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  1. Is that like 3 event wins in a row? too bad I'm not betting what I'm picking would be much better off lol
  2. TWD episode wasn't bad. All about Maggy and Lil Glen, lol. Final 6 before the final 21... sad to say but this show should have come to an end already. But will be interesting to see how they close it out, considering Darrel and Carol already have a spin off planned
  3. main reason they want him impeached, so he can't run again, they know and are afraid he would probably win
  4. yep, debunked that myth . Lol I been lurking
  5. Same here brother, I ended up getting it, was sick for about 5 weeks, 2 pretty bad, but kicked that Rona to the curb. lol
  6. what's up cash!! how you been homie
  7. Same boat with you instead I went overboard and doing the Quad. Smackdown-RAW. AEW as well. I will have my fix for the next couple of years. Looking forward to War Games and AEW.
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