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  1. Fangface

    Contact for REFUND

    I would tend to agree with you on the point regarding the "gift". If you do not have the option to refuse the item but have to pay for the postage then the item is therefore not free and costs the amount you are charged for postage. The law in the UK has just changed to stop the advertisment of "free" items when there is a charge to receive the goods. It was brought in to specifically target companies that offer free installation (such as when you buy a carpet) but require you to buy other items (underlay in the case of the carpets) at an inflated price before you can get the free fitting. The law has now changed to stop airlines from advertising 99p flights when the minimum you have to spend including taxes and processing fees is normally 30 times that. Personally I believe the UFC should give the option to decline the gifts if the person wants too. I have received 4 tshirts now as a Fight Club member and can honestly say I have never worn any of them at all.
  2. Fangface

    Contact for REFUND

  3. Fangface

    Hey is it legal....

    It's so easy and a lot of fun though
  4. Fangface

    Hey is it legal....

  5. Fangface

    Hey is it legal....

    Hey, I said fancy dress but didn't expect you turn up in a bra and panties and cowboy chaps! You learned a valuable lesson that day, the only thing a Texan man likes more than a man in chaps is a man in chaps wearing womens underwear! Enough about FireFighterMedic, he doesn't like us telling everyone his secrets
  6. Fangface

    Hey is it legal....

    Technically not illegal (in Texas it's pretty much expected behaviour) but as long as you don't have your webcam on we will pretend you never mentioned it
  7. Fangface

    Floor Seating.

  8. Fangface

    Where is Moderator defsteve? Is he OK? Cus this is rediculous!

    Nightmare - hope you get better soon. I will still buy you a pint on Saturday, no swine flu will stop me buying my mate a pint!!! Hope you don't mind if I hand the pint out through the window as there is no frickin way I am standing in the same room as you when you drink it!!!!
  9. Fangface

    It is Infringement to Cut and Paste Stories From Other Sites

    Quoting yourself? Not seen such talented post whoring since the days of Wytchkyng, Alamoman and Kingmob!!!!!