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  1. The social media pre-sale code is stepintoourworld.
  2. I haven't seen a newsletter code, but stepintoourworld is the code they're giving out on social media.
  3. There's 5 cities in Canada? I know it's hard to believe, but yeah, we do have just enough cities to support five events.
  4. I'm not expecting a completely new system... I'm expecting an upgraded version of the EA Sports MMA system, though it's not the same team at EA making UFC that made EA Sports MMA (EA Sports MMA was made at Tiburon [Madden, NCAA, Tiger Woods, NBA Live 14], and UFC is being made at EA Canada [FIFA & NHL]), so that might not even be the case.
  5. Is there a former THQ employee in a basement somewhere that is still hoarding the Undisputed programming and code? No, it's probably with the developer of the series, Yukes, which is very much still in business, making WWE games for 2K Sports.
  6. That's not true. EA bought the rights from THQ. They own Undisputed now. They bought the UFC license. They don't get access to THQ's tech.
  7. Woohoo go Canada, hopefully Cain is on Toronto card I could definitely, definitely go for Cain vs. the winner of Werdum/Browne for that show.
  8. I will be attending the Toronto show. That's my plan as well.
  9. Looking at their schedule, it's just for this week because of a college basketball game. It's back on FOX Sports 1 next week, and next week, they've got it listed as airing at both 9p, and 10p, so I'm guessing they're going to replay this week's episode next week before the new episode, for those that can't watch tonight's episode on FOX Sports 2.
  10. I'm a fight club member, what do I need to take to prove I'm a member? I only got a bag, tee, DVD n rule book.. There will be a confirmation page on the site, which has a bar code on it that they scan at the door. You can either print it off, or they can scan it off of your smart phone. If you opt for the latter, I'd recommend bringing it up on your phone ahead of time, and taking a screenshot, in case you have connectivity issues at the venue. It won't be available until close to Fight Week.
  11. Undisputed was a great base IMO, I just hope they don't completely throw that formula out just because it's essentially a new franchise. They will, since it's a completely new company handling the game, meaning they don't have access to any of the Undisputed stuff to work from. Personally, I prefer if they work from the EA Sports MMA base instead. I liked the Undisputed games, but I ended up enjoying EA's game a lot more.
  12. Are you referring to the membership package? It can take a little while to arrive (as in, a couple of months). If you've already been waiting that long, and want to find out more, I'd recommend contacting support directly at ufcfightclub@support.sparkart.com.
  13. I am a fight club member but there is two of us hoping to attend the event do they allow a second person in without a membership? Yes. Each Fight Club member gets to bring one guest to Fight Club activities.
  14. Because UFC 170 desperately needed a main event that had some remote chance of selling Pay Per Views?
  15. It's bi-monthly. If you want to change your address, you'd best contact the magazine directly. Their contact according to the UFC 360 site is ufc360@ufc.com.
  16. I really enjoyed the first two episodes. Missed episode three last night because I was watching the Royal Rumble, but I'm definitely going to correct that tonight.
  17. Dana would probably want to hang himself if he had to deal with Roy Nelson being in charge of sanctioning his shows.
  18. let the fans judge via text or through the internet That would be the worst idea ever, because it turns judging into a popularity contest, since a lot of people will vote for who they want to win, not who they thought actually won based on the judging criteria. I agree with retired fighters becoming judges, they know what they are looking at etc.. Also I think monitors would help. If a judge cant see across the cage as to what action is going on how can he judge?? Ex. fighter has top position, but doing nothing with it will fighter on bottom is working for subs, damage from the bottom etc, yet they score the round for the fighter on top because they assume since he is on top he is winning just because of riding time?? I like the monitor idea to go along with retired fighters. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've been under the impression that the judges have had monitors for all, or at least almost all, of the UFC fights for a few years now.
  19. Well, this thread sure went off the rails quickly.
  20. Mcmax3000

    UFC 172

    There are some events that don't have pre-sales (mostly international events. US events pretty much always do), but it has already been announced that 172 will.
  21. They definitely have some nights where their shows are pretty terribly paced (I wanted to blow my brains out during the TUF 18 finale that show dragged so much), and there are some nights where they end up with a lot of filler that they can't help (shows with a lot of quick finishes), but most of the time, I think their pacing is fine. The majority of their shows only really have any significant amount of analysis off the top, and right before the main event. Otherwise, aside from commercials, the fight ends, they announce the winner, maybe do a post fight interview, or a quick preview for something upcoming, and then jump to the hype video for the next fight.
  22. I thought Thomson won the first round for sure, and Henderson won the third round for sure. The other three rounds could've gone either way as far as I was concerned, so I had no problems with pretty much any score, for either guy that wasn't 50-45.
  23. Hopefully it goes up on Fight Pass, doubt it though. 30 day delay for televised shows in the US. If you're in Canada, it should be up tomorrow. Was for the last Fight Night show. Don't know about other territories.
  24. How does a pole help a gathering? People who are attending vote on how many people they will be attending with (alone, +1, +2, +3, etc). I imagine it's done as an easy way to keep track of numbers, since you can do so at a glance, rather than keeping track of a large list of replies.
  25. Mcmax3000


    Your two codes are found on the home page, under the 'UFC.TV Pay Per Views' tab. Go to UFC.TV, and order the PPV. Once you get to the payment screen, you will see a spot where you can enter one of your codes. When you do, it will remove the charge, and you can complete your order at no cost.
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