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  1. AlamoMan


    I'm glad someone saw the humor...
  2. AlamoMan


    Is there anything in this thread..? I can't seem to see the posts...
  3. AlamoMan

    To Admin of Forum !

    "What? Nebraska... I aint never goin theyah...."
  4. AlamoMan

    Upgrading Account

    Hey Vale.... Nice Sig, but unfortunately for Mr. Shogun, he's going to eat some leather and get pushed back down the ranks before he gets his shot....
  5. AlamoMan

    Age restriction

    I let my kids watch the fights at home. My daughter doesn't like the blood, but my son enjoys the scraps... I sat in back of a family of four (husband, wife - 2 kids around 10-12 is my guess...) at 69... The challenge with the live events is people tend to get pretty liquored up, which results in two things - lots of cussing and some fighting in some sections as well... The kids in front of me at UFC 69 heard combinations of cuss words I guarantee they've never heard before... Personally, I wouldn't take my kids to a live event.
  6. AlamoMan

    Refer A Friend?

    I've never heard about that program... Mods..? If so, I need some retro pay from the number of people I've referred... LOL..
  7. Hey Craig - welcome aboard..! Join us on the forums more often. Lots of folks on here who can help. Good luck..!
  8. AlamoMan

    Big John?

    Interesting. I didn't know that..
  9. AlamoMan

    Big John?

    I had the pleasure of meeting Big John at UFC 69. Class act. I hope he continues to be an ambassador for the sport. Hall of Famer for sure.
  10. AlamoMan


    Why thank you' date=' pretty lady.....! [img']http://www.acidtrax.net/smileys/blush.gif[/img]
  11. AlamoMan


    That's the same info. I provided, but Lora's much better looking than I am...
  12. AlamoMan

    big nog t-shirt

    Looks cool from what I can see, but they need some better pics on that site for sure. If anyone wants a Texas FC shirt, let me know:
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