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  1. Same boat with you instead I went overboard and doing the Quad. Smackdown-RAW. AEW as well. I will have my fix for the next couple of years. Looking forward to War Games and AEW.
  2. Watch the finale? Holy hell what a good episode? Any ideas on who that was from Sam Crow?
  3. That's what i was wondering as well, sounds like FX (Fox) fired him. But like you said it does not just say from the show. I am looking forward to The First Nine. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/kurt-sutter-fired-fx-being-an-abrasive-****-1248492
  4. I agree with those 3. 49er's look really good, Pats D is good, and they know how to scheme to beat anyone, Saints D maybe the best. Packers right outside the top 3. Playing out of their minds. Then, Viqueens, Chiefs, the Boys, Seahawks, Rams, eagles. Houston is a good team, Colts are playing above their heads,
  5. They fired Sutter, wonder if this gets canceled. Season 2 was good!!
  6. Bears will get a much needed win this week, thanks to luck, No Kamara and of course no Brees. Teddy won't win on the road nor should the Saints win this game. Looks like Mitch will play, so that opens up he shot for Saints to win lol, Bears D will rebound with a good performance after being manhandled by the Raiders, even without Hicks Bears should win. Take the Bears -3 1/2 #Beardown
  7. If Brown just plays football, give Brady another RIng.
  8. can't stand that dude, like you said to bad he beats Lobov
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