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  1. If you sit idle too long the forum will time out and you have to reload... The 'You have been banned' screen is what comes up once the timeout has taken place... Just close the page and reload from the main page... Skater
  2. Yep... they are there now... what is bad is that i did not do anything different that time... Skater
  3. I put them back into the forum profile... will se if they stay... Skater
  4. Just did it on the main site... i guess we will see... Skater
  5. Looks like the Yahoo and AIM links keep disapering from my profile... I edit and save and will see them for a little while then *POOF* they are gone... Any Ideas? Skater
  6. I think Sr member is hit once you get 100 post... Skater Will be a while before I get there...
  7. Hey I did it... no longer a Jr member... lol... Skater
  8. Is there any way to open the time limit up a little???
  9. I thought I had posted a few more times then what is being shown... should be close to getting 'Jr' off the member status... Skater
  10. I guess they purge the messages after a little while to save space... The bad part is I think it also removes the post from your post count... Skater
  11. I got the same thing after i had logged in and was idle for a while... I signed off and then back on... and all is well.. Skater
  12. Glad to see that the posting has been opened up... That should make alot of the members happy... I agree with using a filter... There are a few choice words that should not be used anywhere... It is done just to make things run a little smoother... Skater
  13. I understand the need to monitor what people are saying in thier post and to edit out the stuff that shouldn't be there.... But correct me if I am wrong, We all paid to be here and this forum is not seen by non-club members... My point is, why not loosen up a little and turn on a word filter if that is what you are worried about.... I know I might not post that often but others will... Again my .02 Skater
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