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    I wont list my interests no one cares. All you have to know is im a well oiled sex machine and i know more about ufc than you. Look at that member date baby

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  1. prozacnation


    Its true
  2. prozacnation


    Gotta be that kid that was posting topic after topic about 246 pre codes
  3. prozacnation

    Best possible Fight Week main card

    Only belt makes sense to give title and make conor happy is for 165 new weight class vs tony ferguson. Given both have fought at 155 and 170 before
  4. prozacnation

    Best possible Fight Week main card

    Given 3 years in a row with a loss title fight they would be smart to have 2 titles that night
  5. prozacnation

    Everyone prepare for a very very VERY SAD night on Saturday!!

    Wow your a wizard you sure got both right
  6. prozacnation

    Immense potential for UFC 235

    Looking like peahead vs conor for 165 new title. Cowboy is on brooklyn card vs pettis
  7. prozacnation

    Where do I find the event library?

    Paid 100 for a membership and not 10 for the library
  8. prozacnation

    Hi from _________! (where you from thread)

    Im from the land of diabetes. This thread needed a serious bump
  9. prozacnation

    Anders finna kill this idiot.

  10. prozacnation

    Fight Club Rip off

    Sounds to me a whole bunch of newbs didnt get tickets, but hey you have a awesome shirt coming your way to wipe your tears away
  11. prozacnation

    Best 3 fighters ever from ANY TUF

    No love for junie browning??
  12. prozacnation

    Mandalay Bay owners suing Vegas shooting victims

    I wont ever stay there again