. This is really important because when they began to circulate, there would have been plenty of people alive who could confirm or deny what happened. We also have original extracts that are dated to be within 70-80 years of the events that they portray. They also are complimentary; they outline a number of similar events, there are no contradictions, and they basically share exactly the same message. We have copies that are written in languages that are still known today (Coptic Greek - which was basically the equivalent of English in the day because many countries spoke it as a second language), so it's very easy to see if the bible has been "changed a lot". The "other" gospels do not have this kind of historical strength. They typically began to circulate 200 to 300 years after the original gospels. They had numerous contradictions between themselves, and the existing gospels that had been accepted as "canon" for many decades. It is therefore generally not accepted by historians both secular and Christian that they are not legitimate. @StompGrind - to your original point, China is undergoing an incredible spiritual revival at the moment. Despite it being basically illegal, there are 10s of millions of Christians now, with more being added to the number daily. As you know, the government is pretty big on control, so this disturbs them. Therefore I'm not particularly surprised that they would try and alter the narrative pretty drastically; the nature of Jesus is central to the whole of the Christian faith, so I guess trying to change his character is a good place to start if you want to try and halt the spread. Ultimately though, Christianity has always spread most dramatically during times of persecution, so I'm neither surprised or particularly alarmed by this.
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    Just watched the fight...that was complete schooling. Seemed Costa got completely sucked into Izzy's game; spent more time claiming he wasn't hurt than actually fighting back. Very disappointing performance. Fair play to Izzy; made it look easy.
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    lol Jan wrecked the dude that Jon lost against.
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    Lol, yeah. When that kid left home that morning i bet he/she had no idea they'ed finish up the day as a ****ing speed hump, lmao
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    Voting is gonna be a complete joke this year. The mail in ballots are already sketchy imo and this election just takes it to a new level with the sheer volume of ballots. It should be solicited like Trump said. To send out millions and millions of unsolicited ballots that can be so easily tampered with is completely asinine. Whats the point of even having an election day on the 3rd when a ton of ballots wont even have arrived by then. Complete utter trash and I'm ashamed we've gotten to this point.
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    lol at biden wanting a break every 30 mins
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    Retarded thread. Now go play with your dolls and let the men argue about politics.
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    fook the debate. they should just have a celebrity boxing match i'd rather watch those two old fogeys throw hands rather than have to suffer through this weekends lol wmma card
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    @12er @12er© Etc what's the nickname for the retard generation that's older than the boomers? I need to know how to address this fogletasaurus here
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    I was in northern Wisconsin for the weekend and swung by Minneapolis to mess around for the day on Sunday. Saw a bunch of George Floyd posters everywhere, a bunch of 'I can't breathe' stickers, and my girlfriend said there was some pro-Antifa graffiti in the bathroom at the bar. lol.. Minneapolis is a real dump.
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    All these tax experts on minimum opining about the tax affairs of a billionaire like they have the slightest clue, lmfao....... You truly couldn't make this chit up, lol. God bless this forum!
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    Valid. Exactly what I think of when I hear people crying about rich people evading their taxes.
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    Imagine the Rock, a Republican, endorsing Biden on the same day it's leaked that you paid more to Stormy Daniels than the IRS in 15 years and that you spend $70,000 a year in hairstyling for your hair to look like this...
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    Why? If a fat WW could touch him up it's not much of a stretch to think that Costa could pressure him. Costa froze and got picked apart. So it goes
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    When I saw that, I couldn't believe it...what a disrespectful flamer.
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    Christianity was called a cult by the Romans. She's from right around my way! Metairie, Louisiana! I can't wait to see how this nomination plays out...You mess with the Lefts ability to kill preborn babies and the $$$$ is about to hit the fan.
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    White car....Driver is clearly racist
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    Chances are good your girlfriend will die.
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    i agree overall on this case with you...but i have major issues with nighttime raids, and especially no-knock raids. Bro, if i hear someone breakdown my door...whether they yelling police or not, i'm probably coming out spraying lead...It's not like i'd have time to verify if that's actually the police or not! Seems reckless for both police and citizens.
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    Every time a criminal gets shot by police.....
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    He spams memes, YouTube videos and hack political opinion from far right sources. He never participates in discussion and adds nothing of value to any thread he posts in. Every once in awhile I have to insult him to see if he responds just to remind me that he’s an actual human and not an extremely gay Russian bot.
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    I watched the live presser with the A.G. who spoke eloquently for forty minutes laying out the facts. It appeared that a just conclusion was reached by the grand jury and blame was correctly apportioned. Any rioting taking place will have nothing to do with justice and will sit solely upon the agitators wish to cause civil unrest and a crowd who are only too willing to be led by the nose and facts be damned. There are no martyrs here, just lowlife POS criminals. If BLM and these dumbf**k white SJW marchers want to hang their hat on turds such as these my response to them is F**k em all.
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    The only people due any sympathy there are the people in neighboring apartments. The cop that was indicted was just aching to unload his clip. Fine, charge him. But this is standard operating procedure. I actually agree we need to end the whole Drug War sham, but this is not our martyr here. Not even close.
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    I have 4 bank accounts, her posting a pic of 1 account means nothing....Dana should put her on the Early Prelims next time.
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    It's a farce to think anybody won votes last night. If anything, Biden lost some. But those people will just stay home, not vote for Trump.
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    Please allow Bovada to introduce you to our next "intervention".... I personally haven't heard a peep about this one, but that'll be Russia's back yard, and we're dying to instigate WW3 with them. So there ya go, if Sleepy Joe gets in office, that'll be the first order of office - Get back to war!
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    Bold means you are a racist. Congrats.
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    Ozzy is really starting to look like Andy in there, he puts people off their game plan big time. Needs a big strong rangy eastern bloc grappler with heavy hands to beat him I think. He's definitely hittable. Crazy when retard Kelvin had him dead to rights and went for that take-down, looking back it's going to be as bad as Chaels spinning chit. Thankfully we have a guy with those skills and he's hungry
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    I did some recent analysis; zerk posts approximately ten times as much as the next poster. Frankly he's singlehandedly carrying the fora right now.
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