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    Jones Overeem McGregor Condit Gustafsson Brunson Frankie Edgar Izzy Adesanya Alexander Hernandez OSP plz add and discuss
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    Edwards out there licking doorknobs to get the virus. Lmfaooooo
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    My likes weren't being respected as they were a vast total of your lives...so I left this chithole!! 😁😁😁😁
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    Doing God's work.
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    They're throwing hands in the drive-thru behind me! W0000t. I'll ****in take it!
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    Jones was arrested for aggravated DWI as well as negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container and driving with no proof of insurance. https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/3/26/21195482/ufc-champion-jon-jones-arrested-for-aggravated-dwi-negligent-use-of-firearm-in-albuquerque
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    My woman carries our 25lb son all over the place day in and day out but still have the legs to ride Roids like a champ. No excuses.
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    His parents probably told him that because they just don't want him there. 😉
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    Arguably the biggest legend in forum history imo
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    Some fаggot on twitter is stealing your gimmick. I think it's wickles. You need to go handle this trademark infringement.
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    He's saying you're a limp-wristed foglet wickles. I hope you're not going to stand for that. Say something witty about Japan or Vietnam by way of retort.
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    I kind of wish we would get to the part where we can Purge tbh. This is boring.
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    I hear the coronavirus has actually lowered the death rate in Chicago.
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    Anyone who picks me to contract coronavirus has not been paying attention. I have hardly left the house since I've been shot, I've essentially been self-quarantined since the virus got to this country. It was a pretty serious injury, I've barely left my couch. Anyone who would pick me to die has lost their damn mind. I've been through hell, several times. Nothing can kill me, I'm a survivor. I'm going to outlive every one of you.
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    Great thread. I have a decent shortlist of likely posters (including myself), but if I can choose one, I'm going to go with @MauroPedrosa. Rationale:- Lives in one of those European ****-hole countries (Portugal) Is a confirmed nose-picker Is a millenial with questionable facial hair, so probably has a weak immune system. Of course i don't wish this on poor Mauro, or anyone apart from @NoCakeForYaya for that matter.
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    You dummies just dont know how scoring works. Reyes won 1,2,3 which sums up to 6. Jones won 4 and 5 which equals 9. 9 > 6 idiots
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    Yup. These: 1. Amanda Nunes 2. Valentina Shevchenko 3. Weili Zhang 4. Jessica Andrade 5. Rose Namajunas 6. Joanna Jedrzejczyk 7. Holly Holm 8. Germaine De Randamie 9. Tatiana Suarez 10. Katlyn Chookagian 11. Aspen Ladd 12. Jessica Eye 13. Julianna Pena 14. Claudia Gadelha 15. Nina Ansaroff
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    This is the Donald Trump forum. NO LEADERSHIP.
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    Finally set. I think I saw Sept 19. Who ya got?
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    Izzy gonna get brutalized. Cannot wait. Hope Leon Roberts refs it too just so Lord Costa can get an extra 40 unanswered strikes in.
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    When you read this thread first thing in the morning and there's no argument between @TUF and @StompGrind/ @cashflow
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    This is a fun time in all of our lives where we get to try to escape miserable demise, all while wishing it upon our enemies. Pandemics are fun for the whole family! So let's play a game. Pick the poster you think will contract the virus first, possibly listing why you think so, and then if they get it, you win. If they die from it, you are then made a moderator! Huge things on the line here. I'm going with @Megasoup. Living at the shelter greatly increases his odds of contracting the Kung Flu, and he hasn't had the best string of luck lately so it just feels like the easy pick. Who ya got?!
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    Doberman beat him so badly he turned him into a Professor Snape meme
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    You sound like you have small man syndrome like Cejudo Guarantee you'd get dusted in one slap across your sunken in, AIDS ridden face.
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    Its funny you always chitting on Americans cause you look like Captain America before he got the super serum.
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    LoL. He underpays fighters and overpays hookers. Classic Dana.
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    I'm taking myself in the Corona Pool. My wife's best friend just tested positive and she was at her house over the weekend.
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    As big a fаggot as vert tends to be, I will say that he takes getting roasted like a pro. He gets trashed by everyone, all day long, and never gets mad about it.
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    a spreadsheet exudes class, analysis, deep thought, skill a journal exudes femininity, limp wrists, weak hands, crayons
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    Well, this can't be a Vert alt bc they spelled occurring correctly...this account is at least top 19.
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    So wait... Leon Edwards is the one guy that the UFC is giving more than a couple weeks to recover from Corona? They booked Holland for a week later. They rescheduled Fiziev vs. Moicano for two weeks later. Edwards is just.... off? This is going to be Leon Edwards' doing. I bet the UFC tried to get him to fight and he flopped out. Watch.
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    Don't worry folks, the weekly Swedish Corona update is now here! We are now proudly top of the table for deaths/million of population 7 day average, having fought off stiff competition from Belgium and the UK in recent weeks. It's looking like we will lose our top spot to Brazil pretty soon. Also @VertFTW, Mexico is coming up on the rails FAST. RIP in pieces https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/daily-covid-deaths-per-million-7-day-average?time=2020-04-18..&country=GBR+SWE+BEL+USA+BRA+MEX There's actually a bit of a corona scandal going on here. As the lurking @Genki pointed out, there are some flaws in Sweden's experiment with lives. Their big thing has been to keep below the limit of ICU; turns out one of the ways they've done that is to tell care homes not to send their patients to ICU, but to treat them there. This is compounded by some weird law against the use of oxygen in care homes, so it turns out quite a lot of fairly healthy people have just died in nursing homes when they would probably have lived if they were given a bit of oxygen, or sent to ICU. Sucks to be old in communist countries folks; you can no longer contribute to the greater good so you're expendable. Some seem okay with offering up their old folk as sacrifices to Odin; others a bit more outraged. I'd definitely be firmly in the second camp if i had relatives here. No chance now that they impose any further restrictions though. The peak has passed, and whilst the numbers head generally in the right direction i don't see any changes being made. The fun part could be that there's a good chance Sweden becomes pariahs in Europe; Norway/Finland/Denmark are in advanced talks to create a Scandanavian travel "bubble", and we're being politely shunned apparently. On the plus side, it hasn't snowed since last Wednesday. @Conceive-Believe-Achieve, @-idyb-, don't miss out!
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    Confirmed autist. He was under the influence of alcohol and cigarettes and he still beat you in rock paper scissors.
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    After @stehilton94 (RIP in pieces) took one for the fora and was the first to officially contract Corona, we need another pool. Who will be the first member of the fora to demonstrably lose their mind due to lock down? Key symptoms to watch out for are talking nonsense, spamming gibberish in every thread and a general detachment from reality. @-idyb- has now of course sprung to pretty much everyone's mind at this point, but please note that he has been doing this for years - this must be a demonstrable consequence of Corona lock down i.e something that happened recently. Who have you got in the pool? State your nominees and rationale below. I'm going for @berzerker101. He's already fairly close to the edge, and is now banned from even smoking on his balcony. Madness is inevitable.
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