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    Lol, The OP is one of your people.
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    Trains in Florida, got COVID....shocking lol
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    Trump would steal candy from children then boast about how great that candy is, then try to blame the previous administration for making an environment where he could steal said candy. Biden would sniff the childs hair and whisper something truly profound like cats ate your real estate sweater farm. No matter who wins, everyone loses.
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    Mickey was slapping Mikey around on the feet. Perry had to take it to the ground to avoid that heat. Cardio lost that one for Mickey
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    How could you possibly make this about Conor? You're obsessed.
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    I think this is a rare case of 'why not both'? I'll be honest I'm basing quite a lot on the Netflix documentary, and while Netflix definitely have their agenda, it left me with a real feeling of the pedo ring being quite large scale tbh. Ultimately though, whether it's money talks, or the other, it's a great summary of why the world is ****ed
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    As everyone knows, despite a terrible start, I'm now the fora leading expert on corona data analytics. All about those 7 day death averages....America's is still going down. Y'all just testing a lot more I think. That said, I'm kind of expecting those to start ticking upwards from the middle of July. Will Independence Day celebrations be a bit muted this year do you think?
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    Stuff like this is why I've always disputed that the POTUS is the "most powerful man in the world" https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53255964 Vlad's basically just cemented another 16 years in power. Number 2 is Xi Jinping btw. Trump's probably number 3. Obviously if we're talking most powerful person in the world then they're all below Her Majesty.
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    You might want to prevent allowing multiple votes before the trolls turn up. Nobody likes election fraud. Apart from the 7 million dead Democrats or whatever zerkbot was talking about.
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    Weren't all the exit polls calling States (electoral votes) for Hildabeast tho? like by big margins? but then results started rolling and she got rekt
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    Our polls are almost universally horsechit. You cannot poll 987 people milling around Washington DC, which votes at something like 91% Democrat, and tell me you're getting an accurate representation of the entire country. Same with Manhattan, or Seattle, or San Francisco. It's gibberish. It's purely a tool of manipulation. It's an effort to get you to stay in your house on Election Day.
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    > but one must consider the fact that the popular vote means horse-chit & there were an estimated 7 million fraudulent votes submitted by the dumbocrats . (I heard dead people were voting twice 🙃)
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    I've given up trying to explain European geography to my transatlantic cousins. To hillbillies like @juice64011, Irish = English = United Kingdom = Great Britain = Wales = Scotland = all a bunch of commies that nobody cares about.
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    Take downs with no damage shouldn't be given any merit, if you can't hurt the guy or try several submissions then it's BS.
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    Perry was supposed to end this fight with the first punch and instead had to take it the ground because Gall was outlanding him on the feet. The platinum squad has taken a hit to its street cred.
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    Colby will take the fight cheap just to spite Jorge. Masvidal thinks he's worth eight million a fight all of a sudden, so I doubt they even call him. It'll go on with Volk vs. Max 2 as the headliner because they don't want to give Colby a rematch right away.
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    If by smashed you mean won in the fifth round of a fight that was 2-2 with punches to the back of the head.... sure.
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    Should've paid Jorge instead of trying to offer him less than he got for Nate. Stupid mother****ers.
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    I could see him retiring for sure. Either before or after the Gaethje fight. Neither would surprise me.
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    he fights for Dad guaranteed ... and wins > then retires
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    Yes, she's Epstein's #1 and helped arrange underage girls for prostitution for a lot of high level people including Prince Andrew. She won't talk though, she will get paid off or killed.
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    Who is this Ghislaine Maxwell chick, and is she really important enough to interject herself into a political debate between me and Stomp about the queen?
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    my 12yr old is all about Kylo btw...can't wait to meet him in Disney...wishes she could meet Adam in real life....says Kylo saved the sequel trilogy. I tend to agree with her.
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    I stand with cashbro in this particular thread. Make America American Again Tew many chanks towels darks and cholos
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    Trump is going to smeshyour boy
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    United and Chelsea have looked great lately. Next season will be even more fun
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    Was it? I feel like it kept him in the fight and gave him a little time to recover and get some wind back. He needs to train some pure boxing. I don't understand how he can train with Israel but not have any head movement. His fight with Felder was awesome as well I like watching Dan fight. It was just killing me that the only shots Dustin wasn't landing were the haymaker hooks where he was trying to kill him. When he straighten them up Dan started taking a beating but he'd hang in and kept firing back until that last round. I thought he was about to knock Dustin out late in the 2nd. I don't think he has cardio issues either but that small cage forces a completely different fight and they both fight at a high pace. He's only 30 he has time to shore up those defensive holes. Even if he can't slip the shot he needs to roll with it similar to Nate. Hell of a fight I found myself not breathing at times and looking like a coked out Chuck Liddell when he's in the audience watching a sick fight.
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    If he pulled a gun on the police, the police should have dumped more bullets into him. If they are going to be accused as racists, probably fired, death threats will follow. Then they should have at least removed the criminal from society.
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    I saw it 3-2 Dustin, great fight from 2 great warriors....classic. Hooker is a tough guy, fought with a ton of heart, but gassed and got beat up...but never quit.
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    You're fugged bro,,,,, RIP Rando
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    Just ****ed this thread up
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    Dan Hooker has zero head movement. He didn't slip a single punch during a 25 minute fight. Amazing.
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    3-1 poirer. Hooker needs a stoppage
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    There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order: VertFTW Bubba_Sparks graham_240 Jolldan OzStraya BART-O-LINI thestorm-1 skillandpower Conceive-Believe Decompoze Los_Polo_Herm. Dark_Horse Taylor_Schoner. JSW LayDownDead Fred_Flink_S. Bwana AndyWang amunera juice64011 https://i.imgur.com/itEzgMp.jpg piss off troll
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