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  1. Nah, it was me who added the names. I still have the folder on my Imgur account.
  2. I just wanted to stop in and say that Operation Metro is still an absolute trash Battlefield map.
  3. https://www.polygon.com/2020/7/11/21317429/ea-sports-ufc-4-release-date-trailer-ps4-xbox-one
  4. Inaccurate. I don't even do that anymore. Accurate.
  5. If anybody is interested, there’s a beta sign up available for EA Sports UFC 4: https://www.operationsports.com/ea-sports-ufc-4-closed-beta-registration-opens/
  6. I’m not even sure there are half a dozen active members in the entire list of players at this point.
  7. Hitman 3 was far and away the best thing to come out of that presentation.
  8. Apparently now the word is it’s a standalone game, but a smaller one kind of like Uncharted Lost Legacy. They’ve done a poor job messaging that game in the last 24 hours, but I’m still on board for more Spider-Man whenever I get a PS5.
  9. So, that new Spider-Man game isn't a new game. It's a remaster of the original with an expansion: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/spider-man-miles-morales-is-a-remaster-and-expansion-sony-clarifies/
  10. I’ll get a PS5 eventually, but I’ll put more time into the next Forza than every exclusive that Sony showed today combined, so I’ll still be getting an Xbox Series X first.
  11. No, but it was titled just like all of your other GSP spam threads.
  12. Apparently there have been listings found on PSN for an EA UFC 4. Presumably that would be announced at EA Play next week.
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