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  1. and I didn't want to quote all the other stupid comments on him being emo...but maybe you guys are very uninformed... the guy is boasting a small devil lock which is a hardcore haircut made popular by the misfits in the late 70s early 80s... Plus 'emo' kids aren't normally all tatted up because they'd cry from the pain hahaha but seriously, awesome haircut, you guys are dumb, I hope he creams all of your favourite fighters and meets Nick Ring at the finale
  2. hahaha, he finally got on the show eh? does anyone remember this guy stirring sh*t up on the first season tuf forum? what a clown! will be interesting to see whether or not (years later mind you though) he can put up or shut up! that's just too funny...hahaha
  3. \ hell no! lol i go further back than that guy. lol, i was around from back in the day of TUF1 and started posting around the time the TUF1 cast were told not to talk anymore, hahaha. I also switched usernames a few times. original name was "Misfit" but someone else has it right now had a pretty big blowup with a guy with username badboy...we both got the boot even though we had been there a bit anyway, I'm so excited for frank if he has a shot! i was kinda disappointed when he won the elimination fight, because I thought both of them were better than some people in other fights, but hey, that's the way it goes
  4. im going to have to get used to both the people on this forum and the setup itself...much different than the previous tuf forum
  5. ummm...thsi is the reason you list possible spoiler, lol if you dont want to know someone's opinion of what they've seen, don't read it
  6. has anyone else seen the small commercial advertising the TUF9 finale saturday? does anyone remember in season two where they showed sam morgan getting ROCKED with the punch before the fight has aired (lol) well they showed a glimpse of frank lester talking to the camera and they didnt show james wilks at all.... also lester was shown talking in white's blog...not as big of a deal, but it showed he was training with hendo and I dont think he was before. anyway, im puling for him so it should be interesting
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