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  1. yep, debunked that myth . Lol I been lurking
  2. Same here brother, I ended up getting it, was sick for about 5 weeks, 2 pretty bad, but kicked that Rona to the curb. lol
  3. what's up cash!! how you been homie
  4. Same boat with you instead I went overboard and doing the Quad. Smackdown-RAW. AEW as well. I will have my fix for the next couple of years. Looking forward to War Games and AEW.
  5. Watch the finale? Holy hell what a good episode? Any ideas on who that was from Sam Crow?
  6. That's what i was wondering as well, sounds like FX (Fox) fired him. But like you said it does not just say from the show. I am looking forward to The First Nine. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/kurt-sutter-fired-fx-being-an-abrasive-****-1248492
  7. I agree with those 3. 49er's look really good, Pats D is good, and they know how to scheme to beat anyone, Saints D maybe the best. Packers right outside the top 3. Playing out of their minds. Then, Viqueens, Chiefs, the Boys, Seahawks, Rams, eagles. Houston is a good team, Colts are playing above their heads,
  8. They fired Sutter, wonder if this gets canceled. Season 2 was good!!
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