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    Another day; another ridiculous match-up. Silva is proposing that the number 1 and number 2 from the unofficial Conor McGregor GOAT list match off at the mythical 176.37 pound weight limit (that's 80kg if you're a communist). Where does it all end? Cejudo coming out of retirement against Brock Lesnar coming out of retirement? Farcical. That said, would watch. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/05/anderson-silva-pitches-idea-of-conor-mcgregor-superfight-at-176-37-pounds
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    The one incident where the ****s were open carrying at the protest, there wasn't one tear gas cannister shot by police. They were scared, and should be. Like SVT says, this looting chit gives all of us a bad name. And now you have BLM throwing their weight around and a lot of them showed up. Sorry but I'm not standing by an organization that openly said they hate whites either. Theres a big discussion regarding the Boogaloo and how we are all in this together and racists aren't allowed, yet the Boogbois are ok with standing by BLM. I ain't doing it. I'm against what happened and hope the pigs get what they deserve but ill never stand next to a racist organization.
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    Lol, that dude calling them out on their mock outrage is a legend.
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    When you dump 4500 covid positive patients into nursing homes, you should be working the rest of your life making license plates.
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    Perhaps take your qualms to the backyard brawlers fora then m8 we all here for gay rules sports
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    Working and posting here. I've been wondering where you've been since you're country is the new megacenter for the r0na m8
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    Me when they firsr started looting and burning things: This isn't protesting. Me when they start trying to burn down CNN headquarters in Atlanta: Now we're on the right track. lol
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    These poor idiots are so easily manipulated into destroying their own communities by people who don't even live there. It's pitiful. The same thing happened in Ferguson. Do you think those store owners bothered to reopen in Ferguson after they got looted and burned to the ground? I'm going to take a wild guess and say no.
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    Conor knocks that bum out.
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    Suck my **** you toothless loser.
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    The guy won the belt at 55. You want him to fight Kamaru Usman???
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    Honestly, if he wins a chitty decision and goes on to demand a title shot, I may throw my remote through my television. Let's hope Gilby gives him the hands.
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    not all black people are naggers. just the ones that steal your television and car rims. there are good naggers out there too. like the one who shot megasoup over his chitty driving.
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    Face the facts bud, niggles are uncivilized subhuman pieces of trash that should have been shipped back to Africa the minute the shackles were taken off. One group works. The other leeches. One group has morals. The other burns their own projects down. Lmfao. I hope they come to my area. This chit wouldn't last 10 minutes without bodies hitting the floor after some jig tried looting a mom and pop store.
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    Remember when Woodley said he surpassed GSPs legacy of winning 25 straight rounds and then TWood went on to get dominated for 10 straight rounds.
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    Yes, the Boston tea party was bad. Bunch of ungrateful, seditious tea-hating traitors. Just say the word; her majesty is more than happy to welcome you back under her wing.
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    Look I apologized for my comment but dont act like youre some ****ing sage. My 12 yr old predicted worst last night
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    how bout u go an **** off my forum then u peice of **** u think I need a stupid ****witt like u telling me about perma bans who the **** are u take your worthless advice and get the **** out of here
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    Cashbro whats up these idiot white people in Chicago holding black lives matter signs. Talk to your boys m8
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    80% of that ****hole is run by cartels, and there's nothing to burn down to begin with. Your only cultural contribution to the world is donkey shows.
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    **** they would've thrown our asses underneath the goddamn jail. Jon was getting smacked around in his last two fights. If he gets hit by Francis he's hitting the canvas. I think he might want out so he can go roid and try to take Bader's belts. At this point Bader might just sleep him.. He's also ducking giving Reyes his rematch and he knows he lost that fight. I did enjoy how he couldn't even be bothered to use Google to spell Deontay's name right.
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    the more things change....
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    So now that the officer has been arrested and charged, surely they'll pack it in on the rioting this weekend, right lads?
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    Satire websites are writing articles referring to Mark Zuckerburg as a child molester and/or having died from coronavirus and posting them on facebook since Zuck's says facebook shouldn't correct misinformation. I'm a big fan of this **** show.
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    The reporter trying to play that off and play it cool is MAXIMUM CRINGE.
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    I keep waiting for the MSM to emphasize how unsafe these 'protests' are. Coulda sworn the morons assembling at the capital buildings were risking all of our lives by doing so. Surely this is equally as unsafe, right?? Oh wait, these aren't Trump supporters. Nevermind.
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    Brittle Knuckles won't even make it to the fight, the broken can.
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    I kind of hoped this fiasco would last longer. I'm making a **** ton of money from the hazard pay and bonuses despite not having a hospital case in a week.
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    i don't care what race/color/gender you are...if you steal, you are a thief and POS...there's only one way you can steal and not be a POS, and that's to feed your family...but even then you are still a thief.
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    He's for equal rights...she wants an umbrella, she can buy one her own self
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    The reaction I'm expecting from every Marvel loyalist as DC fanboys are burning down HBO head quarters
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    Bunch of blacks praising the looters and calling for more violence on Facebook because then "they will be heard". In reality you are setting yourself and your race back because people see that and turn on you instead of joining you.
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    Lol, why are people talking about TV shows in the cycling thread??
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    Is this the real life? Impression of how this fight would go... Replace God with Can at the end doe
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    No chance. Frankie only gets title shots when he loses these days.
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    Bout to watch... Think what you want, it is hilarious and Clint is as always a badass.
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    I'd rather be underpaid than dead.
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    Once, just once, I'd like one of my favourite fighters to just retire with grace, and not force me to watch them get there **** kicked for 7 fights before doing so lol.
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    I wanted to point this out because it can affect who or what you bet on prop wise. Stats show 20% more strikes thrown and like 14% more fights finished in the small cage.
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    Marty ain't ****. The dude fakes nut shots when he gets kicked in the liver. He gets poked in his left eye so badly that he claims he got poked in his right eye. He took the belt from a bum. Tyron Woodley was old and he sucks. Who did he even beat besides Lawler and Till? Till was the only good performance he had recently. His fights with Wonderman and Maia aren't watchable. Marty is not invincible. He cuts a ton of weight. He uses performancing enhancing drugs AND he still lost rounds 1, 2 and 4 against Colby.
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    Lol need a second autopsy clearly it was a blood choke and caused chain reaction maybe triggering a heart attack then dead
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    these mouthbreathers are why we can't have nice things
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